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WikiPlus Configurations PowerPoint Presentation
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WikiPlus Configurations

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WikiPlus Configurations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WikiPlus Configurations
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  1. WikiPlus Configurations Configure WikiPlus elements to your needs

  2. What’s on the agenda? • WikiPlus library VS. WikiPlus site • Tagging feature management • Rating field type management

  3. WikiPlus library Vs. WikiPlus site • WikiPlus solution enables creation of two instance types: • WikiPlus library • WikiPlus site

  4. WikiPlus library • Contained in the WikiPlus site • Uses the shared WikiPlus resources from top level site and other WikiPlus sites • Can be created on any SharePoint site as long as the following feature is activated (on site level):

  5. WikiPlus site • A SharePoint custom site template • Includes creation of WikiPlus resources • Includes default home page and navigation elements (As discussed in the first session)

  6. When should I use each? • It depends… • The scope of the Wiki solution required • Content approval policies • Organizational information architecture

  7. Demo Create and review a WikiPlus library

  8. Tagging Feature Management • Tagging Feature provides an extensive taxonomy management solution supporting: • Web 2.0-style tagging • hierarchical categories • Tagging feature components: • Tags field • Tag cloud web part • Tags settings management

  9. Tags field • Custom field type available on WikiPlus libraries • Part of a WikiPlus page properties • Has two modes • Textual (default) • Hierarchical • Uses a tagging list to manage tags

  10. Tagging field management • Most used settings: • Change the tagging method • Allow (or disable) users from creating their own tags • Change the tags list (to change the taxonomy scope) • Define a view to sort and filters tags by

  11. Choose the tagging method Enable (or disable) users to add new tags Select the scope and the tags list in the scope Chose a view to sort or filter the tags by

  12. Tag Cloud Web part • Custom web part available on WikiPlus sites • Has 4 different modes: • Tag cloud (default) • Tag tree (to display hierarchy) • Tag index • Tag menu • Uses a tagging list to manage tags

  13. Tag Cloud web part management Edit page layout and click ‘Modify web part settings’ to customize the tag cloud

  14. Tag Cloud web part management Choose the scope, the tags list and the view to display the tags from

  15. Tag Cloud web part management Choose the tag cloud mode, and set the properties for this mode

  16. Tagging feature management • Available on site level • Most used settings: • Allow (or disable) users to create new tags lists • Create new tags lists • Manage existing tags lists • Rename existing tags

  17. Enable (or disable) users to create tags lists Customize the tags subscription alert Rename an existing tag Create new task lists Edit the tags list directly

  18. Demo Tagging feature management

  19. Rating field type management • Custom field type available on WikiPlus libraries • Part of a WikiPlus page properties • Most used settings: • Change rating method: 5 starts rating, vote, like • Allow or disable comments • Allow multiple comments

  20. Change the rating method Allow (or disable) commenting Enable multiple comments Set rating period expiration

  21. Demo Rating field type management

  22. Additional resources Visit to learn more from the WikiPlus user guides