afghan soviet war background to 9 11 attacks n.
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Afghan- Soviet War & background to 9/11 attacks PowerPoint Presentation
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Afghan- Soviet War & background to 9/11 attacks

Afghan- Soviet War & background to 9/11 attacks

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Afghan- Soviet War & background to 9/11 attacks

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  1. Afghan- Soviet War& background to 9/11 attacks Soviet Union & Afghanistan War leads to Attack on the U.S. in 2001

  2. Afghanistan bordered the USSR In order to understand Osama Bin Laden and why he attacked the U.S. in 2001, we must begin with a conversation of the country of Afghanistan! The Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979!

  3. Soviet- Afghan War! Before the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, Kabul and the country of Afghanistan was modern and developed!

  4. Kabul, Afghanistan before the Soviet War

  5. People of Afghanistan begin to fight against Soviet Invasion! • A call for Muslims throughout the world to help the Afghan’s fight against “atheists” Soviets! • Osama Bin Laden goes to Afghanistan to help fight against the Soviets! Soviet Invaded Afghanistan 1979

  6. Reagan calls the Soviets the Evil Empire! • Reagan does not use our military to help the Afghans, he uses the CIA.. • He convinces Congress to spend $100 billion in his first 5 years of office on military spending. • Reagan calls the Soviets the “Evil Empire” for invading Afghanistan.

  7. U.S. & Bin Laden on same side of the war… • Pres. Reagan calls in the CIA! • The CIA helped the Afghan rebels, Mujahideen fight against the Soviet Union. • In the 1980’s the Soviet Union is our enemy (Cold War). • Operation Cyclone • The CIA, the Mujahideen and Osama bin Laden are all on the same side of the war against the Soviets!

  8. Osama Bin Laden helped the Afghan, mujahideen, for many years in the war. • Osama bin Laden is considered to be a “hero” for his efforts during the Afghanistan Soviet war! Osama Bin Laden went to Afghanistan to fight against the Soviets!

  9. Many Muslims from all over come to help the Afghanistan mujahideen. • Osama Bin Laden financed and fought with the mujahideen. Afghan fighters? Mujahideen

  10. Raised money in Saudi Arabia • Fought with the Afghani rebel fighters (mujahideen) • Built roads, homes and supported widows of the war • 1989 he returns to Saudi Arabia as a “hero” What did Osama do in Afghanistan! Hero!

  11. 8 years of fighting and the Soviets lose the war… • Soviet Vietnam, large world power is defeated! • 1988- After 8 years of brutal fighting the Soviets know they can’t win and withdraw from Afghanistan. • About a 1.5 million Afghans were killed during the war • 6 million refugees in Pakistan & Iran

  12. Civil War in Afghanistan 1989-1996 Soviet Union leaves Afghanistan Osama Bin Laden leaves Afghanistan CIA leaves Afghanistan Civil War breaks out in the country….Taliban & Northern Alliance-Warlords fight for control of country Taliban wins the war …. Establishing a brutal, oppressive government in war torn country of Afghanistan.

  13. Banned television, media and all western music • Women not allowed to work, no education after age of 8. • Public executions without trials. • Public floggings, stoning of women or anyone against the Taliban Life under rule of Taliban Forced to wear the Burqa!

  14. Kabul, Afghanistan1994 Photographer Seamus Murphy, of VII Photo Agency

  15. Afghanistan after decades of war!

  16. Soviets invaded Afghanistan 1989! • Her village had been bombed and her family killed during Soviet War • Photographer took her picture. 12 Years old. • Afghan refugee fleeing to Pakistan & refugee camp.

  17. Years of War in Afghanistan 1983 17 years later