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9. Sales Force Recruitment and Selection. Value of Hiring Good Employees. 9- 2. Source: HR Chally Group (2007). Key issues that drive recruitment and selection of salespeople Identify who is responsible for recruitment and selection

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Sales Force Recruitment and Selection

Value of hiring good employees
Value of Hiring Good Employees


Source: HR Chally Group (2007).

  • Key issues that drive recruitment and selection of salespeople

  • Identify who is responsible for recruitment and selection

  • Understand a job analysis and how selection criteria are determined

  • Define sources for new sales recruits

  • Explain selection procedures

  • Understand equal opportunity requirements

9.1 salespeople

The decision process

for recruiting and

selecting salespeople

Recruiting responsibility
Recruiting Responsibility? salespeople

  • Depends on size of sales force, kind of selling involved

  • First-level sales managers

    • Straightforward sales jobs

    • New recruits need no special qualifications

    • Turnover rates are high

  • Recruiting specialist may assist when a firm must be selective

  • Personnel executives or top-level managers often assist if sales force prepares individuals to be sales or marketing managers

Job analysis and selection criteria
Job Analysis and Selection Criteria salespeople

  • Job analysis determines activities, tasks, responsibilities and environmental influences are involved

  • Job description details findings of job analysis

  • Statement of job qualifications describes personal traits and abilities needed to perform

Sources for job analysis and description
Sources for Job Analysis and Description salespeople

  • Observe and interview current staff to determine what they actually do

  • Interview sales managers who supervise people in the job to determine what they think job occupants should be doing

  • Use the job description creation process as a means of reaching consensus on job content, activities and training needs

Content of the job description
Content of the Job Description salespeople

  • Nature of product(s) or service(s) being sold

  • Types of customers

  • Specific tasks and responsibilities

  • Relationship between the sales position and others within the organization

  • Mental and physical demands of the job

  • Environmental pressures and constraints

  • See exhibit 9.2 in the text

Determining job qualifications and selection criteria
Determining Job Qualifications and Selection Criteria salespeople

  • Most difficult part of recruitment and selection

  • Need specific criteria to guide the selection

    • Examine job description

    • Evaluate personal histories of current sales force to identify differentiating characteristics among high performers

Salespeople who fail
Salespeople who Fail salespeople

  • Instability of residence

  • Failure in business within past two years

  • Unexplained gaps in employment record

  • Recent divorce or marital problems

  • Excessive personal indebtedness

9.3 salespeople

Applicant interview form

Recruiting applicants
Recruiting Applicants salespeople

  • Must be well-implemented

  • Sources

    • Internal

    • External

9 2 recruiting a global sales force
9.2 Recruiting a Global Sales Force salespeople

  • Challenge

    • Determining qualities

    • Addressing cultural differences

  • Focus on

    • Sales tasks

    • Relationship-building skills

    • Motivation

    • Technological savvy

Internal sources
Internal Sources salespeople

  • Advantages

    • Established performance records, are a known entity

    • Require less orientation and training

    • Bolsters company morale

    • Must fully inform human resources of sales staff needs

External sources
External Sources salespeople

  • Referrals from other firms

    • Salespeople

    • Customers

  • Advertisements

  • Employment agencies

  • Educational institutions

  • Internet

Selection tools and procedures
Selection Tools and Procedures salespeople

  • Application blanks

  • Personal interviews

  • Reference checks

  • Physical examinations

  • Psychological tests

    • Intelligence

    • Personality

    • Aptitude/skills

Selection tools and procedures1
Selection Tools and Procedures salespeople

  • Composites of psychological test scores offer the greatest assessment validity and predictive value

  • Personal interviews offer the lowest predictive potential

Application blanks
Application Blanks salespeople

  • Standardizes information

  • Personal history information

  • Facilitates interview preparation

  • May raise questions

Personal interviews
Personal Interviews salespeople

  • Structured interview

    • Predetermined questions

    • Interviewer may fail to probe unique qualities or limitations

  • Unstructured interview

    • Discussion on wide ranging topics

    • May yield unexpected insights

    • Requires interviewers with interpretative skills

9 3 role of personal interviews
9.3 Role of Personal Interviews salespeople

  • First interview

    • Draw out basic information

    • Communication skills

    • Personality traits

    • Interest level

  • Second interview

    • “Drill down”

    • Assess potential

Source: Bob Ayrer, “Hiring Salespeople—Getting behind the Mask,” American Salesperson 49, no. 2 (2004), p. 20; and Audrey Bottjen, Interview with a Salesperson,” Sales & Marketing Management, April 2001, p. 70.

Reference checks
Reference Checks salespeople

  • Should include several in-depth probes

  • May be time-consuming, costly

  • Can ensure factual data

    • Job experience

    • College degrees

  • Can reveal opinions

    • Aptitudes

    • Job performance

  • Can prevent costly hiring mistake

Physical examinations
Physical Examinations salespeople

  • Sales jobs require sound basic health, stamina and the physical ability

  • Caution when requiring medical examinations and specific tests for drug use, HIV virus

  • Using a standard physical examination for all positions is ill-advised

  • Physical exam can be performed only after extending job offer (ADA)

Psychological tests
Psychological Tests salespeople

  • Types

    • Intelligence – tests mental ability

    • Aptitude – tests interest in and ability to perform job

    • Personality – often tests traits related to future success in a job

  • Valid tests:

    • Well-designed

    • Validated

    • Well-administered

  • Well designed, validated and administered tests provide a valid selection tool

    • Intelligence

    • Aptitude

    • Personality

Psychological tests1
Psychological Tests salespeople

  • Concerns

    • May not validly predict future success in a specific firm

    • Some creative and talented people may deviate from expected norms

    • “Test-wise” individuals may be able to manipulate results

    • May discriminate against different races, genders, et al – thus becoming illegal

Guidelines for the appropriate use of tests
Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of Tests salespeople

  • Test scores should be considered one of several inputs

  • Test only on abilities and traits relevant to job

  • When possible, use tests with internal checks for validity

  • Conduct empirical studies to validate the test’s predictive value

9.4 salespeople

Legislation affecting recruitment and selection

  • Nationality or race salespeople

  • Religion

  • Sex and marital status

  • Age

  • Physical characteristics

  • Height and weight

  • Financial situation

  • Arrests and convictions


Illegal/Sensitive Questions