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Volunteer Leader Webcast

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Volunteer Leader Webcast. Motivating Volunteers. w ith “Tricks & Treats”. Volunteer Panel. Motivating Volunteers with Tricks & Treats. How you recruited effective volunteers to your board

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Presentation Transcript
Volunteer Leader Webcast

Motivating Volunteers

with “Tricks & Treats”

volunteer panel
Volunteer Panel

Motivating Volunteers with Tricks & Treats

How you recruited effective volunteers to your board

How you have successfully motivated volunteers to do the work they signed up to do and follow through on commitments

How you got them to follow your leadership and get along with their peers (if applicable)

How you rewarded them with tricks and/or treats   

first panelist
First Panelist

Gloria Sinclair Miller, GPHR, SPHR

President, Philadelphia Regional Chapter

HR Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb


recruiting volunteers
Recruiting Volunteers

The Trick?

Succession planning is key.

Ensure you attract Board Members who are people magnets, the rest will follow.

Make the vetting process competitive but fun!

The Treat?

Networking opportunities are endless.

Development in a “safe space”

motivating volunteers
Motivating Volunteers

to get results

The Trick?

Build a vision and roadmap for the journey.

Engagement in the planning = accountability for the execution.

The Treat?

Development of a new or different skill set.

More ownership and passion for the movement.

Speak to the sweet spot a challenge with numerous rewards.

make them follow your leadership
Make them Follow Your Leadership

The Trick?

Model the behavior.

Delegate the responsibility.

Drive Accountability.

Be a Mentor.

Recognize often.

The Treat?

Collaboration with others - Networking!

Responsibility and ownership.

Development of leadership skills.

recognize reward
Recognize & Reward

The Trick?

Make it your practice.

Make it simple and catchy.

Encourage leaders to replicate it.

The Treat?

Publicity within the team and chapter.

Get the external recognition.

second panelist
Second Panelist

M. Edward Krow, SPHR, CCP, CHCM

Principal with Implementation Management Group, LLC, and Adjunct Professor with Millersville University

President, Lancaster Society for Human Resource Management


third panelist
Third Panelist

Jeff Luttrell, SPHR

Recruiting Manager

Xerox Business Services, LLC

NC SHRM State Director-Elect, Raleigh, NC


motivating volunteers1
Motivating Volunteers

It’s easy – No Tricks, only Treats!!!






fourth panelist
Fourth Panelist

Tanya Covert, SPHR

Site Human Resource Manager (Idaho Falls)

Center Partners

State Council Director, SHRM Idaho


consider your approach
Consider your approach


Drive the car – it’s ready for you

Apply what you know and do best as a HR Business Partner and Leader at your company to your Volunteer Leadership position with SHRM and you will be successful.

The Treat?

You will be successful because you are using the same concepts that you use EVERY day and it will be easier because you aren’t having to expend extra energy creating something that you already know.

recruitment of volunteers
Recruitment of Volunteers

WE KNOW - Recruitment

Value Proposition

Do you have one? How do you communicate it?

I want to be a volunteer because of “X”

Realistic Job Preview

Expectations, time commitment, etc.

Job Fit

Put people in positions that fit their “passion” and/or strengths so they can be successful


Make sure your new volunteer has the training and resources that will be beneficial in that role.

volunteer leader engagement and performance
Volunteer Leader Engagement and Performance

WE KNOW – Engagement and Performance

Remember they are volunteers

Contingency planning for important tasks.

Edward Deming philosophy – people want to be successful – look for the “root” cause and remove barriers.

Re-engage – connect to their personal “value add” to encourage them to follow through.

Hold accountable when you have to.

inspire them to follow you as a leader
Inspire them to “follow” you as a Leader

WE KNOW - Leadership

Use Personal Leadership “not” Positional Leadership

Personal = “Want to follow”

Positional = “Have to follow”

Diversity is a “treat”

More and different ideas that will “stretch” your group

Challenge is to help others recognize value of others

  • Communication Style Differences
  • Have rules and help others follow
  • Encourage leaders to appreciate what others bring and offer and be “open” to it – always go back to “mutual purpose” the goals/vision of the group
reward and recognize volunteer leaders
Reward and Recognize Volunteer Leaders

WE KNOW – Recognition and Rewards


Know your volunteer and recognize accordingly

Make time to do it – don’t assume they know

Make sure you are considering their “value proposition”

Q & A

Questions for panelists?

Share your own successes

Complete program evaluation

Host contact info:

Shelly Trent, SPHR

SHRM Field Services Director

Volunteer Leader Webcast

Motivating Volunteers

with “Tricks & Treats”

Thanks for joining us, and have a Happy Halloween!