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  1. Volleyball Louise Langi

  2. Preparing to play… • When playing volleyball, plan to have good running shoes, clothing that you can run jump slide on the floor and last, remember to never take your eyes off the ball whether its on the opposite side or you already hit the ball.

  3. Main Rules • Six players on court at all times. • When serving the ball, you have to serve behind the court line or it’s the other teams points. • NEVER TOUCH THE NET! • Three hits only on each side. Third hit much go over or it’s a point for the other team. • Playing a full game, points go to 24 but if both teams are at 24, win by 2 points. • When you get a point from the other team or winning it, you rotate to your right, but only when winning the point after there point, not when point after point.

  4. Another rules… • The two pools on the ends of the nets, everything must be in between, another outside of it, is out.

  5. Positions on the court.. • Front left corner, is the left hitter or opposite from right side also knew as a number 4, code word for the setter. • Setter is the person who always gets the second ball, to set for the hitter. Setter is always located on the middle- right front, but starts as standing in the back right side. Setter never hits the ball over unless they are serving, but they must set to players unless theres a reason to not.

  6. More Positions… • Outside hitter located on the right front side, also known as number 5 for the setter. • Middle blocker is located in the middle front. There are also known as number 2 or 3 for the setter.

  7. And more.. • Middle- back is also known as the MB/ Libero. Their job is to slide or dive for the ball or dig for the ball that’s being spike. • Lastly, the back left side, is also a outside hitter from the opposite of the outside hitter to the front but it’s the back.

  8. How to bop the ball… • First: you close both your hands together. • Second: have both your arms straight. • Third: make sure you are balance with your legs and feet. • Fourth: Do NOT swing your arms, relax and let the ball come to you as you bop the ball. • Hint: always eyes on the ball

  9. Bump pass..

  10. How to set the ball… • First: get under the ball. • Second: if the ball is not over you, bop it instead of set it. • Third: easy to set is if you make a diamond with your index finger and thumbs and curve your fingers around the ball. • Fourth: let the ball land into your fingers/hands and set the ball UP, not straight to the person. • Fifth: when setting the ball, close your hand and fingers to add my force to the ball so it can set the ball high for the hitter to hit.

  11. Setting the ball to hitter

  12. How to spike the ball… • First: stand in the middle of the court away from the net. • Second: wait for the setter to set the ball, and wait for the ball is in the middle of the air. • Third: start the approach. ( left foot, right foot, then right left together and then jump) • When you jump, be sure to swing your arms back so as you jump, you can go a lot higher.

  13. Steps to approach the ball to spike it! 

  14. Spiking it over the net to other team.

  15. The upcoming video is an example of bop, set, and spike. The actors are all from a volleyball high school team. Hope you enjoy this video and get a picture or an idea of volleyball 