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Dr. George Engel VLSI Design Research Laboratory

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Dr. George Engel VLSI Design Research Laboratory - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. George Engel VLSI Design Research Laboratory. Room 3047. Dr. Engel.

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Dr. George Engel

VLSI Design Research Laboratory

Room 3047

Dr. Engel

The lab is well equipped with two SUN workstations, two HP workstations, a personal computer, several million dollars worth of CAD software, a large HP plotter, and a wide variety of test equipment including a modest setup for probing microchips.

VLSI Design

Research Laboratory

Room 3047

becs technolgy inc
BECS Technolgy, Inc.

IC prototype for a

local company!

We did it all!

Dr. Brad Noble

Dr. George Engel

Pranay Koka

integrated circuit ic design
Integrated Circuit (IC) Design

Credit card reader IC for Magtek


Magnetic fingerprinting!


HINP16C (Heavy-Ion Nuclear Physics, 16Channel) is a 16 channel integrated circuit (IC) for use in a series of experiments in low- and intermediate-energy nuclear physics. The IC is fabricated in the AMIS 0.5 mm, N-well, double-poly, triple-metal, high-resistance C5N process through MOSIS. The die is 6 mm x 6 mm.

need for hinp32c
Need for HINP32C
  • Need for high density signal processing in low and intermediate energy nuclear physics community is widespread
  • No commercial chip was found to do exactly what we wanted. Necessary for the “experimenter” to be in the “designer’s seat”
  • Timing, self-triggering, and on chip sparsification non-existent or inadequate
  • Gain ranges beyond 50 MeV not available
channel block diagram

Reset Logic

time (Volts)




q (Coulombs)


energy (Volts)


Peak sampler

Channel Block Diagram
sample applications
Sample Applications
  • Spectroscopy of low lying particle unstable states by resonance decay correlation techniques
  • Inverse (d,p) scattering experiments designed to study shell structure and pairing in n-rich nuclei
  • Inverse (p,d) reactions examining the n single particle structure of secondary unstable beams
  • Particle-particle correlation experiments at intermediate energy designed to refine temperature determinations and to image source characteristics
  • Si arrays for detecting  particles and CZT and Ge arrays for detecting  ray’s.