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Geography & the Early Greeks. Geography Shapes Greek Civilization. Greece is a peninsula= body of land surrounded by water on 3 sides Made up of mainland Greece, islands, & peninsula Most of Greece is mountainous w/ few flat land for farming. A. Mountains & Settlements.

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Geography shapes greek civilization
Geography Shapes Greek Civilization

  • Greece is a peninsula= body of land surrounded by water on 3 sides

    • Made up of mainland Greece, islands, & peninsula

  • Most of Greece is mountainous w/ few flat land for farming

A mountains settlements
A. Mountains & Settlements

  • Mountainous landscape  ppl settling in few flat areas in valleys

  • Towns/villages separated by mountains & seas

  • Mountains=traveled diff. so communities became isolated

    • Ppl created their own gov’t & cultures

  • Saw themselves as residents of a city rather than Greek

B seas ships
B. Seas & Ships

  • Since travel in rugged terrain was diff. they turned to the seas

  • Mediterranean sea (S), Ioanian(W), Aegean (E)

  • Sea = source of food & travel

  • Became skilled sailors & ship builders

  • Traded products & IDEAS with other cultures

    Q= What is the term used for the exchanging of ideas between cultures?

Ii trading cultures develop
II Trading Cultures Develop

  • 2 earliest cultures= Minoans & Mycenaean’s

A the minoans
A. The Minoans

  • Lived on island of Crete

  • Traded oil, pottery, & wood with other regions

  • Volcano exploded north of Crete & flooded island

    • Explosion may have led to the end of Minoan civ.

  • Not considered Greek because they didn’t speak Greek language

B the mycenaean s
B. The Mycenaean's

  • 1stppl to speak Greek  1stppl to be considered Greek

  • Built fortresses on mainland

  • Mycenae= largest fortress & namesake

  • Took over Crete after Minoan civ. Declined

  • Major traders in Mediterranean

  • Were not peaceful traders.

  • Possible they attacked Troy

  • Declined when European invaders attacked

  • As Mycenaean culture declined, Greece slipped into a Dark Age= A period of warfare & disorder

Iii greeks create city states
III Greeks Create City-States

  • Greeks began to join together in small groups for protection & stability

  • Groups began to develop into separate polis’= city-state

  • Beginning of city-states marks beginning of Greece’s Classical Age= period of great achievements

A life in a city state
A. Life in a City State

  • Polis built around fortress atop an Acropolis

    • Acropolis= high hill

  • Ppl gathered inside walls during wartime

    • Walls= protection

  • City life revolved around an Agora

    • Agora= marketplace

  • Agora served as meeting place for pol 7 rel. assemblies

  • Polis protected ppl & gave them identity

    • Spartan, Athenian

  • Ppl expected to participate in polis affairs (vote)

B city states colonization
B. City-States & Colonization

Istanbul, Turkey

  • As Greek life became settled ppls attention shifted from defense to other things

  • City-states established colonies

    • Colonies= territory under control of another state (polis)

  • Colonies expanded and created colonies of their own in turn making them a polis

    • Istanbul Turkey, Naples Italy, Marseille France

Napoli, Italy