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Marketing Funnels & Social Media

Marketing Funnels & Social Media. Growing your customer base, leads, and sales faster and more efficiently. About Me. Ebb Walton Account Assistant@ Nancy Marshall Communications What I Do Social Media Marketing Internet Advertising Email Marketing Market Research Marshall Plans®.

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Marketing Funnels & Social Media

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  1. Marketing Funnels & Social Media Growing your customer base, leads, and sales faster and more efficiently

  2. About Me • Ebb Walton • Account Assistant@Nancy Marshall Communications • What I Do • Social Media Marketing • Internet Advertising • Email Marketing • Market Research • Marshall Plans®

  3. Agenda

  4. Ask Me Questions! Feel free to ask questions throughout this presentation

  5. What is a “Marketing Funnel?” A holistic approach to marketing that creates well-prepared prospectsready to spend their money with you

  6. Holistic Approach Considers your prospect's entire decision-making process The length of time they will take to make their decision,and how often this decision is made

  7. Holistic Approach Considers how each communications channel impacts your prospect’s decision-making process

  8. Well-Prepared Prospects • Aware of ALL their needs • Understand your differentiation and benefits • Know, like, and trust your business • Self select as customers • Take action to fulfill their needs with YOU Image from dreamstime

  9. Focus on Facebook – Pew Research

  10. Decision Making Process – Part I

  11. Step 1 – Attract Eyes & Drive Traffic

  12. Step 1 – Attract Eyes & Drive Traffic

  13. Tip: Have a responsive website Our clients’ website traffic all range from between 30% - 50% + from mobile devices Regardless of Industry • Tourism • Education • Retirement • Real Estate • Legal • Nonprofit

  14. Decision-Making Process – Part II So far – Prospect is aware of their need and has found our businessNext up – Research and compare alternatives

  15. The Research Process Commitment / Action x5

  16. Step 2 – Lead Capture

  17. Lead Capture – Value Exchange Trade something of value for contact information – PDF download

  18. Step 2 – Lead Capture – Visitor:Lead Rate Value Exchange Incredible Sweepstakes 15% 5% Depends on how awesome the thing you offer is.

  19. Lead Capture – The Popover Keep it as simple as possible • Name • Email Address • Enter to Win!

  20. Lead Capture – Social Media • Primary Target • CT, MA, NY, NH • Interests: Vacations, Mountains, Boating, Skiing, Camping, Lakes, Hiking, Golf, Snowboarding • Married or Engaged • Secondary Target • People inside the MLM region(Locals will engage more, driving the post’s edge rank up, making it more visible to our entire audience)

  21. Lead Capture – Social Media

  22. Lead Capture – Social Media

  23. Lead Capture – Social Media – There’s More!

  24. I have leads, what now? What should I be doing with email addresses? What do I do with my Facebook likes?

  25. Step 3 – Ongoing Communication

  26. Step 3 – Ongoing Communication - Email Set up Scheduled Email Autoresponder Campaigns Autoresponder: An email sent automaticallyto new subscribers at defined intervals.

  27. Step 3 – Ongoing Communication - Email helping, not selling Make it about their needs • Educate them on needs they were unaware ofand what the solutions are • Subliminally train them to know your company understands them • Let the customer infer that your company does it best

  28. Step 3 – Ongoing Communication - Email Pretend you are comparing ski / snowboard academies for your child Email Campaign Subject Lines • 4 Things You’ll Need in a Ski / Snowboard Academy • 4 Reasons CVA is the Right Choice • 5 Ways CVA Makes College a Breeze Open Rates 46.9% 21.4% 26.5%

  29. (864 Recipients) 5 Ways to Get the REAL Maine Experience • Feast at a traditional Maine lobster bake – oh, and here’s how we do ours • Step inside a lighthouse – oh, and we have a lighthouse tour cruise • Get a registered Maine guide – oh, and our captain is one of these • Prime star gazing – oh, and off the Maine coast on our wide open decks, you’ll have a great view • Experience the beauty of the Maine coast – oh, and the best way to do this is on a sailboat, and here’s what you’ll see on our cruise

  30. Recommended Reading - YOUTILITY

  31. Step 3 – Ongoing Communication – Social Media Tips for Success • Don’t treat your news feed like an advertising channel • Use it as a relationship-building tool • 6 human-style / helpful / interesting posts for every 1 ad • 6:1 Ratio

  32. Social Media’s Role in the Decision-Making Process • Aware of need • Research • Research • Compare Alternatives • Compare Alternatives • Choice • Choice • Post-Purchase Evaluation Facebook advertising impacts Facebook posting impacts Facebook remarketing impacts

  33. Facebook Ads – Buying Likes A like is the beginning of a relationship between your organization and your prospect. A like allows you to • Maintain top-of-mind awareness with Facebook posts • Interact with followers to create know, like, & trust • Subtly educate and inform followers of your benefits Tip – People don’t go on Facebook to read ads, use the 6:1 ratio

  34. A Case for Buying Fans - Doctor / Lawyer Example Facebook advertising is unlikely to reach individuals who are currently searching for a doctor or lawyer. The decision process for selecting these services can be short and urgent But our Facebook relationship changes the process

  35. A Case for Buying Fans

  36. Facebook Post – Lunder-Dineen Example

  37. Remarketing – Those Ads That Follow You

  38. Remarketing Ads only shown to past website visitors • Bring visitors back to your website for additional consideration • Make them aware of something new, they hadn’t thought of before or noticed when they were first on your website

  39. Step 4 – Know, Like, and Trust Getting prospects to know, like, and trust you tips the scales in your favor

  40. Prospect Makes Choice

  41. Step 5 – Brand Advocacy If your product or service lives up to the expectations you set for them, they will likely advocate for or recommend your brand.

  42. Step 6 – Repeat Purchases, Word of Mouth • Send post-purchase follow-up emails to customers • Send monthly email campaigns that reach all of your subscribers (and post it to your Facebook feed) • Continue to nurture your relationship

  43. Measuring the Funnel – Google Analytics • Step 1 – Set up Goals in Google Analytics • URL Based • Contact form confirmation page URL • Reservation request form confirmation page URL • Email subscriber added confirmation page URL • Checkout completed URL • Event Based – Use Google Tag Manager to create page events that can be tracked as goals in Google Analytics • Email link clicked • Form submission button clicked

  44. Multi-Channel Conversion Visualizer Which channels contributed to your conversions (goals you set up)Overlaps indicate multiple channels played a role

  45. Assisted Conversions Website referrals that did not immediately result in a conversion, but helped guide the prospect down the funnel towards making a conversion Includes • First interactions • Assist interactions (middle step) • Last interactions (preceding final)

  46. Path Length in Interactions

  47. Path Length in Days

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