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Ray Charles

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Ray Charles

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  1. Ray Charles

  2. First Recollection • What’d I say • Really moved me • Not so difficult – just a blues but lots to it. • Done in the key of E – good for guitar. • Next 2 slides have harmony and words.

  3. Next slide has bass part • Ray played this on piano. • Fender Rhodes sound. • If in a band have guitar and bass double this part. • This outlines 3 notes of the chord, the root, 5th and b7 of each chord.

  4. Play in 1st position

  5. Secondary Melodic Idea • This happens every other time. • It is a rhythmic figure comprised of the root and the b7 of each chord. • 1st one is in 1st position, 2nd is up at 7th position. Either work fine.

  6. This is a backup part. Could also do an octave higher.

  7. The fill at the end • 2 ways to play. • It is just an E7 arpeggio • Same idea as ending line to “I Feel Fine” by James Brown and Jose Feliciano’s version of “Light My Fire”. • Again the Chord rules.

  8. Your Cheatin’ Heart • Great feel • Written by Hank Williams (Sr). • One of Ray’s country hits. • Does have a blues feel. • Chords are very traditional country: I IV and V and one time to the II7 not minor II7 but a dominant chord. Very common in Country music! In C; • I = C • IV = F • V = G • II = D

  9. Hit The Road Jack • Whole song is Am G F E • Similar at the time to Walk Don’t Run • More modern would be like Stray Cat Strut

  10. Solo to Hit The Road Jack • This is totally in Am • Easiest scale to use is the A minor pentatonic. • One problem is when on the F chord but since it passes so fast it should work. • Could also use the A Blues scale with the same caveat.

  11. Born To Lose • One of my favorite feel songs • Again a Country tune with a Blues Feel

  12. Unchain My Heart • This song is in a minor key. • Again feel is everything. • End timing is 1 2 (& 3) & 4 & | 1

  13. Georgia • Not what most people think. Song is about the State – where Ray was from. • But it can be felt like a love song. • Interesting progression and play with major and minor. • I will write the chord voicings on the board.

  14. You Don’t Know Me • Another country ballad that Ray turns into more of an R & B song with the feel. • Make sure that you accent beats 2 and 4 to give that backbeat feel to this piece. • There are some substitutions that can be put in to really spruce this up.

  15. Some substitutions that can spice this up a bit. A You give your hand to me A7 And then you say, "Hello." D And I can hardly speak, Eb dim7 My heart is beating so. A And anyone can tell F#m Bm You think you know me well. E A D A Well, you don't know me. E7 (no you don't know me) Explaination: A to D can usually put an A7 in between to make it a V7 of D then on D back to A the Ebdim7 is used as a passing chord to lead back to A. The F#m is the relative minor of A so it works as a substitute, then leads easily to Bm (it is the V of B). Bm is the II in A and leads to the V. Those two chords are fairly interchangeable.