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Incoming Sophomore Orientation

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Incoming Sophomore Orientation. Bingham High School. Introductions. Ci – G Renae Brady. H – La Stephanie Filippini. Le – O Zan Elder. P – So Elizabeth Easton. Sp – Z Kathy Dzierzon. A – Cl Richard Farley. Tonight’s Agenda…. Graduation Requirements

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Ci – G Renae Brady

H – La Stephanie Filippini

Le – O Zan Elder

P – So Elizabeth Easton

Sp – Z Kathy Dzierzon

A – Cl Richard Farley

tonight s agenda
Tonight’s Agenda…
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Required Courses for 10th grade & other course offerings
  • Scholarships
  • NCAA
  • High School Opportunities
  • Skyward Arena Scheduling
  • Pre-Enrollment Process & Attendance Policy
graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements

CTE : Business, Marketing, Woodworking, Child Development, Foods & Nutrition, Auto, etc.

Fine Arts: Music, Dance, Ceramics, Painting, etc.

Healthy Lifestyles: PST, Health, Fitness for Life & a P.E. Elective

10 th grade required classes
10th Grade REQUIRED Classes

Social Studies:

  • WORLD CIV (World Civilization)
  • WORLD CIV H (World Civilization Honors)
  • WORLD HIST AP (World History AP)

Language Arts (English):

  • LANG ARTS 10

(If your student is interested in taking Language Arts 10H, please carefully read the letter included in the registration packet for information on what is required.)

students in alps
Students in ALPS

For those students who are in ALPS and currently taking 10th grade Language Arts:

  • Next year – Language Arts 11 or 11H.
  • Call the counseling office the morning of Monday, April 28.

phone #: 801-256-5120

  • You will be connected with a counselor who will then add the class into your student’s schedule.
  • Please have the class period & teacher picked out that your student would like to take (may need to have 1 or 2 back ups in case a choice is full).
  • Your student will be able to then go online later that day and finish scheduling their classes.
  • NOTE: Once we schedule the class, you will NOT be able to change it yourself on the computer. A Counselor MUST make the change.
10 th grade required classes1
10th Grade REQUIRED Classes
  • Mathematics:
  • SEC MATH 2 (Secondary Math 2)
  • SUPP SEC MATH 2 (Supplementary Secondary Math 2) – to be taken concurrently with Secondary Math 2 if you struggled in Secondary Math 1 ( students will be placed in this by their counselor)
  • SEC MATH 2 H (Secondary Math 2 Honors)
  • SEC MATH 1 (Secondary Math 1) – this will be available for students who have failed at least 3 quarters of the Secondary Math 1 in 9th grade.


  • If you are currently enrolled in Earth Systems, you should take: BIOLOGY
  • If you are currently in Biology H, you may choose:


suggested 10 th grade classes
SUGGESTED 10th Grade Classes


These classes can be pushed off until Junior or Senior year, if your student is wanting to take any of the performing art classes or foreign language classes and may not have room for everything.

It is strongly suggested and encouraged that you try to fit the following classes into your schedule 10th grade year. However, they can also be taken your 11th or 12th grade year.

  • FITNESS FR LIFE (Fitness for Life)
  • COMPUTER TECH (Computer Technology)
drivers education dates
Drivers Education Dates

Your student’s birthday determines which quarter they will take Drivers Ed.

1stQuarter February 27, 1998 – November 9, 1998

2ndQuarter November 10, 1998 – February 20, 1999

3rdQuarter February 21, 1999 – May 19, 1999

4thQuarter May 29, 1999 – August 31, 1999

Summer Driver’s Ed is available to students who will turn 16 before November 1, 2014. Sign up in the Main Office at Bingham High School, beginning April 7th. Space is limited, so it will be on a first come, first-serve basis.

The fee for summer Driver’s Ed is $140.

release time
Release Time

LDS Seminary:

Found under “RELEAS TIME” in course catalog

Non-denominational Release Time is also available. It is for organized religious study

audition classes
Audition Classes

Any class that you have to either audition or try out for (music, sports, dance) or be elected to (Student Body Officer) or have teacher’s permission (Yearbook, Peer Tutoring).

If accepted into an Audition Class: it will be added to your schedule for you prior to the beginning of online arena scheduling.

TWO exceptions: Dance Company (Per. 4) & Student Government (Per. 7).

If you are trying out for either of these options, place an ELECTIVE class during that period that you do not mind dropping if you are selected.

If you are selected, your class for that period will be dropped and the new class will be added in. DO NOT put a required class in during that period – make sure it is an ELECTIVE!!

There is a list of Audition classes in your registration packet.

world languages
World Languages

Is a foreign language (also known as “world language”) required for high school graduation?

Answer: NO.

However…a lot of colleges recommend that you have at least 2 years of the same foreign language AND the University of Utah requires it. (They will accept language taken 7-12)

regents scholarship
Regents’ Scholarship
  • Base Award:
  • $1,000 one time award
  • Earn a C grade or higher
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Submit an ACT score

Core Course Requirements:

4 credits Language Arts

4 credits Mathematics

3.5 credits Social Science (Studies)

3 credits lab-based Science (Biology, Physics & Chemistry)

2 credits World Language (same language, taken progressively in grades 9-12)

  • Exemplary Award:
  • Up to $2,500 per year for 2 years*
  • Earn a B grade or higher
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA
  • 26 ACT score

*This is the maximum amount. Funding amounts can change from year to year.

There is a great scholarship available to all students – the Regents’ Scholarship.

centennial scholarship
Centennial Scholarship

Currently $1000 if graduating at the end of the 11th grade (27 credits).

$250 less for each following term.

Can be applied toward tuition at state colleges and universities

new century scholarship
New Century Scholarship

Provides funding for students to complete a bachelor’s degree

Must complete an Associates Degree from SLCC before high school graduation.

  • Be prepared to take courses over the summer

Must be completed with a 3.5 cum GPA and a 3.0 GPA in concurrent classes.

$1250 per semester for 2 years (subject to change)

Contact Holly Perry @ SLCC for more information.


ncaa eligibility
NCAA Eligibility

Satisfy high school graduation requirements.

Students should register with NCAA their Junior year.

Division I and Division II college or university requires 16 core credits on the transcript (history, math, English, science, foreign language etc.)

Achieve a core-course grade point average (GPA) and ACT test index qualifier score.

NCAA ACT Code: 9999

Make-up credit MUST be done through EHS…NOT Northridge Learning Center or Bingham High School packets. ALL make-up credit MUST be completed by the end of the junior year.

high school opportunities
High School Opportunities

Advanced Placement (AP) Classes:

  • Designed to teach college-level curriculum.
  • Often take more time, require more work, and go into greater depth, but also give greater opportunity for individual progress & accomplishment.
  • At end of year, an AP exam is offered. Students who take the exam and receive a qualifying score may receive college credit for that course.
  • 10th grade: World History AP, European History AP, & Foreign Language AP classes
  • 11th & 12th grade: over 20 AP classes available. See page 23 in course catalog for a complete listing of AP classes.
high school opportunities1
High School Opportunities

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Classes:

  • College level classes offered to high school students for both high school and college credit.
  • Classes at BHS offered through Salt Lake Community College or Weber State University.
  • Will receive college credit if pass the class with a C or better. These grades will be PERMANENT on a college transcript.
  • Over 30 concurrent enrollment classes offered to 11th and 12th graders.
  • See page 21 in Course Catalog for a complete listing of CE classes.
high school opportunities2
High School Opportunities

Tech Centers:

  • Jordan Applied Technology Center (JATC) & Canyons Technical Education Center (CTEC).
  • Designed for junior and senior students who want to participate in career focused classes.
  • Taught in a two-period block, either morning or afternoon.
  • Course subjects range from Biotechnology, Commercial Aircraft Pilot and Veterinary Science Technician to Business Management, Criminal Justice, and Cosmetology.
  • For more information: or
arena scheduling worksheet
Arena Scheduling Worksheet
  • You must have a complete schedule, with all periods and all semesters filled in.
  • Have a backup plan in case a class is full.
  • Will need Skyward Student Access login ID and password for online scheduling
  • Arena scheduling will be open on the following dates & times:
    • Monday, April 28 from 3:30 pm until Tuesday, April 29 at midnight
    • Wednesday, April 30 – Sunday, May 4 (for everyone)
skyward arena scheduling

What is Skyward Arena Scheduling?

Skyward Arena Scheduling empowers parents and students with the ability to build their own class schedule. Parents and students can select the courses they want, with the teachers they want, during the periods they want.

Skyward Arena Scheduling
pre enrollment process
Pre-Enrollment Process

New Students: Out of Jordan School District, Charter School, Out of State:

Copy of transcript from ALL previous schools (9-12 grade)

Test scores (CRTs or state standardized test scores)

Immunization Records

Birth Certificate

Proof of residency/Copy of permit

Copy of IEP (if applicable)

If these are turned in to the Attendance Office PRIOR to April 28th, you will be granted access to Skyward Arena Scheduling to build your own schedule.

Students who register AFTER April 28thwill need to call the BHS Main Office in June to schedule an appointment with a counselor for August.

pre enrollment process1
Pre-Enrollment Process

If you are transferring from another school WITHIN Jordan School District:

Copy of Permit

Copy of Birth Certificate

Turn into Attendance Office PRIOR to April 28thto have access to Skyward Arena Scheduling.

After April 28th, and you will not be able to get a schedule until you meet with a counselor in August.

attendance policy
Attendance Policy

To earn credit for a class, a student must not only earn a passing grade (D- or better), but must be in class a minimum of 87% of the days of the quarter (20 of approximately 23 possible class periods per quarter).

If a student has a verified truancy or 4 or more absences per class, per quarter, the student will receive a no grade (NG) for the quarter for that class.

Absences will only be excused for sickness, medical appointments, court appointments or family weddings and funerals and ONLY with official documentation (i.e. Dr’s note, court documents, wedding or funeral program).

For athletic eligibility purposes, student government, and other programs that have a minimum GPA requirement, NG is counted as a failing grade.

NGs may be made up through attendance school.

individual appointments
Individual Appointments

Unfortunately, counselors will NOT be available for individual appointments with incoming sophomores through the rest of this year.

We ARE available right after this orientation to answer questions.

We will be available to answer phone calls & emails.

You may call the Counseling Center at 801-256-5120. PLEASE give us at least 24 hours to return your phone call.


Mr. Farley A –

Mrs. Brady Co – G

Mrs. FilippiniH – Le

Mr. Elder Li – Pa

Ms. Easton Pe – So

Mrs. DzierzonSp – Z

school song
School Song

Bingham sons and daughters

Like the mighty waters

Roll along to victory.

Tides of warriors greet us

With their teams to beat us

But we’ll fight for victory.

Onward, onward, team against the foe

Forward, forward, our honored banners go.

All our foes will tremble

As our teams assemble

On, on, on to victory.