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Campaign Presentation

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  1. Campaign Presentation Regional Briefings April 2011

  2. The crisis is not of our making • "The price of this financial crisis is being borne by people who absolutely did not cause it, now is the period when the cost is being paid, I'm surprised that the degree of public anger has not been greater than it has."Mervyn King – addressing the Treasury Select Committee

  3. Don’t panic – nothing is going to change immediately Government says no cherry picking Hutton - all 27 recommendations must be considered Negotiations with government run until at least June Then the Government will need to consult over proposals to increase employee contributions for 12 weeks and departments discuss Hutton No increases in employee contributions until April 2012 There is commitment not to reduce benefits earned before the date of any change in the schemes. Changes to schemes likely to be for benefits earned after 2014/15

  4. What are the key issues to address today? What are the campaign objectives? What are the campaign tools? What are the key threats to public sector pensions?

  5. Campaign Objectives -no one can do everything but everyone one can do something! Prepare members and staff to resist attacks on public sector pensions and their members Support negotiators to achieve the best outcome possible and prepare for industrial action Make sure that UNISON members and staff gain a greater understanding of public sector pension schemes – remove the pension jargon fog

  6. Campaign structure – mobilising all resources National project team, Service Group Liaison Committee and National Service Groups Pensions Unit/Communications/LAOS/Labour Link/MLU/RMS all keyed in Regional lead officers and organising teams and regional lay member structures Branches to have pension champions and pension contacts – in regional and national networks

  7. Champions and Contacts –training and support will be given Pensions Champions - Will take a greater role by making make sure union briefings and information on changes to public sector pensions are understood by the branch, workplace pension contacts and members. They will take a lead role in Supporting contacts, developing local campaign initiatives making sure that the branch and members are prepared to take action to protect public sector pensions. Pension Contacts - Distribute material, take actions when requested. They will be the workplace feedback link between members and the campaign/negotiators. Talk to and recruit non members.

  8. Where can you find everything? Campaign Web Pages Advice on Pensions