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Sojourner Truth

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  • Uploaded on Sojourner Truth. By: Ashley Ramirez. Introduction. Sojourner Truth was a slave girl who was sold three times. Her life was complicated because she lived most of her life as a slave. Sojourner was a big part of the civil rights movement.

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Sojourner Truth was a slave girl who was sold three times. Her life was complicated because she lived most of her life as a slave. Sojourner was a big part of the civil rights movement.


Sojourner Truth was a young lady who got in love while working as a slave. She had suffered the lost of her love Robert because when the owner found out they were together they sold him. So after that she got married to Thomas and had 5 kids with him.


Sojourner truth was born to Betsy and James Hardenbergh. She was a lovely baby who turned out looking more like her dad. She had been Isabella but when she grew to be a free woman she changed it to Sojourner Truth.



She had many brothers and sisters but they were all sold to other people. At night she looked at the night sky and remembered them. While she was a kid she was called belle short for Isabella. Most of her childhood was dedicated to be a slave while Isabella was a kid she hated how they separated families. Johannes Hardenbergh died his son became the new owner of her.


Sojourners truth death was very hitting to the African-Americans because she helped them a lot by helping setting them free. Even though she was a slave most of her life she did get to become a free woman.


Sojourner was a woman who wanted Americans to treat Africans equal. Well like she wanted that to happen she became a big part of the civil right movement. To make African Americans be treated equal.


Sojourner got to be a free woman with her 5 kids and her husband Thomas. She was let go because once she help set free African Americans she became free.

goes on strike
Goes on strike

Sojourner was on strike of African Americans being slaves she didn’t like so what she did she helped in the civil rights movement of setting African Americans free.


Her home was at 3 Americans house. Her job at her home was to work like a mom!!!!!!!!! She mostly did that all her life but while being a slave she made quotes and speeches.


Sojourners real name was Isabella but when she became a free woman she changed it to sojourner truth. But she is known more as Sojourner Truth because she changed her name really early.


Sojourner had 5 kids with Thomas after her crush during her being a slave was sold. She named them Diana, Elizabeth, Hannah, Peter and Sophia.


Isabella/sojourner truth was a person who wanted justice. She fought to African Americans be free. She mostly gave out speeches so African Americans wont feel bad but once she got mad, she fought and fought until African Americans were set free.


Sojourners life was mostly about her slave life. But she did have other things happening in her life like her marriage and 5 kids. Her life was kind of mostly into being a slave but she did get to be a free woman. And while she was a slave of her owner, her crush was taken away because they found out they where together so the owner didn’t like and sold her crush Robert.


Sojourner was a slave who had money. She had money because the guy who did the newspaper had to pay her 125$, because in the newspaper he did a false story about her, she went to court because the newspaper guy wrote a story about her poising him and others too. So she sued him for 125$.

new york
New York

Sojourner was born Hurley, new York. Sojourner moved with peter to new York city where she worked as a servant. Then in 1833 she moved to a community called “Kingdom Of God”.


In Ohio she gave an important speech called Ain’t I a woman that speech was very important to the woman who were slaves because e that speech was given to tell how her life was as a slave.


In 1870 and 1864 she met with two presidents which were Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant. They talked about her slave life and the civil rights movement that’s were she started getting involved in the civil rights movement.

quotes as a slave
Quotes as a slave

While she was a slave she gave many quotes out to the others so they wont feel bad about being a slave. Those quotes were very nice and beautiful quotes many were passed down into the last slave heard it the were always remembering her quotes while working. Some were to moving that some slaves even cried.


Robert was the crush of sojourner truth. He was a slave who had been truly in loved with him. But one day once they caught him visiting Isabella the owners beet him up with some heavy sticks and after that he never came back.


Sojourner had many speeches that were very moving . She had many speeches that were said beside Abraham Lincoln meny speeches were said while she was involved in the civil rights movement.

three people
Three people

Sojourner had three different owners that were very very mean the first owner was like she was around 9yrs old she was sold on 1806, 1808, and 1810 those were the three years and the years she was a slave. She was sold to john Neely, martin Schryver, and john Dumont but while working for one of these guys she worked for the vanwageners too.

unkind people
Unkind people

Sojourner was a slave who was owned by really mean people. But once she got to be a free woman she got to be treated nicely and equal.


Sojourner worked for many people. One of those persons were the Vanwageners she worked for them during the winter. She cooked clean and heated up the house. And she took care of anybody that got sick.


The civil war was fought during her life. The civil war helped her to free the slaves she didn’t help in the war but she did in the civil rights movement. Her life was getting more complicated but at the her dream came true she got to be a free woman.


Sojourner was not accepted in many jobs but in New York she was. Right there she was being a free woman with her husband and her 5 kids.


Everyone knowns that Sojourner Truth was alive for many years. And that during her years of life she helped a lot of people. Sometimes she even had a hard time having a pretty nice life because most of her life was dedecated to being a slave.


Sojourner had a great excitement during her life she was very excited when she first got to be a free woman because that was her dream and it came true. But even though she had a slave life she did have excitement in her life like while getting marry and having her 5 kids.


So now every one knows how important she was to all the African Americans and still is. And that says she should be a famous person for helping slaves and loving them like she loved her family. And like she said “Friends Are family too”.

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