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All New CCH AnswersNow Library for AAIMEA members! PowerPoint Presentation
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All New CCH AnswersNow Library for AAIMEA members!

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All New CCH AnswersNow Library for AAIMEA members! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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All New CCH AnswersNow Library for AAIMEA members!
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Presentation Transcript

  1. All New CCH AnswersNow Library for AAIMEA members! Your 24/7 access to everyday HR & Benefit issues including state employment laws! This site includes thousands of helpful documents and tools to help with employment law compliance. This short demo will give you a sampling of the many new or enhanced features available to all AAIMEA members.

  2. CCH HR Library New user features for 2012! • Daily News has been added – numerous Federal and State news items per day • (National survey results, legislative updates, best practices, case studies, etc.) • New HR Tools such as: • FMLA-ADA Leave Advisor Module • White Collar Exemption advisor • Per Diem Lookup Chart • PayScale Salary Calculator • News Filter called ‘Tracker news’ – filter news to quickly catch-up on your hot topics • Manage Emails – ability to subscribe/unsubscribe to news & updates • Folders – ability to place documents into one convenient location for a project • Library has hundreds more sample policies, forms and analysis documents!

  3. Access via AAIM Members Only page

  4. First step: Click ‘New User’ link to create your own userid and password!

  5. New users can easily create a profile so user preferences are retained – even pick your own password!

  6. With a profile completed simply click through and it will be automatic next time!

  7. Click the AnswersNow link again to enter

  8. Insert info; click ‘Stay Signed in’(This page cannot be saved as a ‘Favorite’ --- it is only accessible via the member page) Fill-in your newly created Userid (your email address) and insert your password – and be sure to check the box to ‘Stay signed in’! Then click ‘Sign In’

  9. New CCH AnswersNow Home screen!

  10. Four New tools have been added and two old time favorite tools are still available!

  11. Two old-time favorites Insperity (Administaff) Tools require separate loginTerrific time-savers!

  12. Four New CCH Tools!

  13. Daily News is readily available – users can browse or search and news can be setup for email delivery!

  14. Browse tree offers easy navigation

  15. New site is easy to Search! Search box is always available!

  16. Your Search Results List Exclusive CCH search thesaurus is used to find documents with related terms!

  17. Functionality is available where you need it! • Main document icons are at the top right side; • printing, • emailing and • saving are options along with placing the document in a folder for later review! The top left side icons are available for searches, moving you to the next document on the search results list or to the next term – or even back to the search results list!

  18. Synchronize the Browse Tree contentor just browse to a new topic! Users can ‘sync’ the Table of Contents to see ‘where you are’ and maybe related documents. Users always have the browse tree available for browsing

  19. Use the Search Filters to narrow results When a search is performed, note the ‘Filter’ options on the left. Users can easily narrow their results to specific areas or types of documents. In addition, News documents can be sorted by date

  20. Use search results filter to easily find state-related documents Use the ‘Folder’ function to gather documents together for later review or for a project

  21. Research FoldersUsers can have numerous folders and dozens of documents in a folder for handling projects!

  22. Browse expanded HR Content! Users can browse to their answers – just click into the Browse Tree or Table of Contents (TOC) and easily click through to a single document!

  23. Two ways to browse Federal HR!(By topic and by document type) Browse into 1 of the 9 topical categories, i.e. ‘Benefits’; then to a sub-topic like Adoption, then down to Sample Documents to find sample policies

  24. Two ways to browse HR!By document type – i.e. sample policy Or browse into ‘Sample Documents’ then down to ‘Benefits’-’Adoption Assistance’ to find the same sample policies

  25. State Employment Law Coverage! Users have detailed State Employment Law coverage for all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico!

  26. Comprehensive State Laws database Each CCH State law summary includes a section titled: ‘What the Employer Must Do’

  27. Tracker – Online News FilterTracker’s can help users ‘track’ news on their ‘hot’ topics

  28. Tracker – manage daily news articles!

  29. Customize your state law tracker

  30. Manage Email function

  31. Manage Email function

  32. Emails is easy to scan & manage!

  33. To Exit just close the browser tab or window

  34. Insperity (Administaff) Tools require separate loginTerrific time-savers!

  35. Job DescriptionsTerrific time-savers!

  36. Insperity (Administaff) Job Descriptions

  37. Insperity (Administaff) Job Descriptions

  38. Insperity (Administaff) Over 3700 Job Descriptions!

  39. Insperity (Administaff) Performance Reviews! First time users would still fill in the appropriate boxes and if the system does not recognize you it will prompt you to create an ‘account’ which means it only will ask you for your zip code, minimal information.

  40. Insperity (Administaff) Easily Generate Reviews!

  41. Insperity (Administaff) Performance Reviews!

  42. Insperity (Administaff) Performance Reviews!

  43. Insperity (Administaff) Performance Reviews!

  44. This screen offers file type selections and Delivery options.File Types: Stay away from ‘TXT’ simply because it is too plain; either ‘HTML’ or ‘DOC’ (rtf) would be better.Downloading is handled via a ‘zip’ file, which means you have to unzip it so you end up with TWO files, one zip and one ‘rtf’ file on your computer.Emailing option usually just takes a few seconds to receive a rtf document. Insperity (Administaff) Performance Reviews! Once the review is selected to be downloaded or emailed – it is ‘removed’ from the online access and available only on your hard-drive!This makes the review much easier to access!So if you have not completed the review and want to do so online, do not download or email it.

  45. CCH HR Library Thank you for taking the time to view this demonstration. For more information regarding this program or a membership please contact AAIM at 314-754-0169