C s lewis timeline
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C.S Lewis Timeline. By Rose Saunders. 1898. C.S Lewis was born in Northern Ireland . 1908. C.S Lewis’s mother died of cancer on his dad’s birthday. 1910. C.S Lewis developed serious respiratory difficulties. 1911.

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C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis Timeline

By Rose Saunders

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis was born in Northern Ireland

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis’s mother died of cancer on his dad’s birthday.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis developed serious respiratory difficulties.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis was sent to a famous health resort in Malvern, England. It was especially well known for helping people with lung problems.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis made his first trip to a school called Oxford in December where he took a scholarship examination.

C s lewis timeline

Upon the out break of WW1 C.S Lewis signed up to be an officer in the British Army, in which he did officer training.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis was wounded on Mount Berenchon in the Battle of Arras. He recovered from his injuries and returned to Ludgerhall, Andover, England in October.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis published his first bit of writing (other than in school magazines) “Death in Battle” in the February edition of Reveille.

C s lewis timeline

In May C.S Lewis’s essay “Optimism” won the Chancellor’s English Essay Prize. To this day there isn’t a copy found of this essay.

C s lewis timeline

From October this year C.S Lewis served as a philosophy tutor at University College filling in for another teacher.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis was elected a fellow of Magdalen College in Oxford. Where he served as an English teacher for the next 29 years!

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis’s Dad died.

C s lewis timeline

Early in September after a long talk with J.R.R. Tolkien (The writer of the Hobbit) and Hugo Dyson C.S Lewis became a Christian.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis wrote the volume on 16th Century English Literature for the Oxford History of English Literature series, this book was published in 1954 and is now a classic.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis received the Gollancz Memorial Prize . He won this prize for the piece of writing “The Allegory of Love” which is to do with the study of medieval tradition.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis got 31 “Screwtape letters” published by The Guardian from May 2 till November 28. He got paid 2 pounds sterling for each letter; which he gave to charity.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis delivered the Riddle Memorial Lectures In February at the university of Durham. This is a series of 3 lectures published as “The Abolition of Man”.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis was awarded the honorary Doctor of Divinity by the university of St Andrews.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis releases the first book of The Narnia Series; “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.”

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature, he won this from the university of Manchester.

C s lewis timeline

C.S Lewis dies one week before his 65th birthday on the 22nd of November. On which President Kennedy was assassinated and Aldous Huxley died.


Living the Legacy of C.S Lewis