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SOL Quiz 22

SOL Quiz 22

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SOL Quiz 22

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  1. SOL Quiz 22 ISLAM

  2. 1. One of the most important events in Islam, the Hegira, refers to Muhammad's a. years of meditation in the desert b. conquest of Mecca c. escape from Mecca to Medina d. birth in Mecca Muhammad and his followers left Mecca because they believed themselves to be in danger of attack by leaders of Mecca opposed to Muhammad's teachings. The year 622 marks the beginning of Islam as a distinct religion and the beginning of the Islamic calendar. The Hegira refers to Muhammad's escape from Mecca to Medina in 622 A.D.

  3. 2. All of the following are among the Five Pillars of Islam, EXCEPT to a. pray five times a day b. be ceremonially accepted into the religion c. fast during the month of Ramadan d. give charity to the poor Any person who accepts Allah as the one God with Muhammad as his messenger, as well as the other four Pillars of Islam is a Muslim. Muslims do not have a ceremony, such as Christian baptism or confirmation, to signify acceptance as a follower of their religion.

  4. 3. The inclusion of Arabic words in Turkish and Farsi, and the use of the Arabic alphabet to write the Turkish and the Persian languages many centuries ago, are examples of a. xenophobia b. cultural diffusion c. ethnocentrism d. cultural exchange The influence of Arabic on the Turkish and Persian languages is an example of cultural diffusion, the spread of aspects of one culture to other cultures. Arabic, the language of Islam, influenced the Persians and Turks after they converted to Islam.

  5. 4. The Koran, the holy book of the religion of Islam, a. was written by Muhammad b. has been amended by later religious leaders c. is a collection of recollections of the teachings of Muhammad d. includes the Old and the New Testament of the Bible The Koran was written 30 years after the death of Muhammad by followers who remembered his teachings. Since Muhammad's teachings were based on his revelations, Muslims believe that the Koran is the revealed word of Allah. The Koran cannot be changed or amended because it is the word of Allah transmitted through Muhammad. Muslims believe that the Koran can only be written and read in the classical Arabic of the 7th century.

  6. 5. A city in the Middle East that is sacred to Jews, Arabs, and Christians is a. Jerusalem b. Mecca c. Istanbul d. Damascus Jerusalem is one city that is sacred to all three monotheistic religions in the Middle East because significant events in the history of each religion took place there.