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System Health And Monitoring

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System Health And Monitoring - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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System Health And Monitoring. Damian Leibaschoff Support Escalation Engineer Microsoft Rod White Support Engineer Microsoft . Agenda. System Health Vision Security Software Updates Critical Alerts Backup Reporting. System Health Vision.

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system health and monitoring

System Health And Monitoring

Damian Leibaschoff

Support Escalation Engineer


Rod White

Support Engineer


  • System Health Vision
  • Security
  • Software Updates
  • Critical Alerts
  • Backup
  • Reporting
system health vision
System Health Vision
  • Provide base operational monitoring and policy definitions for SBS server, 2nd server, and all domain joined clients.
  • System Health pillars include
    • Security
    • Software Updates
    • SBS Critical Alerts
    • Backup
  • E-mail anti-malware/anti-spam
    • Via Forefront Security for Exchange* and OneCare for Server*
  • Monitoring of client file system anti-virus and anti-spyware
    • Rolled up status recovered from Vista/XP Security Center
    • Status recovery is real time
  • Note: *Important: "Limited Time Trial Subscription “ only
software updates
Software Updates
  • Integration with WSUS 3.0 (SP1)
  • Auto approved all critical/security and definition updates
    • Client O/S – download/install/restart if appropriate
    • Server O/S – download and notify – administrator to initiate install
  • Client exclusion supported
  • Important: Please set the expectation that once SBS 2008 is installed, updates will be applied to non-compliant systems – restarts will occur
software updates6
Software Updates
  • Approval scope can be modified (via WSUS)
    • Removing critical and security updates will turn updates into yellow: Warning
  • Administration of SUM kept to a minimum
    • Administrator will need to approve updates with revised SLTs
    • UI will expose ‘optional updates’
critical alerts
Critical Alerts
  • Monitoring of auto start services (server)
  • Key events (server)
    • Backup
    • Licensing
    • Networking
    • Security
  • Thresholds (clients and server)
    • Disk usage
  • Monitoring of all other critical alerts
    • ‘Catch All’ for all critical alerts within the server event logs
alert presentation
Alert Presentation
  • Home page score card
    • Summary red/yellow/green
  • Computers page
    • Per computer status
    • Detailed per alert description
  • Daily summary/weekly detailed reports
    • E-mail/UI
  • Catch All events only in the reports
  • System Health calls backup APIs to recover state
    • Green – Last SBS 2008 Server backup successful
    • Yellow – Backup on the server not configured
    • Red – Last SBS 2008 Server backup failed
  • 2 Default reports
    • Cannot be removed
  • You can add new ones
  • Historical archive available
partner overview
Partner Overview

Partner Profile

TAP Customer Profile

City of Mt. Healthy

15 desktops

Business Focus: Local Government

Key Pain Points:

How will SBS 2008 help:

  • NextStep Networking
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • 15 Employees
  • 115 active customers
  • Customer segment focus: SMB
  • Solution focus areas:
  • MSPP Level: Microsoft Gold Partner
a real world perspective
A Real-World Perspective
  • 2008 TAP Experience
    • Positive feedback from the clients; Stable environment
    • Migration was straight forward and did not require any third party products
    • Migration was non-intrusive and did not require much downtime
    • As a member of the TAP we are able to get answers to any issues quickly and easily
  • Health and Monitoring now includes the entire domain not just the SBS server
  • Key features
    • Comprehensive monitoring
    • Weekly alerting allows for increase in reliability
    • Weekly alerting allows your staff to be more productive by allowing them to quickly determine the health of a network and be able to prioritize work
    • Weekly and Monthly Reports can be used to drive sales for time and material clients
  • What specifically do you recommend the partners do next, in priority order?
    • Participate in events like this one… get together with those who know
    • Install it on a test server and get your hands dirty – add some workstations and see how beneficial the monitoring is
  • Customized reports
    • Includes status for server and clients
  • Real-time server and client health status
    • Firewall, AV, anti-spyware
    • Updates
    • General alerts
  • Centralized update management
  • OneCare anti-malware on the server
    • "Limited time trial"
  • Forefront Security for Exchange
    • "Limited time trial"
  • Default components
    • File system AV
      • WMI query to Security Center
    • Anti-spyware
      • WMI query to Security Center
    • Anti-spam
      • CMDLET in Powershell
    • E-mail antivirus
      • FSE utilities
  • Extensibility for third party ISVs
  • Client reports based on WMI queries
  • Works on top of WSUS 3 SP1
  • Defaults
    • Server
      • Approve critical, security, and definition updates for installation
      • Download, update, and notify
    • Client
      • Approve critical, security, service packs, and definition updates for installation
      • Install updates at 3 AM
  • Other updates need to be approved for install to either servers or clients
  • Three group policies
    • Update services client computers
    • Update services common settings
    • Update service server computers
  • Security filtering on client and server GPOs
  • Machines can be excluded from this process
    • Burden on administrator to manually update
windows live onecare for server
Windows Live OneCare For Server
  • Same scan engine solution as Forefront Client Security
  • Server file exceptions configured by default
  • No firewall component on server SKU
  • Backup component disabled
    • Use the SBS provided backup solution
  • Only 25 machines if using a OneCare circle
    • Use the SBS Console to monitor all clients

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