inquiry letters and replying to the inquiry n.
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Inquiry Letters and Replying to the Inquiry PowerPoint Presentation
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Inquiry Letters and Replying to the Inquiry

Inquiry Letters and Replying to the Inquiry

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Inquiry Letters and Replying to the Inquiry

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  1. Inquiry Letters and Replying to the Inquiry Business English Gunadarma University January,2013

  2. INQUIRY LETTER • What is a letter of inquiry? • A letter is sent to sellers or manufacturers to get some information and detailed • products or services that buyers want to know. • The inquiry is usually required as follows: • Price list • Sample of products • Quotation • Term of payment • Term of delivery • Means of transportation

  3. The purpose • To ask catalog and other information. • Responding advertisement posted in Newspaper, magazines, on TV, exhibition, etc.

  4. Opening Paragraph • We should be grateful if you could send us your latest catalog, terms of payment, and terms of delivery. • We have seen your products at Jakarta Expo on December 12, 2012 and should be pleased if you could send us your price list and latest catalog. • With reference to your ad in Jakarta Post of January 2, 2013, Would you please send us your catalog, price list, and sample of your product

  5. Requesting Information • We would like to know if you can offer us special discount. • Please let us know if you can offer us a trade discount.

  6. Closing Paragraph • We look forward to receiving your prompt reply. • We should appreciate your prompt reply.

  7. Conti’d

  8. Inquiry Letter Sample – Gem Making • July 28, 2008 • JadeDiamondCompany • RoxasBoulevard • PasayCity • Madam: • A newcomer to the hobby of gem making, I was attracted to your advertisement, in the current • issue of the Magazine of Jewelry Making, of a trim saw, especially in view of the reasonable price • given.  Specifically, I would like to know. 1.    How thick a rock will the saw cut? • 2.    How long can one expect a diamond blade to last? • 3.    What kinds of coolants do you recommend? • I would be most appreciative if you could find the time to answer my questions. I expect that I shall be sending you • an order soon. • Sincerely yours, • Carla Estrada

  9. Letter of Inquiry – Training Program July 2, 2008 • Mr.  Rodrigo Rivera • Personnel Director • Technote Corporation • 3152 Bridge Avenue • Boston, MA 02154 • Dear Mr. Rivera: • May I ask a favor of you?  Randy del Rosario, a representative of the Leverage Company, recently • told me of your success in managing Technote’s training program for the hardcore unemployed.  • Our firm is presently planning such a program, and would appreciate information about the mind • set section of your program. • We expect to begin our training sessions on approximately August 1.  I believe we are prepared for • the remedial-education and job-skills portion of the program, but we need help with • mind-set section. 

  10. Conti’D • Specifically, we would appreciate knowing who you employed to teach that section, • the major emphasis in the section, and the length of the section in relation to the • entire programs. • I congratulate you on your success in managing Technote’s program, and I believe • your ideas would help us solve this long-neglected problem, also.  • I look forward to hearing from you. • Very truly yours, • Francisco Fortaleza • Managing Director

  11. Inquiry Practice • Write an inquiry letter and reply the inquiry. Use today’s date in your letter. The following are some information that should be included in your letter: • You are as a Purchase Manager of PT. Multi Safari International, address: Jl. JenderalSudirman No.15 Surabaya 22. Then, send a letter to Johnson Allwoods & Sons, address : 25 Bridgestone Street New York, NY 239001, USA. You request about latest catalog, price list, terms of payment, terms of discount, terms of delivery and sample of products of Belly men’s belt. You saw the product at World Expo New York on December 5, 2012.

  12. REPLYING INQUIRY • When a seller or manufacturer receives a letter of inquiry, it is a great opportunity for a firm to increase sales. • In replying an inquiry, a firm should respond it positively and quickly by giving information that a buyer required.

  13. Opening Paragraph • Thank you for your letter of……(date) requesting about our catalog, price list and terms of payment. • With reference to your letter of …… inquiring about our catalog, price list and samples of our promotional gifts.

  14. Sending or Enclosing • We are sending our catalog, price list and terms of payment. • We would be pleased to enclose our catalog and price list

  15. Quotation • We grant you 20% discount if you order more than 200 units. • We offer you 10% trade discount for long term contract.

  16. Closing Paragraph • We look forward to receiving your first order. • We look forward to receiving a trial order from you. • We hope you will find our prices and terms are satisfactory and look forward to having • you as our potential customer.