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Brandon Leavitt 847-677-0950 solarserviceinc

Brandon Leavitt 847-677-0950 solarserviceinc

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Brandon Leavitt 847-677-0950 solarserviceinc

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  1. Solar 101 Practical Applications of Solar Energy for Residential and Commercial Applications Appalachian State University Brandon Leavitt 847-677-0950

  2. Solar 101 Overview • Advantages of solar energy • Solar thermal technology • Residential solar thermal • Photovoltaic technology • Solar pool heating • Multi-unit buildings • Commercial Applications • Non-profit & school Applications • Government incentives

  3. Celebrating Thirty Years of SolarTales from a solar survivor

  4. Solar Potential More solar energy hits the earth in one hour than all of humanity consumes in a year!

  5. Paradigm Shift in Energy Generation Mining Energy: Petroleum, Coal, Natural Gas, Uranium, Oil Harvesting Energy:Solar, Wind, Water, Earth, Biomass Living off savings Living off income

  6. Significant Advantages • Uses Unlimited Energy Source • Reliable and Proven Technology • Improves Air & Water Quality • Free Fuel Deliveries Daily • Pays for Itself Over and Over Again • Keeps Energy $$ Close to Home

  7. High Cost of Fossil Fuels High, volatile prices • U.S. spends $440 billion annually on energy • Natural gas prices gone up 350% since ’95 • IL exports $6 billion for natural gas annually Pollution • Therm of natural gas emits 11.6 lbs. of CO2 • kWh of electricity emits 1.3 lbs. ofCO2 (national average) • 120, 000+ people die from air pollution annually in US • 30 billion barrels of oil consumed in ’06 globally

  8. Produceselectricity Can use batteries or electric grid Can sell excess power through electric grid Rapidly evolving technology Heats water & living spaces Has been used throughout time More economical than PV Solar Thermal & Solar PV

  9. 4 Hours of SUN Can Produce A 24-hour Supply Of Hot Water In Illinois... Solar Thermal Technology Is Heating Water, Homes And Buildings In Over 150 Communities

  10. Solar Heat and Hot Water The Affordable Alternative Lifetime supply of hot water: $5,000 to $7,000* Lifetime supply of heat & hot water: $10,000 to $14,000* *Includes complete standard installation 30% state rebate** & 30% federal tax credit (maximum residential credit $2,000) **Based on availability THE MORE YOU USE, THE MORE YOU SAVE!

  11. How Easy Is It? • Fully Automatic • Maintenance-free • Stored Energy Available 24-hours A Day • Virtually Every Home and Building Has Solar Thermal Potential • Works With Existing Water Heaters, Forced-air furnaces and Radiant Floors

  12. Gas Forced Air Radiant floor Independent Space Heat Solar Heat Assist

  13. Solar Hot Water with Heat Assist

  14. One 4’ X 8’ solar panel heats over 10,000 gallons of hot water annually in Chicago.

  15. Benefits of Solar Heating for Homes • Produces a lifetime supply of heat and hot water • Protects against energy price increases • Saves up to 70% of annual water-heating expense • Works with existing furnace - day or night • Increases home resale value • Exempt from Illinois property taxes • Qualifies for State Rebates and Federal Tax Credits

  16. Wilmette Arlington Heights Evanston Winthrop Harbor Arlington Heights Zion Evanston Lincoln Wood Burr Ridge Arlington Heights Palatine Solar Service Inc

  17. Arlington Heights Naperville Spring Grove Evanston Evanston Wilmette Arlington Heights Evanston Highland Park Zion Chicago Carol Stream Deerfield Evanston Wilmette Lincoln Wood Evanston Hawthorn Woods Michigan City, IN Solar Service Inc

  18. Arlington Heights Naperville Winthrop Harbor Westchester Westchester Spring Grove Chicago Wilmette Zion Evanston Deerfield Chicago Carol Stream Evanston Wilmette Lincoln Wood Evanston Deerfield Arlington Heights Deerfield Evanston Solar Service Inc

  19. Arlington Heights Naperville Spring Grove Deerfield Spring Grove Wilmette Awning Mounts Chicago Carol Stream Evanston Wilmette Deerfield Lincoln Wood Evanston Chicago Solar Service Inc

  20. Solar ServiceProducing Solar Energy Since 1977 Lincolnwood, IL

  21. ComEd Questions Substantial Drop in Energy Use

  22. Solar Savings –Case Study “My first (gas) bill for two months was $29…After the solar system was installed for approximately four months, my gas company recalculated my budget amount and reduced it to $70 per month (from $158).” Antioch, IL

  23. “It’s like having a gold mine on my roof. Our solar system supplies more than enough hot water for my family and tenants.”-Susan Besson Evanston, IL • Four 4’ x 8’ Panels • Heats 200 gallons of hot water daily for two families • Prevents 6,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually

  24. Wilmette, IL System Installed: 1985 System Type: Solar Hot Water and Heat Assist • Saved: 1.2 billion BTUs in 20 years • Heats: 270 gallons of water daily • Heated: 1.4 million gallons in 20 years • CO2 emissions Saved: 60 tons since 1985

  25. “If more people used solar we would save energy and make the world cleaner for our children’s future. But for us, we went solar so we could take a long hot bath in our 80 gallon tub.” Dr. Kalal Skokie, IL “After using the system for 6 months I estimate we have saved 50% to 60% on our gas bill this winter.” -A.I., Northbrook, IL

  26. Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic Zion, IL Chicago, IL

  27. Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic Antioch, IL

  28. Building Integrate Photovoltaic Evanston, IL

  29. 1.2 kWh Photovoltaic System “I think what is the most fun is watching our power meter running backwards.” Harry Drucker Wilmette, IL

  30. Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic “After we saw Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, we were inspired to do our part. We thought solar energy was the way to go.” The Walsh Family Chicago, IL

  31. Solar Pool Heating • Most efficient use of solar energy • 20-30 year life of equipment • Minimum or no maintenance needed • Simple, automatic operation • Extends life of conventional heating equipment • Suitable for indoor and outdoor pools

  32. Residential Indoor Pool Inverness Inverness

  33. Residential Outdoor Pool Northbrook

  34. Schiller Park - Municipal Pool

  35. Benefits of Solar Heating for Multi-Family Buildings • Reduces hot water energy expense up to 70% annually • Protects against future energy cost increases • Reduces maintenance costs and extend the life of the conventional water heater • 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit + 5-year Accelerated Depreciation • Eligible for State Rebates & Grants • Increases property value • Helps keep rent & overhead affordable

  36. 12-Unit Apartment Building Chicago • System Installed: 1985 • Heats: 600 Gallons of hot water daily & 150,000 gallons • annually • Saved 32,300 therms in 22 years • CO2 emissions Saved: 376,000 pounds since 1985

  37. 2 and 3 Unit Apartments Chicago Evanston

  38. Multi-Family Housing Oak Park

  39. Oak Park, IL System Type: Solar Hot Water Heats: 550 gallons daily for about 25 people “In the future, the price of energy is going to go up. It is better to get a solar system now and you can save as much as possible later on. ” Dr. Eugene Anandappa

  40. Benefits of Solar Heating for Businesses • Substantially reduce energy expense • Protects against future energy cost increases • Illinois State Grants up to $400,000 • 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit + 5-year Accelerated Depreciation • Free Publicity and community good-will

  41. Restaurant Hot Water Systems Niles and Chicago, IL System Type: Solar Hot Water Heats: 680 gallons daily Saves: 163 million BTUs annually “We looked for ways to reduce the energy cost,and solar was the answer.” Salvador Lamas Owner, Electrical Engineer

  42. GreenworksChristy Webber Landscapes - Chicago, ILSolar Hot Water and Assist for Heat Pump

  43. Laundromat Hot Water System2,000 Gallons Per Day Chicago

  44. Laundromat Hot Water System Berwyn

  45. New Rebuilt World’s Largest Laundromat Berwyn

  46. “Despite natural gas prices going up, my solar hot water system enables me to maintain lower prices for my customers.” • 485,000 gallons of hot water annually • Saves 68,000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year

  47. Solar Publicity Pays!