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Speaker Marketing from the Marketing Speaker

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Speaker Marketing from the Marketing Speaker. Al Lautenslager al@allautenslager.com. NSA - Wisconsin. Guerrilla Marketing Social Media Integration Target, Message, Vehicle, Frequency Leverage Other Speaker Marketing Your Plan / Your Questions /Group Input.

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Speaker Marketing from the Marketing Speaker

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speaker marketing from the marketing speaker

Speaker Marketing from the Marketing Speaker

Al Lautenslager


nsa wisconsin
NSA - Wisconsin
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Target, Message, Vehicle, Frequency
  • Leverage
  • Other Speaker Marketing
  • Your Plan / Your Questions /Group Input

Do you have all the speaking engagements you want?

Do you have a blank check book to spend on marketing?

Does everyone that couldhire you to speak, know about you?


Theory of Guerrilla Marketing

The primary investments of a Guerrilla Marketer should be Time, Energy and Imagination.

Since Guerrilla’s do not have big bucks to invest, the marketing arsenal must work harder and smarter!

the question to focus on
The Question to Focus On:
  • “How am I building awareness with my prospects and clients through all of our marketing?”
what is your marketing habit
What is your Marketing Habit?
  • 3-5 things a day
  • Put Marketing on your to-do list
specific customer activity
Specific Customer Activity
  • Send in for information
  • Call your toll free 800 number
  • Visit your website; Google You
  • Enter a contest
  • Visit with you
  • View a video clip
the ultimate targeting exercise
The Ultimate Targeting Exercise
  • If you could magically

define the “ideal client,”

what would they look like?

your best prospect
Your Best Prospect

….is a current customer

Second best is a past customer

david ogilvy
David Ogilvy:

“Marketing results depend less on how advertising is written than on how the product or service is positioned.”

positioning examples
Positioning Examples
  • Southwest Airlines
  • 7-Up
  • United Airlines
  • Fed-Ex
  • Crest Toothpaste
simple positioning
Simple Positioning…
  • We are now known as…
a revenue exploding guerrilla marketing positioning example
A Revenue Exploding Guerrilla Marketing Positioning Example
  • An appliance business that can provide the most affordable kitchen appliances to cost conscious buyers.
prospects don t care about you they want to know what s in it for me how will you benefit me

Prospects Don’t Care About YouThey want to know, “What’s in it for me? How will you benefit me?”

more good hook examples
More Good hook examples
  • Special Report:
    • 7 Mistakes People Make When Choosing A _______________Supplier
    • Before You Purchase __________________ You Should Read this Report
    • This is what our competition won’t tell

you about ____________________

    • 12 ways to Get Twice as Much Value at Half the Cost
what about free consultations
What about Free Consultations
  • GM 3rd
  • Savvy consumers
placement of marketing hooks
Placement of Marketing Hooks
  • On or offline
  • Brochures or other marketing communication material
  • Videos
  • Packaging materials
  • Bounce back offers

“All publicity is good publicity except in an obituary”

-Brendan Behan

wear two pair of shoes
Wear two pair of shoes
  • Editor’s
  • Reader’s
what s in the news
What’s In The News?
  • Interest Rates – Mortgage Broker, Real Estate, Financial Advisor
  • Prisoner Sentences – Social Workers
  • Business Culture – Strategies, Change, Rebranding
  • Running and Sporting Events – Chiropractors, Physical Therapists
wrap up conclusion action
Wrap Up/Conclusion/Action
  • Launch what is comfortable
  • Get help if you need it
  • Do something…in 30 Days
ii social media
II. Social Media

Integration with Other Marketing

what is social media marketing
What is Social Media Marketing?
  • Community
  • Relationships
  • Two Conversation including Listening
  • Sharing of Information / Content
  • Sharing of Knowledge and Expertise-----------------------------------------------
  • Use of Technology
  • Use of Online Tools
  • Integrated into all of Marketing
social media marketing objectives
Social Media Marketing Objectives
  • Influence
  • Engage
  • Awareness
  • Credibility
  • Branding
  • Recognized Expert
  • Make Friends
  • Relationships
social media marketing outcomes
Social Media Marketing Outcomes
  • Improved Awareness
  • Open communication
  • Reach new markets; newchannels
  • Advocacy/Cause
  • Market Adaptation
  • Collaboration
  • Social / Fun
  • Further Relationships
listen listen listen
Listen, Listen, Listen
  • Google Search
  • Google Alert
  • Yahoo Alert
  • Search Engines
  • Twitter Search
  • Facebook Search
  • Technorati
  • Samepoint.com
  • Yacktrack.com
  • Active not Passive
  • Comments on Blogs
  • Twitter
  • Be part of a Community
  • Social Networking
contribution for positioning
Contribution for Positioning
  • Articles
  • Create and Submit Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Expertise sharing
  • Ask for reviews
  • Tips
social media marketing tools
Social Media Marketing Tools
  • Video Sharing – You Tube
  • Photo Sharing – Flickr
  • Blogs – website, the cornerstone
  • Micro Blogs - Twitter
  • Social Networking – Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Social Bookmarking – Digg, Del.icio.us
  • Other – literally thousands of other places
choose your platforms
Choose Your Platforms
  • Where is your Target Market participating
  • Where is conversation taking place?
  • Monitor
  • Prioritize
social media foundation
Social Media Foundation
  • Identity – your profile and positioning
  • Sharing – two way, information
  • Technology – Web 2.0, networks and communities
  • Media - You are your own media company
why use facebook
Why Use Facebook
  • Increase your network
  • Generate leads
  • Build relationships and trust
  • Branding and TOMA
  • Monitor Competitors
  • Drive Traffic to Blogs and Websites
  • SEO
why use facebook1
Why Use Facebook
  • Awareness
  • Share Information
  • Ask Questions
  • Create Community
  • Customer Service
  • Announcements
  • To Sell (be careful)
ways to use facebook for business
Ways to Use Facebook for Business
  • Integrate feeds from your blog and other social media accounts
  • Create target lists
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Obtain a vanity URL
  • Add your Facebook identity to email signatures
  • Add your Facebook identity to all offline marketing
ways to use facebook for business1
Ways to Use Facebook for Business
  • Post business updates on your wall(see previous examples)
  • Share useful articles and links to presentations and other resources
  • Research prospects before meeting them
using fan pages
Using Fan Pages
  • Start a fan page for product, book, speaking offering, brand or business
  • Add basic information including links to website, newsletter subscription information and archives, video clips
  • Post upcoming events
  • Update your fan page regularly
  • Ask questions; surveys

Answers (and asking questions)

  • Joining groups
  • Adding your clients and audience members to engage them after the speech
  • Connecting to Tripit and Slideshare at a minimum to link trips and ppt's to your profile
  • Put the LinkedIn URL on your business card and in your email sigs
your linkedin success plan
Your LinkedIn Success Plan
  • Integrate social media with your other marketing
  • Define and find your target
  • Match with your business goals
  • Resource planning: How much time, who, $

Increases your professional online presence

Brands your company/yourself

Markets your products and services

Find prospects, new customers & power partners

Builds community

Creates conversation

Your profile is another piece of online marketing, not a resume

ways to use linkedin
Ways to Use LinkedIn
  • Answer questions to position you as an expert
  • Fundraising
  • Share blog content
  • Monitor competition
  • Have conversations
ways to use linkedin1
Ways to Use LinkedIn
  • Bump up your Google juice
    • Allow search engines to index your LinkedIn profile
      • Create a public profile and select “full view”
    • If you’re not a blogger, or do not have a Web site, use your customized LinkedIn URL when you comment on blogs or online articles
ways to use linkedin2
Ways to Use LinkedIn
  • Create a group or join a group, to foster discussion and connections
    • Share articles
    • Review the groups connections as a way to discover your total social network
finally make linkedin a daily habit
Finally: make LinkedIn a daily habit
  • Look for new postings on your groups
  • See new connections with your network
  • Continually tweak your profile and add new presentations
  • To update your status with noteworthy activities, meetings, orspeeches
  • Get recommendations here
twitter has lots of business purposes
Twitter has lots of business purposes
  • Instant Market Research
  • Customer acquisition
  • Focus groups on the cheap
  • Problem resolution
  • Soapbox
  • Announcements
  • Sharing/Positioning

How Can I Use Twitter?

  • To listen; customers, prospects and the media are talking about you right now, openly and honestly, good or bad
  • To monitor and learn about competition and your industry or profession

How Can I Use Twitter?

  • To communicate but not sell directly
  • To create awareness
  • To start and build relationships on or offline
key twitter to dos
Key Twitter To-dos
  • Follow the right people in your industry
  • Don’t get too caught up in tweeting your every movement
  • Look at what businesses are doing with it
  • Use it to start conversations with people you want to get to know
what to tweet
What to Tweet?
  • When and where you are speaking
  • What you have read that you want to share with others
  • Something you post on your blog
  • A link to a Web site that you find interesting
  • Something related to your expertise - consistently
it is about conversations
It is about conversations
  • Speaking isn’t a one-time event
  • Attract Twitter followers before your speech
  • Get to know your audience’s interests
  • Write/speak once, publish many times (blog, Twitter, Email, YouTube)
  • Set up a Web site for each speech
plan it then do it
Plan it then Do It
  • Prioritize
  • Be consistent and disciplined
  • Be transparent
  • Offer value
  • Think – “Positioning”
  • Engage
  • It’s not a hobby
iii direct marketing consideration
III. Direct Marketing Consideration
  • Target
  • Message
  • Vehicle
  • Frequency
  • Columbia Directory of Associations
  • State Associations
    • Insurance
    • Credit Unions
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • SBDC
  • Referrals
  • What Benefits Audiences Receive from You
  • Why You?
  • Testimonials/References
    • Books
    • Meeting Planners
    • Media
  • Video ????
marketing vehicle
Marketing Vehicle
  • Constant Contact
    • Offer Info; don’t just pitch
  • Email Marketing
  • Referral Letters
  • Phone Calls
  • Media / Books
  • Postcards
  • Top of Mind
  • See Marketing Plan
  • Books
    • Brand Association
    • $20 Brochure
  • PR
    • Tie yourself to news
  • Free Speaking
    • San Diego Chamber
    • The Apprentice
  • Referrals
other marketing
Other Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing and Searches
  • Social Media Searching (Twitter, et.al.)
  • Put in what you want
    • Marketing expo
    • Speaker wanted; marketing speaker wanted
    • Call for speakers
    • Keynote speaker wanted
other marketing1
Other Marketing
  • Email Signature
    • Weebly
    • http://allautenslager.weebly.com
  • Google Alerts/Yahoo Alerts/Twilert
  • Other Speakers
    • Their clients and appearance lists
    • Follow on social media
    • Google alerts for them
your marketing plan
Your Marketing Plan
  • Mindset
  • Goals of your Marketing
  • Positioning
  • Benefits
  • Target
  • Message
  • Marketing Vehicles
  • Frequency/Plan/Calendar
happy marketing

Happy Marketing!