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WikiPlus Basics. Experience WikiPlus as a viewer and as a content editor. What’s on the agenda?. WikiPlus terminology Working with WikiPlus as a viewer Finding the page WikiPlus ribbon options Rating a page Discussing a page Working with WikiPlus as a content editor

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Presentation Transcript
Wikiplus basics

WikiPlus Basics

Experience WikiPlus as a viewer and as a content editor

What s on the agenda
What’s on the agenda?

  • WikiPlus terminology

  • Working with WikiPlus as a viewer

    • Finding the page

    • WikiPlus ribbon options

    • Rating a page

    • Discussing a page

  • Working with WikiPlus as a content editor

    • Creating a new WikiPlus page

    • WikiPlus content editor bits and bytes

    • WikiPlus page properties

What s on the agenda1
What’s on the agenda?

  • WikiPlus content templates and reusable content

    • Content templates VS reusable content

Wikiplus terminology
WikiPlus Terminology

  • KWizCom WikiPlus

  • Wiki Pages

  • Rating

  • Tags

  • Categories

  • Page owner

  • Knowledge Trustee

Finding the page
Finding the page

  • What am I looking for?

    • Show me all the pages on a certain topic

    • Show me the most useful pages for other users

    • Show me all pages created by a specific author

    • Let me look for myself

  • Let’s take a look at the WikiPlus home page…

Wikiplus basics

Use the tag cloud to find the topic of the page you want

Clicking on a tag opens all the pages tagged to it

Tags results page
Tags results page

Click on a page title to open the page

Wikiplus basics

Click the Wiki Pages link to go directly to the Wiki library

Under the ‘5 Top rated Wiki Pages’ you will find the pages with the highest rating

Wikiplus library
WikiPlus library

Filter the pages according to any property, for example: page author

Found the page how can i learn more
Found the page, how can I learn more?

  • Other pages referenced by this page

  • Other topics this page is relevant to

Wikiplus basics

Use the forward links on a page to discover pages on related topics

Review the page tags to explore other related topics

Wikiplus page ribbon
WikiPlus page ribbon topics

  • Most used actions:

    • Discuss the page (we will get to it in just a few slides)

    • Print the page

    • Export the page to Word/PDF

    • View incoming links

Rating a page
Rating a page topics

  • Each page can be rated and commented on

    • View current page rating and comments

    • Rate and comment on the page

Wikiplus basics

Hover over the rating stars to see the number of ratings topics

Click the Ratings & comments to see more details

Discussing a page
Discussing a page topics

  • For each WikiPlus page a discussion is automatically created by the same name

    • View recent posts on the page

    • Participate in the discussions

Wikiplus basics

Click to participate in the discussion topics

View recent discussions on each page

Guided tour as a wikiplus viewer

Demo topics

Guided tour as a WikiPlus viewer

Creating a new wikiplus page
Creating a new WikiPlus page topics

  • 3 options:

    • Site actions menu

    • Wiki Pages library

    • Forward links (References)

Wikiplus content editor
WikiPlus content editor topics

  • Most useful options:

    • Paste options (Paste image, paste from word)

    • Insert options (Images, Videos, Emoticons, etc.)

    • HTML view

    • Preview page

    • Duplicate page

    • Save page as template (Knowledge trustees only)

Wikiplus basics

Paste options topics

Insert options

Wikiplus basics

Preview the page as a viewer delete files

Duplicate the page and continue working on a copy

Toggle between Design and HTML modes

Save page as template
Save page as template delete files

Save as template option becomes available only when the user is part of the knowledge trustees group

Working with the content editor

Demo delete files

Working with the content editor

Wikiplus page properties
WikiPlus page properties delete files

  • Tags

    • Textual

    • Hierarchical

  • Page owner(s)

  • Life cycle alert

  • Standard wiki properties

Wikiplus page properties1
WikiPlus page properties delete files

Insert your own tags or select from existing tags

Define an alert for page expiration that will be sent to the page owner(s)

Check page edits as ‘Minor change’ to later filter by this criteria in contributors reports and fill in a page summary

Setting page properties

Demo delete files

Setting page properties

Wikiplus content templates
WikiPlus Content Templates delete files

  • Wiki templates available upon new page creation

  • Any WikiPlus page can be saved as template (by a knowledge trustee member)

  • Static templates

Wikiplus reusable content
WikiPlus reusable content delete files

  • May be inserted to any WikiPlus page by using the ‘reusable content’ option on the content editor

  • Created and managed by an administrator

  • Dynamic templates

Page template vs reusable content

Demo delete files

Page template VS. Reusable content