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C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis. By : Deanna DeCenzo Period:8.

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C.S. Lewis

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  1. C.S. Lewis By : Deanna DeCenzo Period:8

  2.  C.S. Lewis was born November 29,1898He died November 22, 1963His Full name is Clive Staples LewisHe is know to his friends as JackHe was born in IrelandHis father Richard came to Ireland during the mid-19 centuryHis mother was Florence, the daughter of the Anglican priest.

  3. The reason his nickname was Jack was because his dog got run over a car when he was 4 , he announced his new name as Jacksie and wouldn't except anything else.When he was 7 he moved into a house called "Little Leah"The elder Mr. Lewis built the house for the elder Mrs. LewisIt is in the standtown arear of East BelfastLewis was home schooled before being sent to Wynard school in, 1908

  4. C.S. Lewis's mom died from cancer just before he went to Wynard schoolLewis attended Campbell Collage, but left early due to respitory problems.As a result of his illness, was sent to a health resort, where he attended preparatary school.It was then when 15 year old Lewis abandoned his Christian faith, and became atheist, becoming interested strongly in mythology.

  5. He returned to Christianity at age 33Later he married a woman named Joy, who sadly died of bone cancer 5 years laterLewis's work has been translated into over 35 different languages and has made millions.Some of his books, have also been used for movies  and other media things.

  6. In early June ,1961 Lewis began experiencing medical problems.He was diagnosed with inflammation of the kidneys.This resulted in blood poisoning.Lewis had his ups and downs but died in his room around 5:30, about a week from his 65th birthday.

  7. Clive Staples Lewis achieved many things in life, and did many jobs...For exampleHe was a ...MedievalistChristian ApologistLiterary CriticAn academicA radio broadcasterAnd an essayist

  8. Lewis created many stories, but some of his most popular are listed below....The Screwtape LettersThe Chronicles of NarniaThe Space Trilogy

  9. C.S. Lewis thank you for all you have done. May you rest in peace.

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