Benito mussolini
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Benito Mussolini. Emily Jonas 7 th period. Benito Mussolini. Born on July 29, 1883 Lived in Dovia di Predappio , small town in Italy Family was middle class and struggled to get by While in school, he became very disobedient, very violent Graduated from school and became a teacher.

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Benito mussolini

Benito Mussolini

Emily Jonas

7th period

Benito mussolini1
Benito Mussolini

  • Born on July 29, 1883

  • Lived in DoviadiPredappio, small town in Italy

  • Family was middle class and struggled to get by

  • While in school, he became very disobedient, very violent

  • Graduated from school and became a teacher

Getting involed
Getting Involed

  • 1904 was when he started pursuing his life in politics

  • Was a member of the Socialist Party

  • He also created his own form of socialism, depended heavily on force and personality

  • 1912 he became more appealing when he became the editor of the Socialist Party’s newspaper

More facts
More Facts

  • Mussolini opposed the war with Turkey, he encouraged the workers to sabotage and resist

  • He was later arrested, tried, and sentenced to five months in prison

  • After leaving prison, he became even more liked by the public

  • Only four months later he made an appearance at a national congress of the PSI

  • There, he made a speech, attacking the moderates

The new mussolini
The New Mussolini

  • After the PSI conference, he achieved oratorical success at a national level

  • Congress listened to Mussolini’s proposal, and the four reformists were fired from the party

  • Him along with others, were elected to be the executive committee

Mussolini and hitler
Mussolini and Hitler

  • The fascism was used to describe both Italy and Germany, Hitler and Mussolini

  • When Hitler came to power, Mussolini was already in the prime of his power

  • They followed the lead of one another

Getting into the war
Getting Into the War

  • Mussolini became the youngest prime minister of Italy in October

  • He became involved in the war to try to keep Italy safe and to not have to pay for war

  • He first invaded Ethiopia where he knew they wouldn’t have a chance

  • Then if he couldn’t reach a peace agreement, Italy had no chance in World War II

When and why
When and Why?

  • Adolf Hitler tricked Mussolini into joining the German government

  • He thought it wouldn’t cost much fighting the Germans instead of the Allies

  • During most of Hitler’s battles, Mussolini usually just stood on the sidelines

  • Secretly he wished that Germany would loose so that he had some room to breathe

Mussolini in battle
Mussolini in Battle

  • He attacked Greece and Albania to repay Hitler for everything in the 1940’s

  • The allies later attacked Sicily, Mussolini knew that soon people in the Fascist Government would turn on him

  • In July, the Fascist Gran Council dismissed Mussolini from office

  • He came back the next day, denying any thing about it

After the war
After the War

  • After he was dismissed from office, several months later the Germans rescued him

  • He then returned to his earlier ideas such as, socialism and collectivization

  • He executed some of the Fascist leaders, who abandoned him

His death
His Death

  • In April , before the Allies went to Milan, Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci was caught by the Italians

  • The people who caught him were partisans that he tried to refuge in Switzerland

  • Later him and his mistress were executed, there bodies were hung upside down in a public place