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ANTARANG YOGA. Antarang Yoga. Bahirang Yoga Antarang Yoga Yama Dharana   Niyama  Pratyahara  Dhyana   Asana Samadhi  Pranayama. Antarang Yoga. Pratyahara is defined by Patanjali as: “Swavishaya sanprayoge

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Antarang Yoga

Bahirang YogaAntarang Yoga

Yama Dharana

 

Niyama  Pratyahara  Dhyana

 

Asana Samadhi


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Antarang Yoga

Pratyahara is defined by Patanjali as:

“Swavishaya sanprayoge

chittaswaroopanukar ivendriyanam

Prartyahara” ||2:54||

Meaning: Isolation of mind from the sense


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Antarang Yoga

Mind functions on 3 levels

  • Mind keeps constant contact between the sense organs & intellect in the present

  • Mind remains busy with memories in the past

  • Mind remains busy in imagining the future

    The object of Pratyahara is to eliminate (I) completely so

    that the connection of the external world will be totally

    cut off.

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Antarang Yoga


Yama: Helps to cut off disturbances due to

interaction with other people

Niyama: Helps to eliminate disturbances due to body & mind

Asanas: Helps to eliminate disturbances due to limbs of the body

Pranayama: Helps to eliminate disturbances caused by the irregular or insufficient flow of the vital force in Pranic sheath

Pratyahara: Helps to eliminate disturbances caused through the five sense organs


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Antarang Yoga


Dharana Dhyana Samadhi

  

Concentration Meditation Union


“Desh bandhaha chittasya dharana” ||3:11||

Meaning: Limiting the activities of the mind to within the limited sphere allowed by the object

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Antarang Yoga


“Tatra pratya ekatanata dhyananam” ||3:2||

Meaning: Further, in the process of Dhyana

the mind should concentrate pin pointedly on any

one aspect of the object, instead of the many varied

aspects focused on in Dharana.

Dhyana is the advanced stage of Dharana.

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Antarang Yoga


“Tadev arthmatra nirbhasa swaroopshonayam eva Samadhihi” ||3:3||

Meaning: In the process of Dhyana nothing else but

the pratyaya of the object is present & the identity of

the consciousness is dissolved into it completely.

This is the last state of Ashtanga Yoga

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Antarang Yoga

Ordinary Thinking… Dharana… Dhyana…Samadhi…

ASDERTOHKLNY – Ordinary Thinking

A3A2A4D1A1A7A3W3 - Interrupted Dharana

A2A4A3A4A8A6A7A5 - Perfect Dharana

A5A5A5A3A5A5A5A7 - Interrupted Dhyana

A5A5 A5 A5A5A5A5A5 - Perfect Dhyana

A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 - Interrupted Samadhi

A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 - Perfect Samadhi

Underlined letters indicate the presence of self i.e. “I”

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Antarang Yoga

“Trayam ekatra Samyama” ||4-4||

Meaning: All the three practices noted are samyama

“Tat jayat Pradnyalokaha” ||4-5||

Meaning: After mastering the Samyama, one is enlightened by the Pradnya.