delta geochem mode analysis results of mining activities n.
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DELTA: Geochem mode. Analysis results of mining activities PowerPoint Presentation
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DELTA: Geochem mode. Analysis results of mining activities

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DELTA: Geochem mode. Analysis results of mining activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DELTA: Geochem mode. Analysis results of mining activities. Sonia GÜiza González Geochemistry – International Mining Group (IMG) Olympus Innov -X. Content. Mineral processing samples for Exploitation mining. 2. Soil samples for Exploration mining.

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delta geochem mode analysis results of mining activities

DELTA: Geochem mode.Analysis results of mining activities

Sonia GÜizaGonzález

Geochemistry – International Mining Group (IMG)

Olympus Innov-X

  • Mineral processing samples for Exploitation mining.
  • 2. Soil samples for Exploration mining.
  • 3. Standard Rocks for Petrographic identification.
  • Conclusions
1 mineral processing samples
1. Mineral processing samples

CASE DESCRIPTION: Samples sulfurs concentrates of Cormin Laboratory in Peru. Results for: As, Pb, Zn, Cu, Ag.

RESULTS: Laboratory –without information analytical methodology (perhaps AA) and Niton results.


Lab = laboratory results

D = Delta; geoch = mode geochem; min = mode miner

N = Niton




2 auger soil sampling
2. Auger soil sampling

The presence of a veneer of post-mineralization over-burden and a well developed organic soil horizon posed a problem for surface soil sampling. Hence, auger drill-ing (up to 4 to 5 meters depth) was proposed as an effective method to collect a representative sample from the B-soil horizon sampling target.

description results
Description results

Count samples: 45

  • PULP SAMPLE: Sample with preparation requirements (drying, crushing, splitting, pulverizing to 75 micron – 200 mesh).

Chemistry Analysis: ALS-Chemix; ICP-AES; aqua regia digestion.

ABREVIATORS: Lab = laboratory results, D = Delta; gch = mode; s = soil, N = Niton; HH_PA = Handheld Portable Analyzer; N = number values or results >LOD.

comparison type elements
Comparison type elements

Exclusive elements results by laboratory analysis that was ICP-AES were Ba, Be, Ce, Ga, Ge, Hf, In, La, Li, Na, Re, Sc, Tl

HH_PA = Handheld Portable Analyzer; D=Delta and N=Niton.

statistical analysis

Bold is laboratory result with unit of concentration.

Statistical Analysis

Bold is lab result; D=Delta; gch=geochem; s=soil.

the best is delta
The best is Delta

Lead (N was <LOD)

Zinc (N got 33 results, D got 45)

geochem is not the best
Geochem is not the best

Calcium, D_gch got 13 results only

Cupper, D_gch got 26 results only

n is the best
N is the best



logarithmic scale
Logarithmic Scale



other examples
Other examples

Nickel depend to LOD, better Delta

Ytrium result the best of Delta (Niton haven’t this element)

comparison for element
Comparison for element

D=Delta geochem mode

comparison every samples
Comparison every samples





trace elements

Lab = Standard result; D=Delta

Ds=mode soil and Dgch=geochem

Trace elements

1. Geochem mode for exploitation mining is recommendable if there are elements of low concentration and custom need some light elements.

2. Soil mode for exploration mining is more recommendable that geochem mode because, samples as soil or sediment has a low concentration of elements.

3. Geochem mode is recommendable for lithological studies, which are important comparison of rocks and geochemistry orientation survey.

other conclusions
Other conclusions

Geochem mode should replace Mining Plus Mode, but NOT mining. This mode has one beam so the time of analysis is quickly as possible. Mining mode is an excellent option for fast diagnostic, for example As and Pb on gold samples.

Geochem LOD has some differences than Soil mode. It is necessary to know what elements and what is the difference of LOD. Geochem mode have NOT replaced the soil mode yet.

Geochem Mode is necessary to review some elements add if it is more useful in mining activities as tellurium by gold exploration or remove some elements. Other case is Neobium has a good result on logarithmic scale.