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IEMA Workshop: Maximizing your tax dollars: The CMS Federal & State Surplus Property Programs. Presenters:. Curtis Howard Administrator CMS Property Control Division Past President, NASASP Inc. Will Walker Deputy Director Bureau of Agency Services

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Presentation Transcript

IEMA Workshop:

Maximizing your tax dollars:

The CMS Federal & State Surplus Property Programs


Curtis Howard


CMS Property Control Division

Past President, NASASP Inc.

Will Walker

Deputy Director

Bureau of Agency Services

Central Management Services


Trivia Time…test your knowledge and win…

IEMA’s most recent public service announcement promotes the

TOP Five items every Illinois family needs in their home’s

Emergency Disaster Kit

Can you guess the Top Five in order?

IEMA’s Top Five Items (in order):


Non-Perishable Food

Weather Radio


First Aid Kit


Federal Surplus Property

How is there a Federal Surplus?

AUTHORITY: Title 40 U.S. Code

The Federal Property Act of 1949 authorizes federal and military agencies to donate surplus property and equipment to the states (SASPs) who, in turn, offer the property at nominal cost to qualifying entities.

The 50 States and U.S. Territories work with U.S. Government (Dept of Defense, GSA, FEMA, etc.) and speak with one voice through formation of an Association…


Select “Find my State” and click on State to pop open POC for SASP

You can also


On Facebook



federal surplus is defined as

Federal Surplus Property

Federal Surplus is defined as…
  • All personal property and equipment of the federal government and military branches determined to be:
    • obsolete items
    • in excess of federal government need
    • used to life expectancy
    • or, that must be replaced for safety or economic reasons

Federal Surplus Property

State Agencies for Surplus Property (SASPs) are governed by the rules, policies and programs promulgated by the…

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)


“For the public good…to Donate surplus federal property to eligible organizations in a fair and equitable manner.”



eligible organizations include

Federal Surplus Property

Eligible organizations include…

Any tax-supported government or public agency established by or pursuant to state law qualify under this criteria generally referring to:

  • Departments / divisions of state, county, township, city, public schools, and other local governmental units.

This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Police
    • Fire
    • Emergency service and disaster agencies
    • Public Works, road and highway departments, etc.
    • Water districts, sewer, etc.

Federal Surplus Property

  • The CMS Federal Surplus is positioned to partner with local EMAs and local governments to ensure assistance and immediate response by providing storage, transport, and coordination of life-saving equipment and supplies during times of natural disaster or times of state emergency…
      • …BEFORE
      • …DURING
      • …and AFTER disaster strikes

Federal Surplus Property


By networking with the Federal government, CMS can assist with allocation of necessary basic supplies… equipment, water, cots, clothing, etc.


Federal Surplus Property


Coordinate assistance to the State EMA and eligible FedSur “donees” by identifying, transporting and if necessary, storing equipment and property for support of emergency response activities.


Federal Surplus Property


Aid in distribution of equipment and supplies to EMAs; coordinate with IEMA and local EMAs on additional needs, and networking with Federal and military agencies to locate equipment and supplies.

national donation success stories state of texas

Federal Surplus Property

National Donation Success Stories: State of Texas

Hurricane IKE Response(TEXAS):

Buna Volunteer Fire Department officials Steve Litton(Chief, left) and assistant chief Scott Litton pose with thetruck and trailer used in Hurricane Ike’s aftermath. The property was donated and Buna VFD reimbursed FSP forfreight costs of approximately $2,700. They will use the truck to transport supplies and help the community with cleanup to bring security and safety back to their small town.

The Military Museum of Texas,a Houston “donee, helped deliverfood and water to residents following Hurricane Ike usingvehicles the organization receivedfrom the Texas Federal SurplusProperty Program.Vehicles pictured above were acquired through TX-SASP.

national donation success stories state of pennsylvania

Federal Surplus Property

National Donation Success Stories: State of Pennsylvania

Flood Response

When flooding hit the eastern part of Pennsylvania, the Federal Surplus Property Program worked with local communities to provide relief in the form of surplus Federal government property. To date, a number of organizations have received great quality property through PA’s relief efforts. Donations include:

-Wayne County Emergency Management Agency: Computer system.

-Bridgewater, Susquehanna County: Culvert pipe

-Port Carbon, Schuylkill County – 2 1/2 ton truck

-Brooklyn Township, Susquehanna County – 1 ¼ ton 4 x 4 pickup truck

-Jackson Township, Luzerne County – 4x4 P/U truck and trailer portable lighting

-Fairmount Township, Luzerne County – Road grader

-Lower Mahanoy Municipal Auth, Northcumberland County – Diesel gen, 40-60Kw

national donation success stories state of missouri

Federal Surplus Property

National Donation Success Stories: State of Missouri



OZARK, Mo. --Missouri State Agency for Surplus Property (MOSASP) obtained FEMA travel trailers. Missouri “donees” acquiring the travel trailers include Cities, Counties, Fire Districts and State Agencies.

Christian County in Ozark, Missouri obtained this 2006 R-Vision trailer, which was in like new condition. The trailer was obtained for use as a mobile command center for their Local Emergency Planning Committee. By purchasing this trailer through the MOSASP program, the County was able to save thousands of dollars. County EMA was able to acquire the trailer from the program for only $3,500.00, yet it is valued well over four times that amount.

The county added lettering and logos to the exterior of the trailer. In the interior, they created a radio/communications area by removing the existing table and couch and replacing them with a long command table and the communication equipment, i.e. radios, network, TV, cameras and printer/fax. A 50’ extendable antenna is also being attached.

national donation success stories state of illinois

Federal Surplus Property

National Donation Success Stories: State of Illinois
  • Cairo, IL -- Alexander County, State of Illinois, Local Emergency Management Agency (EMA) created and furnished its Operations Center with Federal Surplus.
  • Office/Conference
  • Faxes/Copier
  • Mobile Command Center
  • County has purchased generators for schools, shelters, and generator for area radio station.
national donation success stories state of illinois1

Federal Surplus Property

National Donation Success Stories: State of Illinois

Federal Surplus equipment helps devastated Illinois community recover

Harrisburg, IL -- Equipment donated from the federal government’s General Services Administration (GSA) is helping the community of Harrisburg, Illinois recover from a devastating EF4 tornado that tore a path of destruction 26.5 miles long with winds reaching 180mph. Ten homes and buildings were completely destroyed; another 140 homes and businesses were severely damaged during a storm that killed ten people. ILSASP, also known as the Federal Surplus Property Program provided $230,000 in surplus equipment to the state’s Emergency Management Agency.


Federal Surplus Property

SPRINGFIELD (11/23/2010) – The Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) today announced the state will receive more than $300,000 worth of equipment from the U.S. Army’s operations in Iraq through the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) Federal Surplus Donation Program.

Since 2010, Illinois’ Federal Surplus Property Program has received more than $5 million dollars (original acquisition value) in excess warfighter equipment—not only small items, but equipment such as endloaders, forklifts, generators, generator light sets, roadside safety equipment…and much more!


Illinois, GSA and U.S. Department of Defense collaborate to return taxpayer property from war zone to our communities…

Qualifying organizations can now receive equipment no longer needed by the warfighter in IRAQ…

As the flood waters of the Mississippi approached historic levels for Milan, IL (near Quad Cities), Village officials turned to CMS Surplus for assistance.

(Audio) Illinois one of first states to receive IRAQ Surplus Equipment


Federal Surplus Property

Local Gov

Success Stories

From this

From this

FACT: State and local governments comprise 40% of SASP donations… …saving local taxpayers millions…

To this

To this

(Audio) Local police agency testimonial about Federal Surplus


Federal Surplus Property

Access to equipment begins with a 45-day Federal Screening Cycle which starts when a federal agency or military base no longer needs equipment…

Generating Federal

Agency or Military



GSA Cycle

Civilian Agencies



Federal Agencies

--Social Security Admin


--Small Business Admin


State Agency for Surplus

--State Government

--Local Governments

Towns, cities, villages

Schools, police, fire

-- Not-For-Profit Entities

Churches, Shelters, etc


Federal Surplus Property


Use of Property

  • Cannibalization of an item or secondary use of an item for purposes other than its original intended use may be approved at the time of donation. During the 12- or 18-month use period, the Donee may not sell, trade, lease, lend, bail, encumber, or otherwise dispose of such property without the prior written approval of GSA or state SASP.
  • the State of Illinois or thereafter pursuant to written approval of a written request.
  • The fraudulent acquisition, use, or sub-sequent unauthorized disposal of property shall be subject to criminal prosecution and penalty. Periodic on-site visits are conducted to ensure program compliance.
  • Property must be acquired for program purposes. Personal use or use outside the State of Illinois is strictly prohibited.
  • Property must be placed into use within 12 months of receipt and used for a period of 12 months thereafter (18 months for passenger vehicles and property with a value in excess of $5,000). Property not utilized in accordance with this requirement must be reported back to CMS for transfer or other disposition.
nasasp partners with gsa to reutilize millions of dollars worth of surplus property annually
NASASP partners with GSA to reutilize millions of dollars worth of surplus property annually…











First method for acquiring Federal Surplus

Military Internet website

R/T/D Customers


Federal Agency Internet website

Go to LOGIN button…

Once enrolled in our program, organizations receive a special “screening” log-in ID from our office, and we teach organizations how to search and find property sitting at your office desk, or from home…24/7!!


Search thousands of items every day. Find what you want? Call

our office and request. Pickup or ship directly to donee organization








And translates reuse savings into carbon equivalency

Reusing this Federal Surplus item rather than buying new is like

saving the carbon equivalent of 217.9 days of household energy

Consumption…or saving 827.72 gallons of gasoline…



Reutilization by the numbers….

FY2009 $342.8 million dollars

FY2010 $410.5 million dollars

FY2011 $466.3 million dollars

FY2012$399.3 million dollars

FY2013 $298.3 million dollars

--as of 6/30/2013

National figures include donations to:

Police, Fire, Public/Private schools, Libraries, Cities, Towns, Villages, Counties, State, Not-for-Profits such as Homeless Shelters, Museums, Public Airports, SEAs (Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts)

…and more



  • CMS Federal Surplus
  • can help also help these
  • community organizations:
  • Schools
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Cities/Towns
  • Libraries
  • Food Banks
  • Impoverished
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts
  • Small Business
  • Daycares
  • Shelters
  • …and more!


State Surplus Property

Learn more about Federal Surplus at:


State Surplus Property

  • Personal property utilized by agencies within the State of Illinois is turned into the CMS Property Control Program when that item has reached its life expectancy or must be replaced for safety or economic reasons.
  • Also included are items that are obsolete or in excess of the state’s needs.

State Surplus Property

State of Illinois Surplus Types of Items Available

  • Vehicles (operable and inoperable)
  • Office equipment & furniture
  • Outdoor yard equipment
  • Computers, printers, scanners, etc.
  • Laboratory equipment

State Surplus Property

WHO can participate??

  • Local Governments (cities, towns, EMAs, etc.)
  • Illinois public/private School Districts
  • Nonprofit Health, Educational & Charitable Organizations
  • Representatives from these groups are encouraged to call Illinois State Surplus Property Control (217-782-7786) and visit the warehouse between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

State Surplus Property

How much does it cost?

By law, equipment with an initial purchase price of less than $10,000 shall be priced for sales to units of local govt. at a minimum of:

1) 15% of the initial price if the equipment is in good condition and less than five years old; or

2) 10%of the initial purchase price if the item is five years old or more; or

3) A realistic market price (FMV) if the equipment is in extremely poor condition or has little value.

Equipment must be paid for at the time of sale by a check drawn on the account of the purchasing organization.

Personal Checks cannot be accept

State accepts



State Surplus Property

State of Illinois Surplus Sales

State of Illinois no

longer conducts public

auctions at the central

warehouse in Springfield…


State Surplus Property

  • Bid on…
  • Vehicles
  • Office Furniture
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Tools
  • Much more…
  • Go to:
  • Auctions held weekly!
  • 20,000 registered bidders
  • $9 million in sales

State Surplus Property

SELLYOUR Local Government

Surplus Property On-line

Go to:

CMS Opens iBid On-line Auction Service to Municipalities

“We anticipate iBid’s thousands of potential bidders will give us a higher return compared to smaller audience of a local auction.”

--Mike Hullihan, Director of Public Works, Riverside, IL

Scrap Water Meters

1948 Ford-Howe Fire Engine Sold for $5,556.00


… Come see how we can help your EMAprepare… and save money!CMS Federal & State Surplus

Learn more about CMS:




Be sure to leave your business

card and register to win one of

three pocket knives valued at

$30.00 each.

…and the top door prize…

a like-new Leatherman Multi-purpose tool valued at $75.00.

Need not be present to win. Drawings held after Thursday 3p.m. session.

Federal, State & LESO Program applications available today!