Q.2. How does your media product represent particular social group?
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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

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Q.2. How does your media product represent particular social group?

In our opening there is only one character showed and his identity is hidden from the audience. Latter on in the movie audience discovers other character which belongs to particular social groups.

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Male/Female conflict group?

In our thriller both the hero and the villain are males. In Playing God men are presented as stronger and more powerful. We decided to do that as during our audience research we found out that audience prefer them to be male characters. Also in all of the thrillers we’ve been analysing main characters were always male.

As the movie progresses and more characters are killed audience notice that most of them are female. This is because in our society women are always taken as the vulnerable and helpless characters which have to be saved by a man. In our thriller females are presented as the weaker and easier target to kill.

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Stereotypes group?

Our main characters are two quite young men. One of them is a science showed in the opening sequence. He discovers a gene of evil and inject is to other men. Their actions which the audience follows during the movie show them as a maniac which cares only about power and control. Also the “perfect killer” is a huge, strong man who is not very smart. He is an example of a stereotype of kinds of people who cares only about power and strength and not about intelligence.

One of the main characters within this thriller doesn’t follow the stereotype as it is a scientist which are usually represent as boring, quiet and calm people. The scientist in our thriller can be compare to the typical “evil genius”. He seems a little bit mad when he’s on his own working on something as he focus all his energy in his work but when he’s outside with people he is just a typical man.

In our thriller we didn’t use age stereotype as there are no teenagers, children or old people which could be represent in a particular way. These are the groups which are mostly put into stereotypes.

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Hero/Villain group?

In other way our thriller disagree with stereotype of scientist. Usually they are seem as a good and helpful people who use their knowledge to helps discovering facts which are to help society. In out thriller we represent our scientist as an evil person who uses his knowledge to achieve his goals and power. In our movie the main reason for the problem is this scientist who discovers gene of evil and inject in to someone other and create “perfect killer”.

In most of the thriller the killer has some kind of a personal relationship with the hero or the villain (e.g. the final victim of the killer in Seven is a wife of the hero). In our thriller the motivation for the heroes is the murder of their wife and fiancé. This represents men as heroes who have to save their women.