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Fábián Imréné waste management expert PowerPoint Presentation
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Fábián Imréné waste management expert

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Fábián Imréné waste management expert - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fábián Imréné waste management expert. 20 12. Mennyit szemetelünk Magyarországon évente?. The amount of the waste produced in Hungary in a year. hasznosítás. 55%. Solid settlement waste. Residential waste. Packaging waste.

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Fábián Imréné waste management expert

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f bi n imr n waste management expert
Fábián Imréné

waste management expert



Mennyit szemetelünk Magyarországon évente?

The amount of the waste produced in Hungary in a year



Solid settlement waste

Residential waste

Packaging waste

50 settlements belong to TIKTVF area of authority in Békés county.
  • Formerly 47 settlements of these settlements have worked residential solid waste dump. Actually only 2 dumps work. (Békéscsaba, Gyomaendrőd).
Object: to divert the arising wastes from the dumps,

with waste handling systems.

  • The parts of the waste handling system:

selective waste collection:collecting area, collector service to the house,

waste courts,


transfer station,

regional dumps

b k s megye hullad kkezel l tes tm nyei
Békésmegye hulladékkezelő létesítményei

The plants of the Waste Handling Company of Bekes County

Waste handling systems with a smaller size operate for many years ago already in the area, these scopes of operation cover the area of authority. There were 231 selective waste collector place in these settlements in 2011. The more considerable working systems the following ones:
  • Békéscsaba, TAPPE Kft.
  • Gyomaendrőd, Regionális Hulladékkezelő Kft.
  • Békési Hulladékgyűjtő Kft.
  • Gyulai Közüzemi Kft.
  • Szarvasi Komép Kft.
what happens nowadays
What happens nowadays?

Packaging waste being gathered averagely


aims according the eu and hungarian regulation
Proportion of general utilisationAims according the EU and Hungarian regulation


In material


  • Glass 60%
  • Paper 60%
  • Metal 55%
  • Plastic 23%
  • Wood 17%

Per resource



prospectives in collecting the selective waste
Prospectives in collecting the selective waste
  • In Hungary from 2013. January 1. a new waste management law comes into force, that serves the EK European parliamentarian 2008/98. directives from 2008. november 19.
  • Changes from 2015. January 1. :
  • the property owner will have to collect the paper, metal, plastic and glass waste selectively. The public utility service will expand on the wastes collected selectively, the biowastes and the hazardous wastes.
The recultivation of closed waste dapms already is in a process currently. The recultivation of the waste damp in Gyula has ended in 2011. 9 dumps will be closed officially by 2012.