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Pop Culture Music Listening Device PowerPoint Presentation
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Pop Culture Music Listening Device

Pop Culture Music Listening Device

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Pop Culture Music Listening Device

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  1. music listening device maggiely evolution of the

  2. Phonographs and Gramophones 1877 Thomas Edison’s phonograph was the first device to reproduce a recorded sound. Emile Berliner later patented a gramophone recorded on a disc. 1888 FIRST RECORDED SOUND PLAYED BACK: THOMAS EDISON’S MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB

  3. ICON July 10, 1990 Emile Berliner was granted the trademark of “Nipper”, but passed it to the Gramophone Company. The company began to become identified as HMV because of its use of the trademark. 1908 1940 FAD & TREND 78 RPM was standardized when Victrola became the industry’s premiere gramophone. Later, 33-1/3 RPM long-playing records were introduced by Columbia. HMV and RPM

  4. Crystal Sets and Radios 1920+ Building crystal radio sets was the craze in the 1920s and re-emerged in the 1950s. FAD Commercial radio broadcasting began its use for entertainment purposes. TREND 1922 “He shoots – he scores!” Foster Hewitt broadcasts the first play-by-play of a hockey game: CHI 2 @ TOR 1. ICON

  5. 1963 -1985 Cassettes Sony introduced the first personal cassette player: the Sony Walkman(original name was the Soundabout. ICON 1979 Introduced by Phillips, compact audio cassettes quickly became popular and reached their peak in the second half of the 1980s. Cassette tape docks became a standard in car radios and home audio systems. FAD/TREND

  6. Phillips launched the CD-100 with a vertical loading trade. Different tray loadings evolved (top, slot, an sliding mechanism). CDs rendered cassettes obsolete and soon became a standard in cars. 1982 CPD-101, the first CD player was launched by Sony in Japan . 1984 1988 Compact Discs ICON

  7. Digital Audio And MP3 Players Saehan’s MPMan was the world’s first mass-produced hardware MP3 player. 1998 TREND Music piracy became an increasing concern. Internet file-sharing organizations became popular.  Under Steve Jobs, the very first iPod is launched by Apple. 2001 ICONS

  8. VIDEO

  9. FADS 78 RPM records Cassettes Building Crystal Radios

  10. TRENDS Music Piracy 33 1/3 LP Records Commerical Radio Broadcasting  Sport play-by-plays

  11. Sony Walkman Series Icons Apple HMV Steve Jobs Headphones Logo iPod Foster Hewitt

  12. No ‘pop’ no culture. Culture for the masses, pop culture is in everyday life and has a great influence in depicting everything mainstream from education and fashion to music. pop culture subject the importance off