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  1. FINALLY By Wendy Mass Alexandra Greth

  2. opening Have you ever been told “no” by your parents almost every time you asked if you could do something? Well, I’m going to tell you about a girl named Rory Swenson, who has a list of things that she finally gets a chance to do.

  3. Plot This book is about a girl named Rory Swenson who finally turns 12. She has a long list of things that her parents said she could finally do when she turns 12. She tries the things on her list and a lot of the things on her list don’t work out the way she thought they would.

  4. Setting “Finally” takes place in Rory’s neighborhood “willow falls ”, the story happens around Rory’s 12th birthday.

  5. Main characters • Rory • Sawyer • Mrs. Swenson • Mr. Swenson • Annabelle • Sari

  6. Genre I’d say this book is realistic fiction because sometimes when I was reading it, I was thinking that this could easily happen in real life.

  7. favorite part! When I wake up an hour later to find two red, glowing eyes staring at at me from across the room , I scream at the top of my lungs. Seriously , anyone would have. I just can’t make out my parents’ foot steps over the sound of my screams. Untangling myself from my blanket, I jump out of bed and race for the door. (next slide)

  8. My favorite part! (Contd.) It takes a few seconds for the pain in my legs to kick in, but when it does , I stumble, lose my balance, and bump into something that I can’t immediately identify in the dark, but that goes crashing the floor with a bam. I stand I the middle of my room , frozen, as my parents rush in and switch on my light. I look around wildly for the source of the red eyes and bam .the first thing I see is the floor, and the huge bag with the words RABBIT PELLETS printed in big black letters.

  9. Just right sale Just right scale I would rate this book at a 5 ,because I could understand it and it wasn’t a super easy book, also it is my favorite genre.

  10. About the Author Wendy Mass is an award winning author, she lives with her family in New Jersey. She wrote the storyline for the show, “Monk”. She tells people that her hobbies are hiking and photography, but she really collects candy bar wrappers and searches for buried treasures with her metal detector.

  11. Other Books by This Author • A Mango Shaped Street • Leap Day • Twice Upon a Time Series • Every Soul a Star • Eleven Birthdays • Heaven Looks a lot like the Mall • Jeremy Finke and the Meaning of Life

  12. What Didn’t I like, What would I change? I absolutely loved this book and wouldn’t change a thing. This was Wendy Mass was at her best.

  13. What did I like? I like how Rory tries so many new things and not even in one of them she is successful. I like that because some of the things that happen to her are funny and some are just problems that made me want to read more of the book.

  14. Who I recommend this book to I would recommend this book to all girls that like realistic fiction.

  15. What Attracted me to This Book? I was attracted to this book because I have always liked realistic fiction and some of my friends recommended the book to me.

  16. Closing I have one thing to say and that is … If you read the whole book there is a surprise that I personally wasn’t expecting, so you have to read the book to find out.