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  1. Volleyball PPL1O – Mr. Riddick

  2. Court Dimensions

  3. Purpose • Volleyball is a type of net/wall game! • To put the ball over the net and inside the court on the opponents side • Trying NOT to let the ball hit your side, hit the net or not make it to the opponents side

  4. Scoring • A team gets a point for winning the rally • They do this by not letting the ball hit their side or forcing the ball to hit their opponents side • A point is awarded to the team no matter if they served or not (rally point) • Game is up to 25 points • Games must be won by two points

  5. Types of Hits • Their are three ways hit a volleyball • Bump/Pass (when the ball is lower than the top of your head) • Volley/Set (when the ball is above your head) • Spike/Smash • Under/Over Hand Serve (to start and re-start a game) • Typically the rally on one side goes in the order of bump, volley, spike

  6. Rules • Ball can only be hit 3 TIMES before going over the net • 6 PLAYERS on the court for each team • If a ball hits the line it is considered “in” • Signals for in and out • Ball is not allowed to come to a rest when a player is hitting the ball

  7. Rules • Do not touch the net! • Do not go under the net! • Do not in anyway interfere with the players on the other team! • 1 player cannot hit the ball twice in a row! (back to back) • Called a double hit

  8. Game Play • If a player serves and their team wins the point then they keep serving until their team looses the point • Players rotate in a clockwise direction • If the ball hits the roof, basketball net or any other object the ball is considered out

  9. OFFENSIVE STRATEGIES FOR NET/WALL GAMES • CONSISTENCY: you need to make sure your serves are consistently over the net and inbounds, if not the other team gets points and control! • SHOT SELECTION: put your serves & shots in areas that are difficult for the other team to return • COMMUNICATION: You know why! It is important in every sport

  10. DEFENSIVE STRATEGIES FOR NET/WALL GAMES • CONSISTENCY: make sure you get the ball back on the other teams side, let them make mistakes! • ZONE DEFENSE: 6 people must cover the entire court make sure you are in the ‘ready position’ to cover your area • COMMUNICATION: ‘MINE!’ let your teammates know when the ball is ‘yours’.