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what do i need to know to be a successful esc student n.
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What do I need to know to be a successful ESC student PowerPoint Presentation
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What do I need to know to be a successful ESC student

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What do I need to know to be a successful ESC student

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  1. What do I need to know to be a successful ESC student Terry Vamvalis Academic Support Specialist Center for Distance Learning

  2. Discussion will cover… • Introduction • Short exercise / Student Comments • Considerations / Benefits • What does it mean to be an effective on-line learner • What skills, abilities, or strategies are needed • What services does ESC offer to support online learner success • Questions

  3. To start, I want your thoughts… Let’s take 3 minutes and in the chat box, I would like you to: • List what YOU think it takes to be an effective learner (what skills do you need, what promotes academic success, etc.) • List what YOU think detracts from academic success (what makes studying online more difficult, what actions will surely decrease your grades, etc.) • List some of YOUR concerns/stresses/unknowns about on-line learning / coming back to school.

  4. You are not alone! • I am new and overwhelmed. • I have been out of school for sometime, where do I start? • Angel is scary and confusing; technology is difficult. • Where do I find tutoring help for my courses? Can I go to a center or can CDL help? • Instructions are confusing what do I do? • On-line research, I don’t know where and how. • Different deadlines and assignments. Having a hard time tracking these dates/assignments for different course. • E-Library, this is new and difficult to use. • I have a disability, where do I find support? • I am having technical difficulties, where do I find help and for what? • How do I contact my instructor?

  5. More comments… • I need writing help, where can I seek this help? • I am having technical difficulties, where do I find help and for what? • How do I contact my instructor? • What if I am having difficulties with my instructor or if the instructor does not response? • I need writing help, where can I seek this type of help? • I am building my degree plan, can I receive credits for knowledge I have acquired through a job, hobby, reading, etc. When do I ask for these credits? What is PLA anyway? • What is an academic coach and how can they help me? • What is a mentor and what are they there for? • Can a CDL student take a center course? • Where can I find a list of center courses?

  6. What I gained from these comments was… • Perception change is needed. • Information regarding support, resources and information need to be accessible and easy to find. (Cheat sheet) • Student needs to be accountable and COMMUNICATE, we are not mind readers. • Keep moving forward…Don’t stall or go backwards.

  7. Considerations / Benefits • Translate traditional college environment to on-line learning environment. • On-line discussions mimic the classroom environment just virtually. • Typically a traditional student attends a classroom twice a week for one course. How much time is spent in a traditional classroom and how much time is expected in an on-line course discussion area? • Typical course requires 12-16 hours a week of dedication. Consider the driving time to the college, this takes time. • Written assignments / homework • Stress – part of the experience, its how you deal and place the stress. • On-line environment allows time to think / research a thought before sharing as well as time to absorb someone else’s perspective/comment before responding. • Provides student to work at their own pace / environment. • You are the boss but with this role comes accountability / responsibility.

  8. What does it mean to be an effective and successful learner • Assignments are done on time and are of high quality • Assistance is sought when it is needed. You may not know where the help is, but you have a network of people and offices to help guide you • You take action, respond appropriately and explore each option that is available in a timely manner • Realistic about what you can and cannot do • View education as part of your life, not simply as an “add on” • The final educational goal is ultimately reached

  9. Skills and Abilities • Appropriate time management • Understanding of individual learning styles and how different learning styles interact • Academic risk taking • Persistent, active, and engaged • Reflective, not reactive / Be open minded • Acutely aware of personal and situational limitations • Utilize the services and resources that are available when needed

  10. Broader Assistance • Smartermeasure : access your online readiness. http://empire1.esc.edu/coursesspecial/epresources.nsf/b16a48984cff1f758525660300768195/04248ee8e1464d2d852579a6004bac84?OpenDocument • List of services: http://www.esc.edu/collegewide-student-services/contact-for-support/ • Angel Help: https://techinfo.esc.edu/kb_article.php?ref=1889-UPGJ-8277 and https://techinfo.esc.edu/kb_article.php?ref=1889-UPGJ-8277 • MyFoundationsLab: Accessing your reading, writing and math skills http://bookstore.esc.edu/buy_courselisting.asp?

  11. CDL Cheat Sheet • “Learning Support” tab • www.esc.edu/learningsupport • Study Skills, Organization/Time Management, Note taking, etc. • Workshops • CDL Peer Tutor Program • www.esc.edu/CDLPeerTutor • Smarthinking.com • www.esc.edu/smarthinking • Writing Coach • CDLAcademic.Support@esc.edu • CDL Academic Coaching Program • CDLAcademic.Support@esc.edu • ESC Library • www.esc.edu/library • Contact the Office of Academic Support • CDLAcademic.Support@esc.edu • 800-847-3000 ext. 2300 • Alt email: CDLStudent@esc.edu • Contact Terry Vamvalis • Theresa.Vamvalis@esc.edu • 800-847-3000, ext. 2478 Other: Khan Academy www.khanacademy.org

  12. Questions?