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Attack l.jpg

  • An Attack Attempt (ATT)is charged to a player any time the player attempts to hit the ball over the net into the opponent's court. The ball may be spiked, set, tipped, bumped or hit as an overhand contact. There are three possible outcomes of an Attack Attempt.

Alternate def of attack l.jpg
Alternate Def of Attack

  • Any ball that crosses the net that is not a serve or a block is an attack. USA volleyball

3 outcomes of an attack l.jpg
3 outcomes of an attack

  • Kill

  • Attack Error

  • 0 attack

Philosophy l.jpg

  • Any ball that is played over the net in an attempt to score a point should be considered an attack. Any ball played over the net simply to keep the ball alive should not be considered an attack attempt

Slide6 l.jpg

  • A kill is awarded to a player any time an attack is unreturnable by the opposition and is a direct cause of the opponent not returning the ball; or any time that attack leads directly to a blocking error by the opposition. Even if 3 touches are made on the ball it could still be a kill

0 attack l.jpg
0 Attack

  • Any attempt kept in play by the opposition

Attack error l.jpg
Attack Error

  • Hits the ball out of bounds

  • Hits the ball into the net resulting in 4 hits

  • Is blocked

  • Hits into the net

  • Called for a center line violation

  • Illegal contact

Exceptions to attack attempt l.jpg
Exceptions to Attack Attempt

  • Attempt is not charged if:

  • Over pass on serve reception

  • Free ball when in the opinion of the stat keeper the player was merely trying to keep the ball in play

  • Bad set and the hitter is just trying to keep the ball in play

What if l.jpg
What if

  • Team blue serves the ball to Team White who, on the serve reception, passes the ball over the net (a) where it is kept in play by Team Blue (b) where it falls to the ground untouched.

Results l.jpg

  • A) not an attack attempt

  • B) kill is awarded

What it l.jpg
What it

  • Team White setter is backrow. Team white’s setter jump sets the ball over the net where upon the official calls an illegal back row attack.

Ruling l.jpg

  • Attack error

What if14 l.jpg
What if

  • Team white attacks the ball. Team blue digs the ball (a) but no one else on Team Blue is able to play the ball (b) over the net where if falls untouched

Ruling15 l.jpg

  • A) Kill

  • B) Blue team player gets a dig and a kill

Assists l.jpg

  • A player is awarded an Assist (A) whenever that player passes, sets or digs the ball to a teammate who attacks the ball for a KILL. There are three possible outcomes of a ball that is being set.

  • Assist

  • Ball handling error

  • 0 Assist

What if17 l.jpg
What if?

  • Team White player passes the ball to a teammate who, on the second contact, KILLS the ball.

  • .

Result l.jpg

  • Team White is awarded an ASSIST. It does not matter on which contact the KILL takes place. The pass preceding the KILL is considered an ASSIST

What if19 l.jpg
What if

  • Ball bounces off a diggers forehead and rebound up in the air where it is attacked by a back row player. The back row player is award a kill.

Result20 l.jpg

  • The bounding ball would be an assist. Intent is not required only that the insuing touch results in a teammate be awarded a kill.

Serving l.jpg

  • A Serve is when a player attempts to serve the ball over the net into the opponent’s court. There are three possible outcomes for every served ball.

  • ACE

  • Error

  • 0 serve- [although there are differences among 0 Serves]

Slide22 l.jpg

  • A service ace (SA) is a serve which results directing in a point. A SA is awarded if

  • The serve strikes the opponent’s court untouched,

  • The serve is passed by an opponent but cannot be kept in play,

  • If a violation is called on the receiver, (lift)

  • If the receiving has a rotation violation.

Error l.jpg

  • A Service Error (SE) is charged to a player if;

  • The serve fails to clear the net

  • The serve is out of bounds or hits the antenna

  • Foot faults or takes to much time to serve

  • If the server serves out of rotation- The error is charged to the player who should have been serving.

0 serve l.jpg
0 Serve

  • A Zero Serve occurs when a serve does not result in a Service Ace or Service error but play continues. [used to calculate serve percentage]

  • Usually coaches chart quality of pass that is executed off a players serve as well

Serve reception l.jpg
Serve Reception

A serve reception is when a player attempts to pass a successful serve attempt. There are two possible outcomes when a player attempts to pass a served ball.

a) Serve Reception Error

b) 0 Serve reception

Serve reception error re l.jpg
Serve Reception Error (RE)

  • Charged when

  • The serve strikes the floor in the area of the player

  • The player passes the serve but it cannot be kept in play by her team

  • The player is called for a reception violation by the official

Team reception error tre l.jpg
Team Reception Error (TRE)

  • A serve falls between two players and the statistician cannot determine which player is responsible

  • The receiving team is out of rotation. In both cases the server gets an ACE

  • When a service ACE is awarded to one team, a reception error is awarded to the other.

What if28 l.jpg
What if?

  • Team blue’s player serves the ball. Team White passes ball over the net where (a) team blue keeps the ball in play (b) team blue spikes the ball for a kill.

Ruling29 l.jpg

  • In both cases NO RECEPTION ERROR is given. Neither would have been a good pass, but a reception error should not be awarded. A reception error is only awarded when a service ace occurs