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  2. Social Context After the reconstruction of England in the 1950s, Elizabeth II became Queen in 1952. During this period, juvenile delinquency increased. However, the economy was stable. It was the end of rationing in 1954. Queen Elizabeth II

  3. Origins In the early 1950s, Teddy boys appeared in South London then in other London Suburbs or in big industrial cities.They were a group that originated among the working class and were influenced by the upper-class and delinquents in South London. « Teddy Boys » or « Teds »

  4. Appearance Clothes and appearance were very important for them. Concerning hairstyles, girls had pony tails and boys had greased hair. Boys wore dark long drape jackets or waist coats with white shirts and narrow ties. Teddy girl Teddy boy They wore large crepe-soled shoes whose name was « brothel creepers » worn with brightly coloured socks. Moreover, they wore drainpipe trousers Girls wore short trousers or skirts.

  5. Way of Life When Teddy Boys didn’t work in factories, they hung out on street corners while girls and boys went to coffee and milk bars. In fact, they were sometimes known as a violent gang. For instance ,Teddy Boys fought against rival gangs. Consequently, they used different weapons such as knives or razors. Teddy boys hanging out Teddy boys at a coffee bar A fight between two gangs

  6. Rock and Roll was a great succes with Teddy Boys. However, the first Teddy Boys listened to Jazz then, in the middle of the 1950s, they listened to American Rock and Roll which was developing in Britain, especially Elvis Presley who was a famous singer. Music Teddy boys playing music Elvis Presley Teddy Boys were fond of music. Their favourite styles were Rock and Roll because this style of music was aggressive. Teddy boys dancing

  7. BIBLIOGRAPHY TEXTS : Mrs Lavaud, cours 2018 Photos : Harry Sword Feb 2 2015 https://auteurs-compositeurs/-sp/Queen-Elizabeth-II-of-England-Daughter-of-Georgevi-Here-in-1952-posters_i13842123_.htm JANIS BLOWER'actualit%C3%A9/group-of-teddy-boys-dancing-at-the-london-rock-n-photo-dactualit%C3%A9/3069504#/5th-august-1972-a-group-of-teddy-boys-dancing-at-the-london-rock-n-picture-id3069504 August 05, 1972 London, England: 1955. Teddy girls photographed by Ken Russell BACK By Mathis and Laura