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Foreign Phrases PowerPoint Presentation
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Foreign Phrases

Foreign Phrases

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Foreign Phrases

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  1. Foreign Phrases Buckle your safety belt and enjoy the flight.

  2. Bon Voyage! • Congratulations! You are going on a trip around the world. • You are going to be a tourist and a traveling linguist (that’s someone who studies languages).

  3. Bon Voyage! • On this trip, you will learn about some of the foreign phrases that are used commonly in English. • You will learn what these phrases mean and where they originated.

  4. Bon Voyage! • You will keep a list of these borrowed phrases in your passport. • If you’ve ever traveled cross continent before, you know how important it is to keep up with your passport. • Don’t lose it, or you may not be able to return when your trip is complete (ok, so that’s an exaggeration, but your grade may suffer!)

  5. Bon Voyage! • Are you ready to begin your trip? • Fasten your safety belt and enjoy the flight, and if you ever feel like a stranger in a strange land, just remember, me casa es su casa!

  6. Today’s passport list • Ad lib Alma Mater • Bona fide Buenos noches • C’est la vie De nada • Ex libris Mi casa es su casa • Verbatim

  7. Today’s passport list • Ad lib – Latin- freely, without a plan • Alma Mater – Latin- protective institution (usually the high school or college from which one graduates)

  8. Today’s passport list • Bona fide-Latin- genuine • Buenas noches- Spanish- good night

  9. Today’s passport list • C’est la vie- French- that’s life! • De nada- Spanish- you’re welcome

  10. Today’s passport list • Ex libris- Latin- from the library of… • Mi casa es su casa- Spanish- my house is your house

  11. Today’s passport list • Verbatim- Latin- word for word

  12. Bon Voyage! • Do you feel more worldly? Practice using your new foreign phrases as you tell your family and friends what you have seen so far on your adventure by writing a letter home from your European leg of the trip.

  13. Buenos tardes! • Your letter home should be three paragraphs, one for each of the countries you visited today (Italy, France, Spain). Work in each of the phrases you learned at least once. Use a friendly letter format. • Until tomorrow, buenos tardes!

  14. QUIZ 1. When I return to my ____________, I am always full of pride. a) Ad lib b) Alma mater c) Bona fide d) Verbatim

  15. QUIZ 2. I won five hundred dollars in the lottery, but I lost the ticket. Oh well, ________________. a) Buenos noches b) De nada c) Mi casa es su casa d) C’est la vie

  16. QUIZ 3. Put your feet up and make yourself at home. ___________________. a) Mi casa es su casa b) De nada c) Buenos noches d) C’est la vie

  17. QUIZ 4. Michael, carefully repeat the poem word for word. I want you to say it ______________. a) Ad lib b) De nada c) Verbatim d) Ex libris

  18. QUIZ 5. I bought a _____________ Prada handbag in Italy. a) Bona Fide b) Ad lib c) Buenos noches d) Ex libris

  19. Today’s passport list • Adieu Au revoir • Bon appétit Buenos tardes • Cul de sac Du jour • Faux pas Que sera, sera • RSVP Vice versa

  20. Today’s passport list • Adieu- French- farewell • Au revoir- French- goodbye • Bon appétit- French- good appetite (enjoy your meal)

  21. Today’s passport list • Buenos tardes- Spanish- Good afternoon • Cul de sac- French- a street closed at one end • Du jour- French- popular, fashionable

  22. Today’s passport list • Faux pas- French- a social blunder • Que sera, sera- Spanish- whatever will be, will be • Vice Versa- Latin- conversely

  23. Today’s Task We’ve learned 18 words in the past two days, and that is a lot to remember. You are going to create flash cards for each of these words to help keep them straight. Your flash card should include the word or phrase, a picture, and the meaning on the flip side.

  24. QUIZ • I am having a birthday party on Thursday the 27th. Please ________ no later than the 20th. • Adieu • Faux pas • RSVP • Vice Versa

  25. QUIZ 2. My house is the last one at the end of the ________________. • Buenos tardes • Cul de sac • Du jour • Que sera, sera

  26. QUIZ 3. The soup ____________ is Cheddar Broccoli. • Faux pas • Cul de sac • Du jour • Que sera, sera

  27. QUIZ 4. Aaron committed a ____________ when he told Lisa that she looked as if she had gained weight. • Faux pas • Cul de sac • Du jour • Que sera, sera

  28. QUIZ 5. The restaurant was so fancy, and when the waiter brought us our food he said, “_____________!” • Au revoir • Du jour • Adieu • Bon Appétit

  29. Today’s passport list • A la carte Avant garde • Bon voyage Carpe Diem • Cum laude E pluribus unum • Femme fatale Hasta Manana • Status quo

  30. Today’s passport list A la carte- French- each item priced separately Avant garde- French- ahead of one’s time Bon Voyage- French- good journey

  31. Today’s passport list Carpe Diem- Latin- seize the day Cum laude- Latin- with praise E pluribus unum- Latin- one of many

  32. Today’s passport list • Femme fatale- French- “deadly woman “ A woman who leads men astray • Hasta Manana- Spanish- See you tomorrow • Status quo- Latin- things as they are

  33. And now for something completely different • So far, you have written letters and created flash cards. • Today you are going to be a bit more artistic. • You are to create a travel brochure for one of the three countries we have visited so far. • Include pictures, descriptions of the area, and lots of the phrases that apply to that country.