invasive species n.
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Invasive Species PowerPoint Presentation
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Invasive Species

Invasive Species

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Invasive Species

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  1. Invasive Species Courtesy

  2. Invasive Species • Introduced species: any organism that was brought to an ecosystem as the result of human actions • Invasive species: A species that takes advantage of an unoccupied niche, or that successfully out-competes native species Kudzu: an invasive vine

  3. U.S. Invasive Aquatic Plants Partial list: Brazilian Waterweed Caulerpa, Mediterranean Clone Common Reed Eurasian WatermilfoilDidymoGiant Reed Giant SalviniaHydrillaMelaleucaPurple Loosestrife Water Chestnut Water Hyacinth Water Lettuce Water Spinach Hydrilla

  4. U.S. Invasive Aquatic Animals Partial list: Alewife New Zealand Mud Snail Northern Snakehead Asian CarpsNutria Asian Swamp Eel Quagga Mussel Bullfrog Round Goby Chinese Mitten Crab Rusty Crayfish Eurasian Ruffe Sea Lamprey European Green Crab Sea Squirt Flathead Catfish Spiny Water Flea Lionfish Veined Rapa Whelk Zebra Mussel Zebra Mussel

  5. U.S. Invasive Invertebrates Partial list: Africanized Honeybee Asian Citrus PsyllidAsian Long-Horned Beetle Asian Tiger Mosquito Cactus Moth Emerald Ash Borer European Gypsy Moth European Spruce Bark BeetleFormosan Subterranean Termite Giant African Snail Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Hemlock Woolly AdelgidLight Brown Apple Moth Mediterranean Fruit Fly Mexican Fruit Fly Pink Hibiscus MealybugRed Imported Fire Ant Russian Wheat Aphid Silverleaf Whitefly SirexWoodwaspSoybean Cyst Nematode

  6. U.S. Invasive Vertebrates Partial list:At Risk of Widespread Brown Tree Snake IntrusionCane Toad Constrictor snakesEuropean Starling Boiga snakesWild Boar Gambian pouch rat House Sparrow Nutria European Starling Cane Toad

  7. U.S. Invasive Plants Yellow Star Thistle

  8. U.S. Invasive Microbes Animal Pathogens Avian Influenza Exotic Newcastle Disease FowlpoxViral Hemorrhagic Septicemia West Nile Virus Whirling Disease Plant Pathogens Citrus Canker Citrus Greening Plum Pox Southern Bacterial Wilt Soybean Rust Sudden Oak Death West Nile Virus Citrus Canker