2 how effective is the combination of your main product and both ancillary texts
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evaluation question 2

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Title l.jpg
Title both ancillary texts?

  • The title in all of the texts is the same to indicate that the adverts are advertising the program that they should be.

“Find out with what have you BEAN drinking?”

Channel and scheduling l.jpg
Channel and scheduling both ancillary texts?

  • Our documentary would be broad casted on channel 4.

  • The branding is the same and all three stick to the codes and conventions of channel 4 documentaries.

  • The time features in both ancillary texts which adds coherence across the package.

“Tuesday at 8.30 pm on 4”

Voiceover l.jpg
Voiceover both ancillary texts?

  • The voice over that we used for the program is the same voice over as the one we used in the advert which adds continuity to the combination of products and shows clearly that the texts belong together.

Slogan l.jpg
Slogan both ancillary texts?

  • Our slogan is used in both our ancillary texts which portrays the same message in them all.

“Wake up and smell the coffee”

Clear links to the program l.jpg
Clear links to the program. both ancillary texts?

  • We used extracts from the documentary in the radio advert linking the two text together.

  • The print advert captures the essence of the documentary in one picture which clearly links to the subject matter.

“It started of in America first and California”

“It can have detrimental health affects”

When and where the adverts played l.jpg
When and where the adverts played both ancillary texts?

  • We decided that we could advertise this program on the new program spotify which many people use, it will appeal to the correct audience and the listener will have to listen to the advert and therefore will possibly be more inclined to watch the documentary. Both adverts can be broad casted on spotify.