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 starter activity. The pictures above refer to some of William’s greatest achievements. Can you identify them?  Would an Anglo-Saxon see them differently?. How did William take control of England?.  Learning objectives.

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starter activity

The pictures above refer to some of William’s greatest achievements. Can you identify them?  Would an Anglo-Saxon see them differently?

how did william take control of england

How did William take control of England?

 Learning objectives

TBAT explain the threats facing William & judge the way he dealt with them

 keyword: rebel tyrant

your task
 Your task
  • In your books wrote down the heading ‘The Harrying of the North’. Use the sheet provided and note down at least 3 ways in which William tried to control England after the Battle of Hastings
  • What do you think the word ‘harrying’ means?
  • If you were William would you have dealt with these problems in the same way?
harrying of the north
Harrying of the North

Appointed English Earls to look after parts of country, e.g. Edwin & Morcar

Used his army to put down rebellions

Destroyed rebel villages, tools and crops

your task1
 Your task

Read the story of Hereward the Wake. Explain why this is one of the most famous stories of rebellion. You have been asked to create a monument to Hereward. Explain what it would look like

forest laws
Forest Laws

Crime – caught hunting in the royal forest


First offence - two fingers to be chopped off

Second offence – blinded

How would these punishments deter poachers?


Was William a good king or a tyrant – a cruel, uncaring leader? His reputation is on trial. Listen to points for and against and decide.

 Homework
  • Revise for your assessment on William
  • Find out the origin of Hereward the Wake’s name
 Plenary
  • How did William deal with threats?
  • What was so terrible about the Harrying of the North
  • How did the Normans deal with poachers?
  •  Do you think Hereward really existed? Why might the English have invented him?