freud s theory of personality n.
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Freud’s theory of personality PowerPoint Presentation
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Freud’s theory of personality

Freud’s theory of personality

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Freud’s theory of personality

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  1. Freud’s theory of personality

  2. This topic Apply the tripartite model to personality Learn about psychosexual development, and how it effects adult personality Learn about the Oedipus and Electra complexes, and how they effect adult personality

  3. How is personality shaped by the id, ego and superego? • Conflict between the three parts of personality can lead to mental disorder • Ego strength • What do you think someone with a very strong id would be like? • What about a very strong superego?

  4. Psychosexual development • Where do the id, ego and superego come from? • Libido: sexual or psychic energy • Five stages: oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital • Fixation • Using the information on page 32, complete the table

  5. Mnemonic Old Age Pensioners Love Guinness

  6. Psychosexual development 1: the oral stage Libido focused on the mouth Breast feeding, sucking etc. Only the id Healthy development: able to trust others, and enjoy food and drink Oral receptive: optimistic, gullible and dependent Oral aggressive: aggressive, pessimistic, envious and suspicious

  7. Psychosexual Development 2: The anal stage Libido focussed on the anus Potty training, delayed gratification. Development of ego Use the information on pg33 and describe what healthy and unhealthy development is

  8. Psychosexual Development 3: The phallic stage Libido focused on the genitals Exploration and interest in genitals. Id and ego fully formed Superego is created at the end of the phallic stage by the resolution of the Oedipus or Electra complexes

  9. Psychosexual development Read the information on the Oedipus and Electra complexes Discuss with the person next to you what you think of these theories Put the stages in the correct order.

  10. Oedipus Complex 1.Boy sees father as a rival for his mother’s attention, and wishes to kill him. 3. This leads to the development of the superego. The boy substitutes his desire for his mother into desire for other women. 2. Boy starts to desire his mother, and wants to have sex with her 4. The boy is in a state of conflict. He resolves this by internalising and identifying with his father. 5. He fears that if his father finds out about his feelings for his mother, he will castrate him.

  11. Electra Complex 2. She starts to sexually desire her father who has a penis. 3. The superego develops, as does gender identity. She replaces penis envy with desire for a baby. 1. The girl begins to develop penis envy. She blames her mother for removing her penis. 5. To resolve this, the girl identifies with her mother so that she can have her father. 4. The girl sees her mother as a sexual rival for her father.

  12. Psychosexual development Using the information in the book, describe what healthy and unhealthy development at the phallic stage is. What happens at the latency stage?

  13. Psychosexual Development • No issues? Well adjusted, mature adult, capable of love, with healthy sexual relationships. 5: The genital stage Libido focused on genitals, and the opposite sex Adult personality is set, problems in earlier stages can return.

  14. Psychosexual development • Complete the table with key words that will help you remember how psychosexual development can affect adult personality

  15. Homework • Describe Freud’s theory of personality development (8) • Read the guidance.