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IBM Lotus Notes 6.5 - Client Update Heidi Votaw Product Management - Lotus Notes Brendan Crotty Product Management – Domino Web Access/Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook. Webcast schedule. Today’s event will run one hour long. Here are the expected times for each segment of the webcast:

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IBM Lotus Notes 6.5 - Client Update Heidi VotawProduct Management - Lotus NotesBrendan CrottyProduct Management – Domino Web Access/Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook

webcast schedule
Webcast schedule

Today’s event will run one hour long. Here are the expected times for each segment of the webcast:

  • :00 - :05 -- Moderator introduces the speaker and discusses the details of the webcast.
  • :05 - :25 -- Speaker delivers a PowerPoint presentation on the webcast topic.
  • :25 - :35 -- Moderator and speaker engage in a brief Q&A on the topic.
  • :35 - :60 -- The speaker responds to questions submitted by the audience.

You can submit questions to the speaker at any time during the event. Just click on the “Ask a Question” button in the lower left corner of your screen.

technical faqs
Technical FAQs

Q: Why can’t I hear the audio part of the webcast?

A: Try increasing the volume on your computer.

Q: I just entered the webcast and do not see the slide that the speaker is referring to. What should I do?

A: The slides are constantly be pushed to your screen. You’ll should refresh (hit F5) to view the latest slide.

If your question is still not answered, please click the “Ask a Question” button in the lower left corner of your screen and submit your problem. A technical support person will respond immediately.

You can also visit the Broadcast Help page ( for more information or to test your browser compatibility.

  • IBM Lotus Notes
    • Messaging Productivity Enhancements
    • Improved Product Integration
  • IBM Lotus Domino Web Access
    • New features
  • IBM Lotus Domino Access for MSFT Outlook
    • New architecture
  • Q&A
messaging productivity enhancements
Messaging Productivity Enhancements
  • Improved Product Integration
    • Workplace for Lotus Notes
    • Instant Messaging (Sametime) integration
    • Export views to CSV
  • Productivity
    • Follow up on email
    • Replied to and/or forwarded flags
    • Junkmail handling
    • Unread email view
    • Reschedule repeat meetings
  • Usability
    • Rename a resource
    • Drag and drop
    • Email printing
improved product integration workplace for lotus notes
Improved Product Integration - Workplace for Lotus Notes
  • Benefits
    • Critical Notes information at your fingertips
    • Centralized Domino-based product integration point
    • Provide consistency with our nextgen products
  • Architecture
    • Part of bookmark.nsf
    • Client and bookmark template require 6.5
    • Server does not require 6, unless you are using the Instant Messaging integration capability
  • Administration and Configuration
    • Centralized Administration via Policy
    • Support Corporate branding
    • End user options available
    • Will roam
improved product integration lotus instant messaging
Improved Product Integration – Lotus Instant Messaging
  • Benefits
    • Enhance Notes with Instant Messaging capabilities
  • Architecture
    • Requires Sametime 3.0
    • Requires 6.5 client and Lotus IM enabled templates
    • Sametime server is not supported on 6.5 Domino server
    • Sametime Connect client is not required
  • Features
    • Initiate chat from within the inbox, message, and any IM enabled application
    • Within message, chat with all online recipients
    • See status of online users
  • Administration and Configuration
    • Configured when client is installed or upgraded
    • Location document can be updated after installation
      • Policies can push settings to the location docs
improved product integration lotus instant messaging con t
Improved Product Integration – Lotus Instant Messaging (con’t.)
  • Performance Implications
    • Single threaded
  • Support Implications
    • No full feature parity with Sametime Connect client
      • No AOL integration
      • No e-meeting support
      • Does not automatically reconnect
      • Fewer buddy list options
productivity follow up e mail
Productivity – Follow up e-mail
  • Benefits
    • Provides a user the ability to select and flag items for future action
  • Architecture
    • 6.5 Notes Client and mail template
  • Feature
    • Follow up mini view
    • Set alarms
    • Set priority
    • Private notes on action to take
productivity reply forward flags
Productivity – Reply/Forward Flags
  • Benefits
    • Visual representation of action taken on email
  • Architecture
    • 6.5 Notes Client and mail template
  • Feature
    • Flags in mail views/folders indicating actions taken
      • Reply
      • Forward
productivity unread email view
Productivity – unread Email View
  • Benefits
    • Allows users to easily view only unread mail in their inbox to help them focus on the mail they have yet to act on
  • Architecture
    • 6.5 Notes Client and template
    • No server requirement
  • Feature
    • Single click on the action button to view only unread messages and click back to view all
productivity junkmail handling quickrules
Productivity – Junkmail Handling (Quickrules)
  • Benefits
    • Allow users to quickly and easily create a rule, based on a specific document, that can help manage the flow of information
  • Architecture
    • 6.5 Notes Client and mail template
    • No server requirement
  • Feature
    • Tools drop down menu in the mail views/folders
    • Intuitive dialog box to set ability to move to folders, delete, etc.
usability drag and drop on bookmarks
Usability – Drag and Drop on Bookmarks
  • Benefits
    • Take advantage of drag and drop
  • Architecture
    • 6.5 Notes Client and template
    • No server requirement
  • Feature
    • 6.5 supports an action in the mail template that allows the user to create a calendar entry or a to do from a mail message, with the help from "Copy Into" action buttons.
productivity enhancements other
Productivity Enhancements - Other
  • Export views to CSV(Comma Separated Value)
    • Additional export option
  • Print emails without distribution list
    • In design spec, not currently available
  • Set Notes as the default email client
    • Upon installation or set in User Preferences>Mail>Internet
  • Rename a resource
    • Maintain existing reservations
mozilla browser support for linux
Mozilla Browser Support for Linux
  • Benefits
    • Linux Client solution
  • Architecture
    • 1.3.1 Mozilla client
    • Linux RedHat 7.2,8.0
    • Scaled down offline support (sync manager client does not have a UI)
    • Same forms file as Windows providing client interoperability
  • Features
    • Parity with Windows versions, except for:
      • Bidi support
      • Drag and drop
  • Administration and Configuration
    • Nothing specific for Mozilla
send sign and verify notes encrypted messages
Send, Sign and Verify Notes Encrypted Messages
  • Benefits
    • Provide Notes public key encryption support and interoperability
  • Architecture
    • Notes ID attachment in the mailfile
    • Domino Directory based Notes certified public key support on the server
    • Public key information can be stored and retrieved from Contacts
    • Just in time encryption will also look at Directory catalog
  • Features
    • Sending, signing and signature verification provides parity with the Notes Client
  • Administration and Configuration
    • Rename support is propagated from the server to the stored notes.idPerformance Implications
    • Minimized because we cache the information
sametime integration
Sametime Integration
  • Benefits
    • Enhance DWA with Instant Messaging capabilities
  • Architecture
    • Java API STLinks work with Win32 and Linux
    • Sametime 3.1 server required
  • Features
    • IM awareness built into views and message forms
    • Buddy list
  • Administration and Configuration
    • Requires the Sametime server to reside in the same Domino domain as the Domino Web Access server
local archive
Local Archive
  • Benefits
    • Ability to archive a set of documents to your local machine
  • Architecture
    • DOLS subscription
    • Built into the views as part of the application
  • Features
    • Can move to or restore from local archive
  • Administration and Configuration
    • Offline replica and archive database can co-exist
  • Performance Implications
    • Runs offline
    • First installation, without DOLS previously installed, will take a hit
  • Benefits
    • Add user specific customizations for the DWA environment
  • Features
    • 3 new forms that get added if they get set up
      • Add custom action buttons for any view or dialog (web agents)
      • Add more choices for the end user’s Welcome Page
      • Replace the Domino Web Access logo
  • Administration and Configuration
    • Forms are added to the iNotes6.ntf
performance gzip compression
Performance – GZip Compression
  • Benefits
    • Bandwidth reduction and improved performance on slow networks
  • Architecture
    • Server responses only based on Gzip compression standard
  • Features
    • Compressed responses mean bandwidth reduction and improved performance on slow networks
    • Designed for dial-up connections
  • Administration and Configuration
    • Turned on via server configuration
  • Performance Implications
    • Lose scalability
    • Introduces more server processing per response
    • Adds server CPU usage
    • Could mean 70% less traffic
performance server side caching
Performance – Server side caching
  • Benefits
    • Overall performance improvements for any static data
    • Anything the client needs to display that is static will be cached (i.e., forms, images)
  • Architecture
    • Built into the Domino HTTP server
  • Features
    • Cachable data must meet the following requirements
      • Request method is a GET
      • The command in the request is OpenDocument
      • The response status code is 200 (OK)
      • The target of the request is a valid Forms file and the request contains the “MaxExpires” request argument
  • Administration and Configuration
    • Turned on in the configuration
  • Performance Implications
    • Memory will be consumed
    • Will help on scalability and performance
dwa specific enhancements
DWA-specific Enhancements
  • Welcome Page
    • User defined schedule interval
  • Contacts
    • Click to add contacts from the public Domino Directory to personal contact list
  • Administration
    • Ability to see total DB size and available free space from the Preferences dialog box
    • Integrated redirect utility
      • Allows users to access mail file without needing to know the mail file name or server name
      • Simple primary URL

Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook


  • Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook deliversthe leading messaging, calendaring and scheduling, and personal information management services of Domino to the Outlook 2000 or 2002 client.
  • Organizations can improve the reliability and scalability of their messaging infrastructure, by upgrading from Microsoft Exchange to Domino — without needing to change clients.
  • The Microsoft Outlook user experience is virtually unchanged with Domino Access for Outlook; users simply work with their mail, calendar and task data on Domino instead of Microsoft Exchange.
  • Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook also gives Microsoft Outlook users the additional benefits of Domino Messaging features not available with Exchange.

Lets you replace your Microsoft Exchange server with Domino server to leverage extensive messaging capabilities

stage 1 open internet standards
Stage 1 - Open Internet standards
  • Officially released with Notes Domino 6.0.2
    • Higher scalability and lower resource use
    • Local PST file
    • Utilizes Microsoft Outlook iCAL support
    • Domino 6
    • Support for Outlook 2000 and 2002 clients
    • Support for Outlook 98 discontinued
    • Personal Information Management functions
      • Pocket PC, PALM OS
  • New features
    • DOLS – client configuration
    • Server directory lookup
    • Mail delegation using single profile
    • Out-of-office agent
    • Password management
stage 2 architecture primary deliverables
Stage 2 architecture - Primary Deliverables
  • Replication mechanism between Outlook Client and Domino
    • This is the key component of the solution enabling Domino and Outlook data to be interchanged.
      • NOTE: We no longer use Open Standards(IMAP/ICAL) to access Domino. In 6.51. we now utilize NRPC.
  • Installation Package and Client Upgrade
    • Install program was written using the standard Windows MSI installer.
    • Similar to the setup that is used for the Notes client.
  • Outlook Plug-in
    • Initially introduced as part of the 6.02
      • Out of Office and change password
    • Extended in 6.51 to provide access to Domino preferences
      • Auto process meeting invitations
      • Setting free/busy hours
      • Replication settings and security
domino server


Domino Server
  • Provides Customers Choice
    • Operating System, Hardware Platform, Directory, Client Access (Notes/DWA/Outlook)
  • Lower Cost Of Ownership
    • Policy Based Administration, Network Bandwidth, Server Storage, Quota Management
    • Fewer servers and streamlined administration help reduce TCO
  • Ensured Reliability
    • Clustering for both Fail-over and Load-balancing
    • Transaction Logging, Automated Server Restarts and Diagnostic Data Collection
    • Advanced Administration Tools, Statistics and Events, Tivoli Analyzer
    • Unaffected by well-publicized virus attacks


or higher

domino access for msft outlook roadmap at a glance
Domino Access for MSFT Outlook Roadmap at a Glance




  • S/MIME
  • DOLS - Client Configuration
    • Installs and auto-configures for Microsoft Outlook Service
  • Server directory lookup
  • Using a single profile
  • Out-of-Office agent
  • Password management
  • New Connector (NRPC)
  • Mail / Enterprise C& S
  • New Sync utility (PST to NSF)
  • C&S interoperability (Notes and DWA)
  • Free busy time lookup
  • Multiple clients accessing the same NSF Store
  • Notes decryption
  • Future Release
    • Mail/Calendar delegation

Under Consideration

  • Mail and Calendar functionality
  • Performance improvements
  • Scalability
  • Offline Directory Support
  • Encrypt Outgoing Mail with Notes ID

Key Features

  • Outlook 2000/XP
  • Outlook 2003
  • Outlook 2000
  • Outlook XP
  • Outlook 2000/XP
  • 6.5.x - Outlook 2003


thank you
Thank you!

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