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RECONSTRUCTION. After the Civil War, the South was defeated militarily, devastated economically, and many were just trying to rebuild their lives. Congress and the President had to decide how to reunite the nation – how to deal with former Confederates and former slaves.

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  • Lincoln’s Plan devastated economically, and many were just trying to rebuild their lives.– Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction.

  • He wanted to reconcile with the South instead of punishing them.

  • Radical Republicans loyalty oath.did not want to reconcile with the South.

  • These were led by Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner.

  • They had three goals: loyalty oath.

    • 1. Prevent Confederate leaders from returning to power

    • 2. Wanted the Republican Party to be powerful in the South

    • 3. Wanted the federal govt. to help African Americans achieve political equality by guaranteeing the right to vote.

Wade davis bill

Wade-Davis Bill

Wade davis cont

Wade-Davis cont.

Johnson s plan

  • In the summer of 1865, with Congress in recess, Johnson began implementing his plan which resembled Lincoln’s.

  • He would accept a loyalty oath from southerners, except for Confederate officers and officials. Southern states had to ratify the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery.

Johnson’s Plan

Why did southerners feel like it was necessary to control the free black population

Why did southerners feel like it was necessary to control the free black population?

Military reconstruction

  • Congress formed a well underway.Joint Committee on Reconstructionto develop their own program.

  • They proposed the 14th Amendment which granted citizenship to former slaves – this would guarantee property rights and provide “equal protection under the law”.

Military Reconstruction

  • 1867 – Congress passed the well underway.Military Reconstruction Act. This divided the former Confederacy into 5 districts.

  • A Union general was placed in charge of each district to maintain peace and protection.

  • Each state had to hold new well underway.constitutional conventionsto design constitutions acceptable to Congress. They had to give the right to vote to all males and ratify the 14th Amendment.