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Ashland High School Sophomore to Junior Orientation

Ashland High School Sophomore to Junior Orientation. January 30, 2018. AHS Counseling Staff. Jon Court (Letters A-F) jocourt@goarrows.org Peggy Steward (Letters G-M) pestewar@goarrows.org Jessica Hartman (Letters N-Z) jeblanke@goarrows.org Ruth Anne Deppen – Guidance Secretary

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Ashland High School Sophomore to Junior Orientation

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  1. Ashland High SchoolSophomore to Junior Orientation January 30, 2018

  2. AHS Counseling Staff • Jon Court (Letters A-F) • jocourt@goarrows.org • Peggy Steward (Letters G-M) • pestewar@goarrows.org • Jessica Hartman (Letters N-Z) • jeblanke@goarrows.org • Ruth Anne Deppen – Guidance Secretary • rudeppen@goarrows.org • Linda Hodapp – School Liaison • lihodapp@goarrows.org

  3. Text or email reminders • Class of 2020 (Current Sophomores) Text or Email Reminders • To sign up for text messages, send the text message @ahsguto 571-222-4962 • To sign up for email messages, send an email to ahsgu@mail.remind.com(you can leave the subject blank)

  4. Program of Studies Booklet • Contains: • Course descriptions • Information on Graduation Awards • Information on Graduation Requirements • Information on Educational Opportunities • Information for Potential College Athletes • National Honor Society • Course Planning

  5. Program of Studies Booklet • Online on guidance website • http://arrowsguidance.weebly.com/ • Available through Ashland High School App (Apple or Google Play Store) • Paper copies available on request

  6. Program of Studies in AHS App Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

  7. Minimum Requirements for Graduation • 21 units of credit • 4 credits of English • 4 credits of Math • 3 credits of Science • 3 credits of Social Studies • ½ credit of Health • ½ credit of P.E. (2 semester classes) • 2 Semesters of fine or performing art taken anywhere in grades 7-12

  8. Other considerations: • Students need a minimum of six courses per semester • Students need to be passing 5 credits and have at least a 1.5 GPA in order to be eligible for extracurricular activities.

  9. College Credit Plus • College Credit Plus allows students to earn college credit either by attending classes at Ashland High School or by attending classes on a college campus. • CCP Information Night Feb. 16th, 7:00 PM, Little Theater • Requirements • Must complete appropriate college application • Must meet college admission testing requirements • ACT • Accuplacer • Compass (Students may have already taken this earlier)

  10. Possible Junior Courses: English • Required classes for Junior year • Prior completion of 9th and 10th grade requirements • Juniors must take either American Literature & Intermediate Composition Or • Reading and Writing Through Games Or • British Literature (Honors/AP track)

  11. Possible Junior Courses: English • Juniors may elect to take any other electives as desired, but should pay attention to sequence and difficulty level as described in the program of studies. • An application is required for Video Production • The application can be found on the guidance scheduling website • Application is due on Friday March 9th

  12. Junior Courses: Social Studies • Government choices – ½ credit required for graduation • American Government • Semester class, ½ credit • AP U.S. Politics & Government • Full year class, 1 credit,

  13. Junior Courses:Social Studies • Economics choices – ½ credit required for graduation • Economics & Financial Literacy • ½ credit, semester class • Economic Theory • ½ credit, semester class, • Application required – Apply online at AHS guidance website • Application is due March 10th

  14. Possible Junior Courses:Social Studies Social Studies Electives • Advanced Placement U.S. History (full year course) • Summer reading and work required • Holocaust and Genocide (semester course) • CCP Western Civiliation • New offering. Students can earn 3 college credits through NCSC

  15. Possible Junior Courses:Science • Biology Options – Full year courses • Biologyor • Advanced Biologyor • Chemistry Options – Full year courses • Chemistry • recommend background in Algebra I or • Advanced Chemistry • Environmental Science – semester class • Prerequisite: Physical Science I and II; Practical Biology or Biology • Physical Geology – semester class • Prerequisite of Physical Science I and II

  16. Possible Junior Courses: Science • Advanced Placement Biology • Two periods long, recommend Biology and Chemistry background, application is located online • Advanced Placement Chemistry • Two periods long, recommend Biology and Chemistry background, application is located online • Advanced Placement Environmental Science • Prerequisite of Biology/Advanced Biology and Chemistry/Advanced Chemistry, application is located online • Chemistry may be taken concurrently

  17. Possible Junior Courses: Science • Physics – Full year course • Recommended background in Algebra II & Chemistry • Anatomy/Physiology – Full year course • Prerequisite: Biology or Advanced Biology • Inorganic Chemistry • Prerequisite – Chemistry (A or B) or Advanced Chemistry • Organic Chemistry • Prerequisite – Chemistry (A or B) or Advanced Chemistry

  18. Possible Junior Courses: Math • Geometry • Algebra II or Practical Algebra II • Prerequisite of Geometry • Precalculus • Prerequisite of Algebra II or Honors Algebra II • C or higher recommended

  19. Possible Junior Courses:Math • Honors Trig/Calculus • Prerequisite – Honors Algebra II • Advanced Placement Statistics • Prerequisite – Algebra II or Honors Algebra II • (Grade C or higher) • Advanced Placement Calculus • Prerequisite of Honors Trig/Calculus

  20. Possible Junior Courses:Physical Education Please note for eligibility purposes, that PE is only ¼ of a full credit • Team / Lifetime Sports • Rhythm & Dance/ Yoga • Self-Defense/CPR & First Aid (Females only)

  21. ASHLAND CITY SCHOOLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION WAIVER Students who participate in two seasons of district-sponsored high school interscholastic athletics, marching band or cheerleading shall not be required to complete any physical education course as a condition to graduate. (An athletic season is defined by the rules and bylaws of the Ohio High School Athletic Association). Partial credit will not be granted. In order to be eligible to graduate, a high school student who is excused from the physical education requirement must still complete instruction in 6.5 electives.

  22. ASHLAND CITY SCHOOLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION GRADUATION REQUIREMENT WAIVER ELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES: FALLWINTERSPRING Football Girls Basketball Baseball Girls Volleyball Boys Basketball Softball Boys Cross Country Wrestling Boys Track Girls Cross Country Cheerleading Girls Track Boys Soccer Boys Swimming/Diving Boys Tennis Girls Soccer Girls Swimming/Diving Girls Tennis Gymnastics Cheerleading Competition Cheerleading Marching Band (Includes Sweet 16) Bowling Boys Golf Girls Golf Please indicate on your registration sheet if you are planning on using the PE waiver in lieu of taking PE classes.

  23. Summer Course Offerings Information on Summer School offerings will be available in mid-April PE Health Possibly others if a need is determined Tentative start date for PE would be June 13th Usually from 8 AM -12 PM Runs for three weeks Approximate cost is $100 per class

  24. Possible Junior Courses:Business • Full Year Courses • Accounting I, II, & III • Semester Courses • Leadership/Management – NEW • Intro to Computer Programing (NEW) • Marketing • Entrepreneurship (College Credit Plus) • Microsoft Word (College Credit Plus) • Microsoft PowerPoint(College Credit Plus) • Web Design I & II • Prerequisite – Computer Applications I (Keyboarding)

  25. Possible Junior Courses • Online College Credit Plus Courses • This will be offered online through Stark State College. Students will take the class online with a Stark State instructor, but will be located at Ashland High School and supported by a mentor. Students will have to begin the classes on the college calendar, which means starting before school begins. • AutoCAD • 1 credit at Ashland High School • 3 hours of college credit through Stark State • Game Design • 1 credit at Ashland High School • 3 hours of college credit through Stark State

  26. Possible Junior Courses:World Language • Any language in desired sequence • French • Latin • Spanish Note: Three years of one world language or two years of two world languages are required for the Honors Diploma upon graduation.

  27. Possible Junior Courses: Art Ashland High School’s Art program is divided into two separate pathways • 3-D Art: Which includes Sculpture, Ceramics, and Crafts 2-D Art: Which includes Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, and Graphic Design* *Graphic Design: Students will use computers with Adobe Photoshop to create/manipulate photographs, design logo’s, and make other graphic artwork Each track consists of a semester Foundations Course. After completing the foundations course, students are able to take more specialized courses. 2-D Foundations Semester Course Printmaking Foundations of Graphic Art Painting Drawing 3-D Foundations Semester Course Explorations in Graphic Design Advanced Graphic Design Crafts Ceramics Sculpture

  28. Possible Junior Courses: Music • Band • Stage Band A or B (by audition) • Orchestra (by audition) • Concert Choir • Symphonic Choir • A Capella Choir • Music Theory I (Semester class – Instructor Permission) • Music Theory II (Music Theory I Pre-Rec)

  29. Possible 11th Grade Courses: Music • Intro to Music Technology • Will use programs like Garageband/Pro Tools • Will learn about and create: Cinematic Scoring, Podcast Backgrounds, Mashups • Will also learn basic music harmony & theory • Introduction to Guitar • All that is required is a working guitar. • No need for prior musical experience

  30. Possible Junior Courses:Family & Consumer Science • Semester Courses • Culinary Fundamentals (New Course) The following topics will be covered: Creating a restaurant, proper measuring, food safety and sanitation, preparing foods and meal, different cooking methods, Preparing pastries, bakes goods, pasta, sauce and gravies. • Career and College Readiness (New Course) The following topics will be covered Researching careers and occupations, ACT prep work, review college admissions qualifications, interviewing skills, leadership and entrepreneurship, social media etiquette, work ethics, job applications and resumes,s mall cooking unit will be included. • Personal Finance Management • Child Development

  31. Possible Junior Courses: Career TechAgriculture and Horticulture • Full Year Courses • Food, Agriculture, & Natural Resources The following may be taken after or concurrently with Food, Agriculture & Natural Resources: • Greenhouse and Nursery Management • Plant and Horticulture Science • Mechanical Principles • Landscape System Management • Floral Design and Marketing

  32. Possible 11th Grade Electives: • STEM I: Intro to Engineering Design – Semester Course • Students will work in small groups to complete projects in: • STEM II: Intermediate Engineering Design – Semester Course

  33. Possible 11th Grade Courses • STEM III: Foundation of Robotics • Prerequisite - Algebra I • Students will work in small groups to understand the basics of robotics, programming, and teamwork. This includes concepts in continuous improvement, use of variable force and motion, software programming, sensors, and servos, autonomous robotics, and mechanical and structural engineering. • STEM IV: Drone Technology • Prerequisite: Foundations of Robotics • Students will study, plan, build and test a ground and air drone. Work will be done in teams and cover unmanned ground vehicles, electrical engineering and energy transfer, drone code and sensors, applied systems thinking, physics of flight, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

  34. Arrow to Arrow Mentoring • Juniors and Seniors can build leadership skills while being a valuable peer influence to Ashland Students. • Students will have a period in their day to: • Learn proper leadership/mentoring skills. • Be assigned and meet with students ranging from elementary to freshman age levels.

  35. Other Important Information • Graduation Awards • President’s Award for Excellence • Honors Diploma (New Info on Next Slide) • Valedictorian & Salutatorian • The requirements for the above awards can all be found in the first 15 pages of the Program of Studies or online at the guidance webpage.

  36. College-Now • Offers Associate degree programs in Bioscience, Business and Engineering. • Means you would graduate from high school with an Associate Degree from North Central State College • Bioscience is done through the Ashland County Career Center • Business and Engineering are done at North Central State College • http://www.college-now.org/

  37. Other Important Information • Ohio College Recommendations • 4 credits of College Prep English • 4 credits of Math • Prefer Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II • 3 credits of Science (2 lab sciences) • 3 credits of Social Studies • 2 credits of Foreign Language • 1 credit of Fine/Performing Arts

  38. Other Important Information: • AHS Guidance Website: http://arrowsguidance.weebly.com/ • Program of studies available online • Junior & Senior page with information on colleges, careers, planning timelines, scholarship listings, financial aid, and information for potential college athletes. • Please be aware of the academic expectations the NCAA places on high school students who desire to be college athletes

  39. College Night • Ashland High School will be sponsoring a Spring College Fair this year. This would be an excellent opportunity for next year’s juniors and seniors to get a head start on looking at colleges and talking to representatives. • March 23th at 6:30 in the Ashland University Convocation Center

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