Integrating Solar Return Themes with Progressions & Transits
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Integrating Solar Return Themes with Progressions & Transits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrating Solar Return Themes with Progressions & Transits Presented to the Network of Triangle Astrologers By Benjamin Bernstein of. May 21, 2009. Brief Bio. Astrological practitioner, teacher, writer and lecturer

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Integrating Solar Return Themes with Progressions & Transits

Presented to theNetwork of Triangle Astrologers

ByBenjamin Bernstein


May 21, 2009

Brief Bio

  • Astrological practitioner, teacher, writer and lecturer

  • Host of This Week in Astrology, now in its second year as the #1 astrology podcast on iTunes

  • Lectured at three national astrology conferences (NCGR 2007, The Blast 2007, UAC 2008)

  • Astrology columnist for Aquarius and Natural Awakenings (WNC edition); published in Constellation (print and online) and online at sites including

Brief Bio

  • Experienced, professionally certified counseling astrologer with clients worldwide

  • Professional member of the United States’ major astrological associations (including NCGR!)

  • Board member, retreat faculty and Marketing Director of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA)

  • Organizing founder of the Asheville Friends of Astrology

The solar return
The Solar Return

  • The moment that the Sun returns to its natal position each year

  • Within two days of the birthday date

  • The Solar Return chart describes major themes for the coming year

  • Within that context, interpreted using the same basic principles as a natal chart

The solar return1
The Solar Return

I have calculated these Solar Returns for the birthplace, without regard to where the person is living now or moving to during the solar return year.

Yes, I know this is controversial!

Barack obama 8 4 1961 7 24 pm honolulu hi
Barack Obama8/4/1961, 7:24 pm, Honolulu, HI

Obama election day transits
Obama Election Day Transits

  • Mars (MC ruler) at top of chart

  • Sun at top conjunct Neptune

  • Pluto trine North Node in Leo (empowering leadership destiny)

  • Neptune early in First House (a vision moving from dream to action)

  • Saturn conjunct Mars (MC ruler): hard work rewarded with accomplishment

Barack Obama

Election Day Transits 11/4/08

Obama Election Day Progressions

  • P-Moon early in First House

  • P-Moon opposed Uranus (the public delivers a surprise!)

  • P-Moon applying to Nodal Axis (destiny fulfilled)

  • P-Venus (ruler of 9th House of politics) conjunct N-Node (destiny fulfilled)

  • P-Sun sextile MC

Barack Obama

Election Day Progres-sions 11/4/08

Obama 8/4/08 Solar Return

  • Leo stellium (the king): Sun, Mercury, S-Node, Venus

  • Moon (AS ruler) conjunct Mars (MC ruler)

  • Jupiter (natural ruler of politics, and chart’s ruler of 9th House of Politics) angular

  • Uranus in 9th (political surprise) opposing Moon (AS ruler) and Mars (MC ruler)

Barack Obama

2008 Solar Return


3:51 am,

Honolulu, HI

Albert einstein 3 14 1879 11 30 am ulm germany
Albert Einstein3/14/1879, 11:30 am, Ulm, Germany

Einstein 10/10/1922 (Nobel Prize) Transits

  • Pluto conjunct AS!, trine Neptune (MC co-ruler)

  • Uranus conjunct MC!, sextile Neptune (MC co-ruler)

  • Neptune (MC co-ruler) trine Moon (AS ruler, the public), trine Venus in 10th (virtual Grand Trine)

  • Saturn biquintile MC, opposing Venus in 10th


10/10/1922 (Nobel Prize) Transits

Einstein 10/10/1922 (Nobel Prize) Progressions

  • P-Sun conjunct Neptune-Chiron midpoint

  • P-Moon sextile Neptune-Chiron midpoint

  • P-Mars recently conjunct Jupiter (MC co-ruler)

  • P-MC semi-sextile Pluto (plutonium!)


10/10/1922 (Nobel Prize) Progressions

Einstein Solar Return (3/14/1922)

  • Neptune (natal MC co-ruler) at MC!

  • Grand Trine Kite: Mars/Neptune, MC/Chiron, S-Node pointing to Moon/ N-Node!

  • Grand Trine: Pluto/Uranus/AS!

  • T-Square: Pluto, Chiron/S-Node, Saturn/N-Node/Moon/ Jupiter


1922 Solar Return


10:06 pm

Ulm, Germany

Barry bonds 7 24 1964 5 13 pm riverside ca
Barry Bonds7/24/1964, 5:13 pm, Riverside, CA

Barry Bonds 8/7/07 Transits Broke all-time Major League home run record

  • Pluto opposing Mars (individual athletics, IC ruler) and Venus (MC ruler) and trine Mercury (DS ruler)

  • Neptune square Jupiter (AS ruler), sextile AS

  • Uranus conjunct Chiron, sesquiquadrate Sun

  • Saturn conjunct Mercury, sextile Mars

  • Jupiter sextile MC, square Uranus/Pluto

  • Moon quincunx Neptune, square Chiron

Barry Bonds

8/7/07 transits (broke home run record)

Barry Bonds 8/7/07 Progressions Broke all-time Major League home run record

  • P-Moon & P-Sun conjunct Pluto!

  • P-AS opposing Sun!

  • P-AS biquintile Mars (athletics, IC ruler) & Venus (MC ruler)

  • P-Mars semi-sextile Venus

  • P-Venus semi-sextile Mars

Barry Bonds

8/7/07 progressions(broke home run record)

Barry Bonds 7/25/07 Solar Return

  • Uranus & N-Node elevated

  • Neptune/Mars/Saturn T-Square

  • Pluto trine Saturn @ Nadir, quintile N-Node, biquintile Sun

  • Neptune quintile Jupiter

  • Uranus sesquiquadrate Sun, trine Mercury (AS ruler), square AS

  • Saturn (MC co-ruler) quintile AS

  • Jupiter conjunct Moon & DS, square nodes, opposing AS

Barry Bonds

2007 Solar Return


2:20 am

Riverside, CA

Sean Penn8/17/1960, 3:17 pm, Burbank, CA

Sean Penn 2/22/09 Transits Academy Award for Best Actor (Milk )

  • Pluto square MC!, opposing Moon

  • Neptune opposing Sun!, sextile Jupiter (AS ruler)

  • Uranus square Jupiter (AS ruler), quincunx Uranus

  • Saturn conjunct N-Node (most elevated), square Jupiter (AS ruler), AS

  • Jupiter opposing Mercury (DS ruler), trine Mars (IC ruler)

Sean Penn

2/22/09 transits (Academy Award)

Sean Penn 2/22/09 Progressions Academy Award for Best Actor (Milk )

  • P-Sun square Saturn (2H ruler, natural career ruler), sextile Mercury in Leo (DS ruler)

  • P-Mercury conjunct Neptune!

  • P-Mercury trine Moon (public)

  • P-Venus (MC ruler) quincunx Mars (IC ruler), square Mercury

  • P-Mars conjunct Moon, semi-square Uranus

Sean Penn

2/22/09 progressions (Academy Award)

Sean Penn 2008 Solar Return

  • Virtual Grand Trine!: MC, Jupiter, Saturn (DS co-ruler)/ Mercury/Venus (MC ruler)

  • Sun (AS ruler) opposing Neptune/Chiron/N-Node, trine Pluto, conjunct AS

  • Angular Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune in Aquarius

  • Pluto in 5th square Mars (IC ruler)

  • Uranus opposing Venus-Mars midpoint (gay relationships)

Sean Penn

2008 Solar Return


5:38 am

Burbank, CA

Integrating Solar Return Themes with Progressions & Transits audience member?

Presented to theNetwork of Triangle Astrologers

ByBenjamin Bernstein


May 21, 2009