What i need to know to enroll a student properly
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What I need to know to enroll a student properly - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What I need to know to enroll a student properly. What is SOES?. School Options Enrollment System Used to be known as CSADM -Community School Average Daily Membership

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What is soes
What is SOES?

  • School Options Enrollment System

  • Used to be known as CSADM -Community School Average Daily Membership

  • The SOES is the EMIS subsystem that drives funding for community schools. It is a web application used by community schools and traditional public schools to enter and review data used to flow funds to community schools. Community school personnel enter the data in the SOES system and the traditional public school personnel review, verify or challenge the data.

What gets entered into the soes
What gets entered into the SOES?

  • Student’s full name

  • Grade

  • Race

  • Native Language

  • Gender

  • Economically Disadvantaged

  • Birthday & Place of Birth

  • SSID Number

  • LEP Status

  • Special Education Information

  • Student’s Guardian Information

  • Student’s Address

  • Previous School Information

Enrollment application

Enrollment Application

Does my enrollment form have everything I need ?

Application review
Application Review

  • Be sure to review the applications when you enroll each student.

  • Verify that the name on the application matches the name on the Birth Certificate. This includes spelling.

  • Verify that the name of the mother and father on the Birth Certificate matches the drivers license or identification of the person enrolling the student.

  • If it doesn’t match the name of the person enrolling the student ask them if they have custody papers? If they do not have them….STOP! You can not enroll this student.

  • Step-parents are not considered legal guardians without court documents. They are not eligible to enroll students. NO EXEPTIONS!

Application review1
Application review…

  • Race and gender must be marked on the application.

  • List the grade that the student you are enrolling will be entering into for the current school year.

  • Notify EMIS Coordinator if this student is repeating the same grade the student was in the previous year.

  • Ask the Parent if the student is currently receiving services related to an IEP. (Individual Education Program) If they are receiving services be sure to request a copy of the student’s last IEP from the previous school and notify your school’s Special Education Coordinator that the student has been receiving services at their previous school.

  • Be sure to have the following in the student’s file:

    • Completed Application

    • Copy of the birth certificate

    • Copy of the proof of residency

    • Copy of the driver’s license or identification of the person enrolling the student

    • Any/all transcripts

    • Copy of signed Request of Records

    • Copy of the student’s IEP if applicable

Proof of residency

Proof of Residency

Why is this so important when it does not matter where a student resides for a community school?

Because your school receives the funding for that student from the resident district . The resident district is not responsible for any student that resides outside of their boundaries.

Proof of residence
Proof of Residence

  • Valid Proof of Residences, must be dated within 30 days of the enrollment date.

  • Must have the Guardian’s name, current address and show a billing date.

  • Acceptable POR’s:

    • Utility Bills – this means any utility that makes the residence inhabitable. Such as Electric, Gas, Water.

    • A Copy of the Lease or Mortgage Papers. You will need all pages not just the signature page.

    • Contact your district(s) for their request of POR. Districts can not ask for extra from a charter school.

Proof of residence1
Proof of Residence

  • INVALID Proof of Residencies

    • Bank Statements

    • Documents from the State

    • Driver’s License

    • Paycheck Stubs

    • Tax Documents

    • Utility Disconnection Notices

    • Returned Mail

    • Postcards

    • Doctor/Medical Bills

Proof of residence2
Proof of Residence

  • Living at a Shelter

    • Dated letter from the shelter stating the family members that are residing at that location and an estimated time frame that they will be expected to be there.

  • Living with a Friend or a Relative ( If the district that the student is residing in allows it. Not all districts will accept this type of documentation. Always ask the resident district what documentation they will accept in this situation)

    • POR with the Homeowner’s name, current address, and recent date (within the last 30 days)

    • Notarized letter from the Homeowner stating the guardian’s name and student’s name as well as their address.

    • Two (2) pieces of mail with the Guardian’s name with the homeowner’s address. This can be a bill from the bank for a car loan, car insurance, cable bill, phone bill, medical bill.

  • Withdrawal previous school release of records

    Withdrawal Previous School & Release of records

    Advise parents that they need to withdrawal their child or children from their previous school and request a copy of the withdrawal form. This avoids concurrent enrollments within SOES.

    Upon enrollment be sure that parents fill out a Release of Records form. Fax this immediately to their previous school and call to confirm the previous school received the request.

    Enrollment rules according to the ohio department of education

    Enrollment Rules According to The Ohio Department of Education

    The following are a few rules that are very important to know not only at the beginning of the school year but all year long.

    105 hour rule
    105 Hour Rule Education

    • A student is to be withdrawn if they DO NOT show up on the first day of the school year. (New Enrollments and returning students)

    • 105/total instructional hours in a day = Days of consecutive absences that a student will need to miss.

    • Attempts to contact the guardian as to the students whereabouts must be documented. (Attempts need to be made each day)

    • If not documented, withdrawal must be done on last educated day.

    Misc rules
    Misc. Rules Education

    • 30 day rule – A student must be entered into the SOES before 30 days of education.

    • 5 year old rule – Student can not be entered into the SOES until the day after they turn 5 years old.

    • All students must be at least 5 or turn 5 prior to January 1st of the current year. If a student does not turn 5 years old then your school will not receive funding for that student for the entire year.


    Funding Education

    How does my money flow?

    How do I know who I am getting paid for?

    What is an FTE?

    Why do I have to deal with traditional districts to resolve Errors?

    Funding Education

    • Community Schools – receive 1/12 of their yearly enrollment each month. Thus, the school’s get paid on a student’s Full Time Equivalency (FTE).

    • If the resident district flags a student it will stop the funding for that student until the appropriate changes have been made or the verification that the district requested has been received and the flag removed by the district for that student.

    How does the money flow
    How does the money flow? Education

    • 15th of each month, snapshot is taken of students you are claiming for payment will be taken.

      • You are given one week to resolve the error to resume funding for that student before you loose funding for that month, for that student.

    • 22nd of each month, another snapshot is taken

      • Any errors remaining on the snapshot that is taken on the 22nd you will not receive funding for that month or until the error is resolved.

    FTE Education

    • Full Time Equivalency

    • The FTE will never be the same as your head count.

    • If a student is enrolled on the 1st day of school and remains enrolled throughout the school year until the very last day, this student will have an FTE of 1.00.

    • If a student enrolls at your school after the first day or withdrawals prior to the last day, this student will have an FTE of less than 1.00

    Errors Education

    • Funding come from the district the child resides in.

    • Districts have an opportunity to review and challenge students that we enrolled in the SOES.

    • Challenges can reflect enrollment dates, dual enrollment, address changes/verification, or custody issues.

    • Assessment date is on the 15th of every month.

    • Remaining error on the SOES at midnight on the 22nd results in non-payment for that student.

    How do you get paid based on the fte
    How do you get paid based on the FTE? Education

    • Example: If John Smith arrives at your school on the 1st day and stays with you until March 1st and moves from that district. John will have attended 120 days of school and 669.60 hours of instruction or an FTE of .72.

    • .72 gets divided by the number of months in the fiscal year and that is the amount of funding you will receive monthly.

    • You are paid on the FTE, not on the headcount you have in the building monthly.

    • KG students are an exception to this rule. KG students will only receive ½ of the funding that 1st through 12th grades receive. The other ½ of funding is received through other state dollars.


    FLICS Education


    FLICS Education



    • Social Security Number

    • Signed

    • Dated

    • All family members are listed.

    • Any changes should be reported to the school.

    • Must be signed by determining official

    • Must be signed by Confirming Official (Yes it can be the same person)

    • Dated

    • Categorical Eligibility must be marked.

    • Notify the parents of the student’s application status

    • Notification must be dated on letterhead.