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Ivan Dyakov

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Ivan Dyakov
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  1. Ivan Dyakov prepared: Hristo Trambev

  2. Ivan Dyakov • Ivan Dyakov was born in a small town frontier Hadjidimovo, nestled between the Rhodope and Pirin. Therefore Ivan Dyakov sings equally well Rhodope and Macedonian songs, but his love remains a Macedonian song. Love the song has inherited from his mother.Ivan Dyakov the scene for the first time steps, where first class in his hometown. As a professional singer is difficult to tell which is the first stage, because participating in multiple fairs "Pirin Sings" and "Koprivshtitsa, including city-wide gatherings, family meetings and other events.

  3. Music • The first business card of Ivan Dyakov song is "Star desire, which actually marked the beginning of his first professional studio recordings in 1993. The idea is that song is submitted to the folkfestivala in Sandanski. Ironically, the "Star desire Ivan comes to the same festival, but after 3 years and won third place with their debut participation. But when something needs to hear will hear. When something needs to sing will sing, will sing. When desire and rush in life you can not help but be, we can not not survive ...Another song with which Ivan Dyakov have similar success is a popular Macedonian song "Do not drive, old le male". With this song Ivan Dyakov votes and won the love of the crowd at the First Macedonian song festival in Blagoevgrad, 1998. That same year released his first solo album - "Awake, Makedoniyo", which he finally won the ablum hearts of people.In 2000 released his second album with our sound and Macedonian name - "Favourite Macedonian Songs'. It included 14 Macedonian love songs. Here are five more incredible albums with Macedonian and Rhodope songs, "Voice of the soul of Pirin, Mother, one of his world, From Pirin and Rhodope Mountains," "To sing from the heart", "Inspiration".Fans of the beautiful Bulgarian folk song highly estimate his masterly performance of each song on his albums. It is called "king of the Macedonian song. Warm, lyrical voice with a huge repertor of Macedonian songs - authentic and original, Rhodope songs and folk songs from other regions. • Чуйте • Прочитналатиница

  4. Unique and different • Ivan Dyakov is extremely attractive singer, whose individual style and presence makes it unique and different. Ivan Dyakov is is ne of the best examples of the revival of Bulgarian folk music by presenting it in an updated attractive appearance. His voice is warm, velvety, specialty, nicely caressing, with a unique blend. Ivan Dyakov genre has a wide repertoire. He also demonstrated impressive stage presence. The repertoire has over 1000 songs from different ethnographic regions of Bulgaria, and many Balkan og loved hits. Welcome guest at the celebrations of the homeland, gatherings, rituals, weddings, anniversaries, corporate celebrations and more. Ivan Dyakov work with Ensemble BAND ", which itself created in 2001 to become a concert in his spectacular folklore show. Head of the ensemble is Pirinliev Nicholas, his godson. So far have achieved folk performances "Voice of the soul of Pirin, Pirin and Rodopi From" "To sing from the heart", "Inspiration" and "With Love" that are broadcast with great success satellite TV "TV Bulgaria" Planet TV.Ivan Dyakov was guest soloist with the pearl of the Pirin folklore - the famous Pirin Ensemble, as well as "Nevrokop Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances" GotzeDelchev, which has records. He has recorded with the male folk group "Komitite" in his hometown Hadjidimovo, which actually began his career of singer, under the guidance of longtime head of the group DimitarMilushev.

  5. Awards • Ivan Dyakov is a multiple winner of the festival Pirin Folk "and in 2006 awarded the special prize for outstanding contribution to the development of proprietary Macedonian pesen.Prez 2007 part of the festival" Macedonia Folk "and awarded the grand prize for contribution to the popularization of the Macedonian song and to contribute to the development of the festival. On May 24, 2007 Ivan Dyakov receives honorary diploma and a plaque for his contribution to the development of Blagoevgrad and obshtinata.Prez 2003 Ivan Dyakov awarded Planet TV's "the most preferred folk clip for the song" Kate, Kate, "which song is unique in its sound and impact on every chovek.No Ivan Dyakov always said that his greatest reward is the love of people.He manages to touch every human heart with its superb performance of beautiful Bulgarian folk songs. Ivan Dyakov transmitted in a successful way of his talent his daughter Ivana, who has already recorded three songs, one of which is implementing the immortal Vazovo poem "I am Bulgarian" folk-based.Ivan Dyakov years living and working in Blagoevgrad, but he never forgot his birthplace-Hadjidimovo roots, from whence it came there. This love is passed on to their children and so in 2006 recorded her first duet with his daughter Ivana song "Milo birthplace.

  6. King of Macedonian Song • It is called "king of the Macedonian song. Warm, lyrical voice with a huge repertoire of songs Macedonian - authentic and original, Rhodope songs and folk songs from other regions. Recorded several successful duet with another singer from the Macedonian region - Raina. Ivan Dyakov work with dance formation "BAND" that make each of its concert spectacular folklore show.Albums:1998 - "Wake up, Makedoniyo"2000 - Favourite Macedonian Songs'2002 - "Voice of the soul of the Pirin2004 - "From the Pirin and Rhodope Mountains"2006 - "To sing from the heart"2007 - "Inspiration"2008 - "With Love"2009 - Golden Hits Macedonians "Awards:2003 - Pirin Folk - Second Prize of the Jury for the song "Listen, mothers'2004 - Pirin Folk - IMRO Award for "Song of TodorAleksandrov2004 - Pirin Folk - Sandanski Municipality Award for "Song of TodorAleksandrov2004 - Annual Awards TV Planet - The most preferred folk clip - "Kate, Kate"2006 - Pirin Folk - Award for outstanding contribution to the Festival2009 - Pirin Folk - Audience AwardHits:Star desire, "" Kate, Kate "," Pavle my drink, "" Cry, my Makedoniyo "," Sun settles to Seidel, "The children of Benkovski", "amor", "Ivan", "Last night fallen, they dreamed and other

  7. Compilation album • In early 2010 came the long awaited compilation album "Golden Hits Macedonian" the beloved singer of Macedonian songs Ivan Dyakov.The album from the beginning has a great interes.Lyubitelite the beautiful Macedonian song on the album are songs, interpreted in the best way of vocal singer. In early May he was chairman of the jury of child Festival Southern Suns.For Ivan Dyakov was made film that shows the creativity of the singer in all the years of his work - love song 30. The film shared their views on the singer renowned composers, musicologists, singers and others. The film "30 song Love" will be broadcast on television "Planet" and the BNT and BNT sat. It included the singer known as his hits "Star desire" and "Kate, Kate" and the beautiful Macedonian songs, "Where are you, crazy young years," "Come, Mother, send me," Oi, nature , "Congratulations, my child" and "Makedoniyo. Ivan Dyakov offers fans a wide variety as each song has a different theme - love, immigrant, wedding, patriotic. Clips of songs were shot in the architectural villages in his native region and LeshtenKovachevitsa.Meanwhile, Ivan Dyakov continues to work on his new self albem, which will include a song with lyrics written over a hundred years, and his new duet song with his daughter IvanaDyakova. The song is called "Destiny is repeated and is in preparation. Ivan Dyakov recorded as Macedonian loved popular songs, and several authors, on which work hard in order to please his fans for the New Year with a new album.In addition, Ivan Dyakov continues his concert activity throughout the country. His folk performances arouse admiration warm every human heart in all the settlements in Bulgaria.