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The Geography of Greece

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The Geography of Greece - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Geography of Greece. Learning to : Identify the geographic factors that contribute and impede the spread of the people in Greece Looking for : Mountains, lack of fertile soil. The Geography of Greece and Early People. The Geography . Many Peninsulas.

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the geography of greece

The Geography of Greece

Learning to: Identify the geographic factors that contribute and impede the spread of the people in Greece

Looking for: Mountains, lack of fertile soil


Mountains shaped Greek history because...

-About 66% of the Greek mainland is


-Isolated different city-states


Lack of fertile soil shaped Greek history because...

-People settled along the narrow coast

-Limited soil allowed for growing cash crops but needed to acquire grain crops

-Irregular coastline allowed for easy shipping of products


Why is the Geography of Greece Important?

Greece’s mountains made it hard for its early people to develop a sense of unity

-Short Mountain Ranges

-Kept villages apart

Rivers were short and did not aid in travel between villages

The geography tells us a lot about how the early

Greeks developed


Differences between Polis’




Strong sense of identity

Three things in common with all city-states