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Thriller Filming Pitch

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Thriller Filming Pitch . Catherine, Effie, Kate & Ollie . Short list and ideas .

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thriller filming pitch

Thriller Filming Pitch

Catherine, Effie, Kate & Ollie

short list and ideas
Short list and ideas

In coming to our final decision on what our film should contain and what we should reconsider, we thought about the practicality of our ideas. In trying to find a story that is also reasonable, in terms of resources and accessibility, we had to compromise to reach our final narrative….


In our opening, we have two teenage girls who have decided to go on a walk together.

When walking they go to take a photo together on the front camera and whilst doing so realise a shadow like figure in the background which spooks them, as a result of this Catherine drops her phone and they start to pick up the pace.

The antagonist starts to chase after them through fields, over a bridge and into a woods.

In the woods the two girls split up and get lost and whilst one is alone calling for the other, the antagonist comes up behind the girl and then the phone suddenly rings which is the final scene; by leaving on a cliff hanger this adds to the suspense and thrill which ultimately conforms to thriller generic conventions.

  • The enigma
  • Sense of mystery
  • Challenges, conforms and develops the genre conventions

We have decided as a team that our filming location will be in the village of Crick. This is because two of our team members live here where we can base ourselves, and the other two team members live a 5 minuet car/bus journey away in West Haddon. Crick is therefore extremely accessible and familiar to all of us, and therefore we know exactly which locations within the village will be necessary to us.

The location of our film is meant to look like a wood, and therefore we have decided to do some filming at the back of Cracks Hill, in order to gain an atmosphere in which large trees and bushes are present. For this reason also, we decided the Crick Millennium Woods would be a useful filming location for our Thriller.

An worn out wooden gate is located at the entrance of the millennium woods, and therefore would create an unsettling atmosphere as the antagonists enter danger.

In order to conform to the thriller genre, we wanted to incorporate water into our filming to show isolation and vulnerability. Therefore the canal in Crick and the old fashioned looking bridge that leads over it, would be symbolic to prove the obstacles the protagonists will have to face within our film, incorporating the water convention at the same time.

In order to create rising suspense to the main thrill of our opening, we felt the lead up to the woods should be in a quiet, isolated path. Therefore we agreed that the countryside paths that run parallel to the fields in Crick would be perfect for this tension to be made.

production schedule
Production schedule




Antagonist (Oliver Caswell)

The antagonists face will be concealed in a balaclava. This is so no facial expression is exposed, in order to add enigma and mystery to the fearful character. This means nothing can be distinguished of his face, which is very common within the thriller genre in order to keep the audience in suspense. The colour will be black to represent darkness and evil, yet the eye and mouth holes symbolise he is watching and his human capabilities.

He will be dressed in a black hoody, with black jeans and shoes to conform to the stereotypical thriller genre, of the antagonist being in dark clothing to symbolise evil and mystery. This will allow the audience to feel included and have acknowledgement of the good and bad characters within the film.


Protagonist (Catherine)

The other victim protagonist Catherine, will be dressed in a yellow t-shirt, to produce a contrast between the dark and evil figure and the two victims. The colour yellow will symbolise to the audience her happiness, innocence and naivety to the day, allowing them to understand that she will be an extremely easy target to the antagonist.

She will be wearing a denim skirt and tights, to represent her femininity and her vulnerability to the situation. It is also regular clothing for a teenage girl to be wearing, and therefore will make the audience feel it is more realistic and believable. She will be wearing Converse to also reinforce this, and to imply she is a stereotypical teenage girl.

Protagonist (Kate)

The victim protagonist Kate, will be dressed in a baby pink t-shirt, in order to reflect her feminine and innocent personality and to forewarn the audience that this could cause her to fall into un-helpable danger.

She will be wearing jeans to represent her laid back approach to the day, as she is unaware that danger is headed her way. It will put the audience into suspense, as the jeans symbolise the normality of the day she is enduring, and that this could happen to anyone adding thrill to the film.

Kate will be wearing Converse to also reinforce this, and to imply she is a stereotypical teenage girl.


Gloves (for the antagonist)

As hands throughout the thriller genre represent dominance, controlling personalities and power, the use of black gloves on the antagonist will add a twist of enigma to the powerful figure, and make him appear a more concealed and sly character. This is highly important to conform to the thriller genre, as the antagonist is normally a character of extreme mystery and not much information is ever given away about them.

Mobile phone (iPhone)

We are basing a mobile phone in our thriller film in order to bring the modern day common use of technology into it, to make it a more relatable and realistic experience to the audience. This will add thrill to the film, as it will make the audience feel unsafe, and force them fear of it happening to them. A mobile phone is also in a derelict area the only option of help and escape, and therefore the use of this will create a path way to lead the victims to hope of escape.

cast list crew
Cast List & Crew

We have chosen to include people within our group to be in the filming as we can then make sure that everyone can then ensure everyone present knows exactly what the story is and exactly how we want it filmed.

With Catherine being a part of a drama group outside of school, this also influenced the groups decision and her volunteering to play a role within our story.

We also know that as we all want to succeed and want to deliver the best possible film, that Ollie, Kate and Catherine will all be reliable in committing; whereas if we asked somebody else to help film they might not be as dedicated as someone outside of our group.

Another factor in our decision is that filming in Crick, means that both Catherine and Ollie are able to easily film any other shots that might not necessarily need Effie or Kate to be present for.

Cast List

Crew List

Catherine May –Character / Cameraman

Effie Price –Director / Cameraman

Kate Hoyle –Character / Cameraman

Ollie Caswell – Character / Cameraman

Ollie Caswell – Antagonist Kate Hoyle – Protagonist ‘Kate’Catherine May – Protagonist ‘Catherine’