the whole sky full of stars by rene saldana jr n.
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“The Whole Sky Full of Stars” By: Rene Saldana,Jr. PowerPoint Presentation
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“The Whole Sky Full of Stars” By: Rene Saldana,Jr.

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“The Whole Sky Full of Stars” By: Rene Saldana,Jr. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“The Whole Sky Full of Stars” By: Rene Saldana,Jr.

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  1. “The Whole Sky Full of Stars”By: Rene Saldana,Jr. Brandy Satterfield

  2. Alby and Barry are best friends and Barry does a little boxing on the side sometimes , there is a Man o’ Might competition coming up for boxers and Alby wants to but Barry in it because he thinks he can win the prize money. Alby wants to split it sixty-forty for being his manager, heavy on Barry’s head of course. This is revealing at some points Alby can be little selfish because he’s not really worried about if Barry can get hurt or not he’s just worried about the money. Barry on the other hand is not a careless person he is worried about if he may or may not get hurt in this competition & he does want to leave his mother since she has just lost her husband (his father) about a year ago. He is also thinking about if he does win this money it will help his mother out a lot with the finances since they are having a very hard time with them . • “Man ! Barry can hit. If I can just talk him into putting these boxing skills to good use, it could be a win-win situation for both of use” (P.2)

  3. “Ciro was a loan shark, giving guys at school a month to pay him back without interest, and if they didn’t they would get another month but this time with 15% tacked on . Always there was the threat of a beating from Ciro’s thugs” (p.6) Alby played a game of poker with a few guys from his school who aren’t so nice or friendly , basically just the wrong crowd to be around. Alby ended up losing the game so now he owes thee “leader of the pack” $500 dollars and if he doesn’t get the money to him in a month he will get jumped. This is showing Alby is irresponsible by just gambling all of his money away not even thinking about things like , what if I lose this game and all of my money ? What other money do I have after that ? Am I even going to be able to pay him if I lose ?

  4. “ Did his teachers and principal know ? If they did, would they confront him, try and talk some sense into him ? What would he say ? “ (p.77) People at Barry’s school found out about how he was going to fight in the competition and he was afraid his teachers and principal would find out and afraid of what everyone was going to say. Revealing that Barry is a worrisome person wondering about what people were saying and if the teachers and principal knew and what they thought about him and the decisions he was making.

  5. “Unbelievable ! What kind of fool does he take me for ? All along it’s been me doing the work , and him raking in the bucks. In the ring its been all me – not him. Me ! And where’s he at now ?” (p.96) Barry couldn’t figure out what Alby had been up to , talking to guys that he usually didn’t (a bad crowd) ,didn’t know why Alby still claimed to not know what the reward for winning was, and him not even being around during the competition. Then Barry finally figured it out, Alby had been betting on fights behind Barry’s back and he knew all along the prize for winning was only a hundred dollars. This reveals Alby doesn’t seem to be a very good friend by lying to him , keeping things from him,& doing things behind his back, meanwhile its because all he is worried about is the money, not their friendship.

  6. This quote is important because it is a sental mental object to Barry since his father died after getting the car & it was really all he left for Barry . • “ The Galaxie was parked in the old man’s workshop , under a tarp. Pop walked around it slowly a couple times, stooping close, then squinting. “It’s in fair shape” , “Hubcaps are missing. I see some interior leather cracked. It’ll need new paint. The chrome’s decent” he got on his knees and knocked on the gas tank with his knuckles. “But no rust anywhere. Can we take it for a spin?” (P.31)

  7. “Barry and momma were by his side. In the bare white room with cords everywhere and a bulletin board type thing saying what nurse it to do what. Barry didn’t hear the noises of the machines falter, then go flat to a droning beep; he didn’t see the lights flashing in a different patter. He kept holding Pop’s hand and staring at Pop’s clean finger-nails. Then the nurses came and he let go of Pop’s hand. And he hadn’t found out what it was Pop wanted know or do in case one day… He’d have to figure that out on his own” (P.36) This is the moment where his father died so it is an obvious reason for why the setting is important to Barry. Specially since Barry was right there to witness it.

  8. Alby is in deep trouble and this setting is just explaining how serious it all really is. “He couldn’t go to sleep , just tossing and turning. He was thinking over the pounding he’d already gotten and was going to get. Ciro’s muscles hard as rock with the vanes looking like there just about to pop right out of his skin, and he always wore black t-shirts. When they’d showed up at Alby’s house the other day, it was lucky that his parents had been at work. One of the guy’s had grabbed a greasy wrench from the toolbox from his fathers toolbox. Whispering “Understand? Pay back , or else.”

  9. Couldn’t finish the rest of my power point , need about 4 more slides! If I had more time this would be a lot better ! : )