question 2 how effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary task l.
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Evaluation Question 2

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representation of artist
Representation of artist

Across both our ancillary and music video we were able to represent our artist conventionally. This is done through the mise-en-scene, as we used a flashy car which is something used by most rappers. We also subverted conventions in some scenes of our music video as our artist is not wearing any jeweller in both our ancillary task and music video which is a something that is typically done by rap artists as they like to show off their wealth. The fact that we both adhered to and subverted the conventions makes our video appeal to the target audience as they would see what they’re used to seeing along with some unique aspects.

ancillary task
Ancillary task

In our ancillary task we adhered to the codes and conventions of the rap genre as we represented our artist as a typical UK rapper. This is shown through his attire and the use of a flashy car. We also only used a limited amount of colours throughout which is typical of the genre as it creates and enhances a brand identity. We also made use of the same typography which emphasises this.


The typography used throughout our ancillary task is consistent and this is significant as it creates and enhances the brand identity. The typography in our ancillary task and music video is not the same, however it still allows us to convey the same representation. The fact that the artist name is bold and in upper case shows that they are important and the fact that this is repetitively used throughout both productions reinforces this importance and is conventional as rap artists like to be known and express who they are.

mise en scene

The costumes worn by our artist in both the ancillary task and music video are very similar. The use of hoodies and body warmers are significant as it is the typical attire of UK Rap artists. The use of colours like black and red make our artist seem dominant and highlights importance as red and especially black are bold colours that are associated with dominance and this makes our artist stand out. Also the poses of our artist again stresses his masculinity as he poses with his arms folded in some scenes and throws up gang signs in the video to emphasise his superiority and this is again typical of the Rap genre. The use of props also brings light to our artist’s wealth. This is shown through the flashy car.


The use of dark colours throughout both texts presents the artist in a more intimidating and superior way, the fact that the artist is wearing a hoody further emphasises this. We used the same colour code throughout both our ancillary and music video and this use of limited colours allows us to enhance our brand identity. And because we used bold colours this again highlights the importance of our artist throughout both texts.