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What is Youth Exchange? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Youth Exchange?

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What is Youth Exchange?
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What is Youth Exchange?

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  1. What is Youth Exchange? Youth Exchange is an exchange program for secondary school students. Students travel to other countries to learn about the culture and the language as well as act as a cultural ambassador for their own country. Long-term exchanges only in District 5390.

  2. Youth Exchange Facts • The first exchanges began in 1927 involving only European students. • Exchanges between California and Latin American countries started in 1939. • Youth Exchange became an official program of RI in 1974. • Today, more than 8,000 students participate annually in over 80 countries.

  3. Youth Exchange Goals • Provides young people with the opportunity to experience cultures other than their own • Gives participants a broader view of the world and a deeper understanding of themselves • Develops leadership and communication skills in youth • Advances International understanding and world peace

  4. Qualities Sought in Youth Exchange Participants • Above average academic qualifications. • Good ambassadors for their town, for Rotary, and for the United States. • Good communication skills. • Active in their community through sports, hobbies, youth activities or church affairs. • Applicants should be well adjusted, particularly in their family relationships. • No older than 18 ½ years older when leaving the USA in July-August. Graduating High School Seniors may apply, participate in the program, and defer college one year while they complete the exchange year. This often works very well

  5. How Youth Exchange Operates • Club committees recruit, screen, interview and select students for participation in the program. • Club selected students (and parents) will go through 2nd interview process at District Level for District selection. • District chairs work with their counterparts around the world to organize all aspects of the exchanges. • Rotary International produces a list of district Youth Exchange chairs quarterly to help communication with one another.

  6. Club Requirements for YE • Risk Management Certified • Youth Exchange Committee • 2-3 host families with background checks • Secured spot at local high school • Approx $1500.00 in budget for stipend/etc.

  7. The club Youth Exchange committee chair, appointed by the club president, is responsible for all aspects of the club’s Youth Exchange program. Suggested positions for the club committee include: Outbound coordinator Inbound coordinator Host family coordinator Club counselor/school liaison Public relations coordinator/Recruitment Youth protection officer Club Committee Structure

  8. District Structure District governors are responsible for appointing a district chair, overseeing the appointment of a district committee, and supporting and monitoring the program throughout the year. The district committee should include: • Chairman • Treasurer • Inbound coordinator • Outbound coordinator/Interviews • Rebound Chair • SCRYE database Chair • Medical Insurance coordinator • Travel coordinator/Event Chair • Public relations coordinator/Training Documents • Youth protection officer

  9. The mission of SCRYE is to promote and facilitate Rotary International Youth Exchange for their member districts. SCRYE ensures that their member districts are thoroughly prepared to do youth exchange, comply with all minimum standards, enlighten students concerning global issues, access great training and tools through innovation, involvement, and the latest technology in all available media. Present great conferences that deliver outstanding fellowship, powerful inspiration, and effective motivation. SCRYE recognizes, nurtures, and supports their member districts’ diversity and achieves great two-way communication with all entities involved in their member districts’ programs. Measure all our decisions and actions to improve Rotary Youth Exchange as a whole.

  10. Countries to Choose From France Austria Taiwan Ecuador Brazil

  11. District YE Timeline • Applications due to District Chair by December 01, 2012 • District Interviews for Parents and Students December 15, 2012. • Selected students notified by December 29, 2012. • First Out-Bound Orientation for Students January 19, 2013.

  12. How to Participate Get involved with Youth Exchange by: • Hosting a student from our district or a neighboring district for an afternoon activity, club meeting, or project • Chaperone an exchange student on orientations/tours • Promote the program in local schools and to students you know • Serve on your club committee • Work with your district committee