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Harlan Kentucky

Harlan Kentucky. By: Ashley Santasiero , Sebastian Quiana, Lauren Messing, and Niall Cullen Pages: 161 - 176. Summary 1. Experiment contrasted Cultures of Honor – Cultures of care Where a man’s reputation is at the center of his livelihood and self-worth

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Harlan Kentucky

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  1. Harlan Kentucky By: Ashley Santasiero, Sebastian Quiana, Lauren Messing, and Niall Cullen Pages: 161 - 176

  2. Summary 1 • Experiment contrasted Cultures of Honor – Cultures of care • Where a man’s reputation is at the center of his livelihood and self-worth • Cultures of honor present in Highlands and other Fertile areas

  3. Summary Cont. • Howard and Turner’s Feud • Very little population caused big competition • Open fire occurred often among the 2 families • Many died • Court system was flawed

  4. The End of the Turner’s And the Howards • Mrs. Turner’s way of coping with her son being shot • Around this same time period many other cultures in feud • Malcolm Gladwell discusses this as a pattern • Why was the Appalachia and other territories they way they were

  5. The Court System (Flawed) • The judge let the whole court go even though two men were murdered • Why? • By the time of the next trial the defendant was not available • He had been shot and killed

  6. Experiment #2

  7. The Michigan Experiment • Student’s were given tests to fill out • Half a control group other half was an experiment • After the students were done teachers messed with the students minds • Blocked the hallway, made distractions, etc. • Teachers had to see how students reacted

  8. Where are Cultures of Honor • Remote and Lawless territories • Places with many wars and Turmoil • Farming and fertile land

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